Canine Medicines It is Your Responsibility Not the Dogs

If your dog is sick or has an affliction that needs canine medicines, you know that the costs of these products are as much or more than human meds. Especially if you have an older dog, you know without their daily meds they can hardly walk or climb stairs.  They use the bathroom more frequently and have more accidents than normal.  The older dog will be embarrassed about their accidents but will have no control over them. Some dogs become diabetics at an older age while others need special diets. There is no getting around it. Canine medicines are essential but costly.

A wise thing to do if your dog requires a lengthy dosage of canine medicines is buy the meds in bulk.  You can ask your vet for a discount if you buy a three or six month supply. This may not be doable with some meds because the vet will need to do blood work to see if the meds are causing liver damage or other side effects. If you do buy in bulk you might want to keep the majority of the meds in the freezer or fridge. The shelf life may say that they are fine, but all meds break down a little over time and loose their effectiveness.

You should store you canine medications the same way you store human ones. Keep them out of the reach of children, even your furry children.  Cats can knock of the meds from a counter and your dogs could overdose easily.  If you have meds for a big dog make sure that it takes them and does not spit them out. If they spit them out when you are not looking and a little dog eats it, they could overdose or die.  The liver damage alone for a little dog on a large dose is enough to warrant safety. Keep the lids on and make sure that they are on tight.

You can purchase your canine medicines at the vets’ office, but you can sometimes find them cheaper else where. Feed and seed stores sometimes carry meds for animals and you can find even prescription meds if your state law allows it.  Online pet meds are a good way to do away with the hassle of going out to get the meds. They will be delivered to your door by mail or UPS. This is fast and easy, but it costs more money because of the shipping and handling fees.  If your vet is close it would be wiser to do so.

Remember canine medicines are your responsibility. You pet does not know when they are supposed to take their meds and if they miss a dose, it is your fault. They could suffer pain or their condition could be worse if they miss a dose or you give them their meds at the wrong time of the day. If you forget to give your dog arthritis medicine, they could go lame for the rest of the day. Be conscientious. Your animal relies on you and you must provide the proper care for your dog to live a healthy life.



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Paulart profile image

Paulart 4 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

I agree with your point it is the responsibility of pet owners to take of our their pets. I like your hub. Keep on sharing

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