Cat Video Collection

As an doting cat owner and lover of all things cat and kitten related I have put together this collection of cat videos. To be honest, if I had to pick my favourite cat video I'm not sure that I could, but all of these ones I've selected for this hub are great. The best thing about them is that they are all available on youtube too, so you can watch them anytime and even download some of them if you want to.Some of them even star in their own dvd's that you can purchase from Amazon.

Not only do I love these videos but my children do too. I have often managed to distract a crying toddler with with a funny cat video. Also, my cats love to watch them too!

Nora, Piano Cat Video

I will start with a video that I love because it reminds me of a cat that I used to have that used to run along the piano keys. It wasn't quite as talented as this cat Nora, though! You can even buy her videos on Amazon (see the box alongside this one). In fact, I think she plays better than my daughter and certainly plays better than me.

Cute Persian Kittens

I put this one in simply as the kittens in it are so, so adorable. Also, it is the number one favourite cat video of my daughter!

Smoring Cat Video

There isn't a whole lot to this video, just a cat snoring, but it reminds me of some people I know so I like it!

Treadmill Kittens Cat Video

Usually I don't like any cat video that I think could be dangerous to the cat involved in any way, but these kittens genuinely seem to love going on the treadmill!

Adorable Kittens

The following two cat videos are just here because the kittens in them are just so tiny, and so, so adorable...

Cat Video Complilation Funny Cat Clips

This final video is a youtube compilation of funny clips of cats, there are a couple that I don't like, but there are some beautiful, beautiful cats in there too. Enjoy!

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