Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds: From Self Breeding To Breeding To Suit Man’s Own Desires

The association between cats and man goes back for many thousands of years, though in modern times, cats are the number two most favored type of pet in the world today. The beauty of keeping a cat for a pet is that you can leave it in the home and go out for work, study or do other tasks and the cat will not require much supervision in your absence. All they need is to be fed and paid attention to and unlike dogs, don’t require being walked about or anything like that.

Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds
Cat Breeds

Not Pedigreed Cats

The majority of pet cats are not pedigreed cat breeds and often they are mixed breeds and it is believed that as few as three percent of all domestic cats are of a cat breed that is pure, though owning a purebred cat does not offer you any significant advantage over other types of cat breeds. In fact, from all across the globe, there are more than hundred different pure cat breeds.

Most cat breeds are different from one another in their body shapes, sizes as well as length of coat and also color of their eyes, and maybe even in their personality. Of all the different cat breeds, there are two major categories which are short hair and long hair and the short hair cats are the most common of all cat breeds.

Most cat owners may not prefer to own long hair cats because they are more difficult to care for since they need to be groomed on a daily basis and they also are more at risk of having hairballs from which fleas may be very difficult to get rid of, and in case such cats get them cut or are grazed, it will be quite difficult to properly care for them.

In any case, for thousands of years cats have bred themselves quite well and have evolved from being used for hunting as well as for eliminating rodents and now cat breeds are the product of human intervention and they are meant to suit mankind’s own needs. Thus, it should not surprise you to learn that at present there are as many as seventy different cat breeds that are recognized through many different cat registries.

Among the many registries, you will find some that recognize merely forty cat breeds and there are many variations to them as well. The roots of certain cat breeds go back all the way back to some thousand years ago to Japan though today these cats are more of myth not only in Japan, but in the rest of the world.

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