Cats Screw With Your Head


 Lizzie is named for Elizabeth Taylor and if she could speak, would tell me to buy her a diamond tiara, a real one, with rubies.

She can look at you and you feel as though you have committed some hienous crime and will be sent directly to hell.  Cat hell.  I try to never displease her.  She is scary. 

She couldn't find me one day and I heard her going through the house saying "ma-roo?", "ma-roo?" which I swear mean't "where are you?" She stopped after she had located and dismissed me. Lizzie will scream and make me follow, ala Lassie, until I figure out what it is she is demanding. Maybe a clean litter, maybe dry food, maybe she is screwing with my head and just wants to see me jump at her command.

She will jump on your lap when you are in the restroom, not good for reading. Liz loves water and will get in the shower with you all the while telling you her tales and probably what the dogs have done now. She is an extraordinary disciplinarian.  When a dog gets fed up with one of the other cats and looks at them sideways, watch out. Commando Kitty appears from nowhere, claws out, (if she had them, I didn't do it!) and boxes the dogs ears. They skulk away to their beds and do nothing.  They think she's scary, too. They are labs, weenie butt labs.

She is lying against me right now offering nose kisses and snuggling.  She rules my house, my dogs and my other cats.  I love her for her bitchiness. She makes me laugh.


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