Cat Life

the couple next door are at it again....
the couple next door are at it again....
A real cat town I came across
A real cat town I came across
I luvs U
I luvs U

Here a cat, there a cat, everywhere a cat!

if you look at my life, it’s very simple:

I have cats on top of my car with the black canvas top that doesn’t go down. it’s hairy now, ok?

I have cats in the engine compartment which keeps me alert and cautious

I have cats inside the car if they get the chance

I have cats flying out my window because they can chew right through a canvas carrier and destroy the zipper

I have cats in my heart and in my mind

I have cats in the trees looking mischievous

I have cats in line waiting to be fixed

I have cats up the yin yang and I love it

I have cats that trust me

I have cats that don’t trust me

I have hungry cats to feed

I have cats that eat my leftovers

I have cats that will wait until I come up with actual cat food

I have cats that miss the litter box by 6”

I have cats that can chew through a door

I have cats that sit on the porch and peer through the glass with big eyes

I have cats that sit in the field next door and gaze at the neighbors

I have cats that chase other cats away

I have cats under my home, their refuge from the storm

I have cats that let me pick them up and cuddle them

I have cats I have to chase around until they finally give it up and let me pick them up
with a plaintive meow of protest as if to say, aw gee, you got me again.

I have cats that become more friendly after being fixed

I have cats that still think they can make babies after being fixed

I have cats that listen to my lectures on proper etiquette around the grounds
and then do exactly as they please.

I have cats with more toes than their supposed to have

I have grouchy cats

I have pleasant natured cats

This is my life. Change the word cats to LIFE happening in my backyard and you get the picture!

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