Canine Allergies: Why is My Dog Scratching

Like human allergies, canine allergies can cause your pet to scratch and bite at their skin. This could cause hair loss and maybe even cause abrasions on the skin that could become infected and turn into something more serious. It is heart breaking to see an animal scratching all the time and you are not able to help. If you think your dog has canine allergies than you should take them to a veterinarian immediately and have them checked out. The longer you wait, the more your dog will suffer and your vet bill will be even higher if complications arise.

The most common canine allergy is food allergies.  Your dog can be allergic to something in their pet food. The vet can check and see if your dog is allergic to anything by using the same kind of scratch test they use on humans. The vet will gently scratch your dog’s skin with a needle that has different kinds of substances on them that pets are sometimes allergic to and if the skin becomes irritated you will know what kind of food your dog is allergic to. You can check the dog food you feed your animal and change the food or buy a different food without that ingredient

Another kind of common canine allergy is flea allergy dermatitis. This kind of allergy is caused when your animal is bitten by a flea. Your animal is actually allergic to the flea saliva and not the bite itself. You dog will bite and chew on the affected area until the hair is gone and the skin is so irritated there are visible signs of damage. You cannot cure the allergy, but you can keep fleas off your animal by spraying your yard and house. You may even want to buy a flea collar to double the protection you can give your animal. Once the fleas are gone, so are your worries and your dog’s allergies.

Atopy is a canine allergy that comes from your dog being allergic to molds or dust mites around your house. You might not even know that your animal is allergic to these environmental nuisances until you see them scratch at their face, lower chest, or belly. There will seem to be nothing there, but your dog will scratch and cause hot spots that will take off hair and inflame the skin. You can stop your dog from scratching by removing the environmental irritant or by special shampoos that will stop the itching by removing the substance from your pet’s hair.

All these canine allergies can be stopped by eliminating the source of the allergy.  Change their food, spray for fleas, and shampoo your dog with special shampoos. The time that you take to prevent these substances from entering your house will save you pet and you time, money, and a lot of scratching. If your precautions fail in relieving your pet from scratching and biting, then you need to see a vet immediately for some professional advice.      

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k.vamsi 3 years ago

hai i am having german sheapered female dog of 4 years it is affected by allergy, when ever i use the tablets it will be cured but after three month or four months my dog will be affected by allergy in the same are which it has been affected before. what type of precatuions i have to take plzzzz give me the suggestions

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