Cats of My Life

I am a cat person, always have been, always will be. Don't get me wrong...I love dogs also, it's just I relate better to cats. I've had my share of both over the years, but while I can live without a dog for a while, you will seldom find me without a cat.

I am not one of those people who likes to have lots of cats. One cat is best for me. I guess you could call me a one-cat-girl. There have been times when I have owned more than one cat at a time. During those times I have always been owned by only one of the cats. As all cat people know, the cat owns you, not the other way around.

Dogs are great pets. They are always happy and always love you. No matter what you do, to a dog you are wonderful. Cats, on the other hand, have very strong opinions...and they are not hesitant to share them. Believe me when I say you will know when you have done something your cat doesn't like.

My dog (and all the ones before her) greets me at the door every time I come in. She is amazed and overjoyed that I am there. She is so happy she dances and prances. My cat waits a little bit away. She thinks the dog is juvenile. She disdains to dance and prance.

This is the way it has always been in my house. My dogs are silly, goofy and daft. My cats are cultured, sophisticated and aloof. The dogs are emotional and juvenile. The cats are mature and collected. I love my dogs greatly, and they always become my best friends. They rejoice in all my triumphs, and comfort me during my defeats.

Why then do I prefer cats? It's not that I am mature, cultured or sophisticated. (I can be, but as I grow older I think life is too short.)  I am often silly and daft. Aloof, yes, I guess you could say I am often aloof. I prefer to think of it as private. I like to dance and prance for fun. I recently read a hub and now occasionally skip down the hall at work.  I guess in my heart I am a dog, but in my soul I am a cat.

There is something in cats that touch my soul.  Cats love me, they are just not as demonstrative as dogs.  There is an independence in them that I respect.  They are ornery...what you see is most likely what you get.  My cats love me, but don't love everyone.  They will follow me around the house.  Lie close to me, if not next to me.  And always answer when I ask them a question. 

Maybe I should just tell you about the cats in my life...


My first cat that I can remember was a long haired tabby.  His name was Tiger.  Original, I know, but I was only five.  We had a cat who had kittens.  Tiger adopted me.  I can't really remember what became of him.  Five was a very long time ago!  I remember we played and I loved him.  My parents probably gave him away.


My next cat was Puff.  I was about 14 and my parents allowed me to have my own pet.  (Probably to shut me up...I needed a cat!)  He was an amazing cat.  He slept with me and was my best friend.  He was the last cat I allowed to go outside.

One day he threw up.  Soon he was throwing up often.  Then he began just laying around.  Soon he did not even get up to use his litter box.  He had feline leukemia.  The vet told me he probably got it from fighting with another cat.  We had him put down and I cried for days. 

He was a magnificent cat.  Such a man!  He loved me and I loved him.  He was there for me when I was sad (which is pretty often when you are a 14 year old girl who just moved the previous year).  He lived for almost 2 years and broke my heart when he died.

Amoure was a himalayan cat.  He did not last long.  My mother had a Queens Anne chair that she had embroidered a beautiful cover for.  Amoure decided to test his claws in it.  After that we tried for a declawed cat.


My next cat was Schoztie, a silver point persian. Probably the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. Her hair started off white and went through various shades until it was a dark gray at the tip. She was like owning a cloud. She was a lady through and through. Very meticulous and very concerned for her looks.

After Puff had died, and Amoure did not work out, my parents allowed me to try again. I searched the papers to find a cat that was declawed and fixed. I found Shotzie. Her owner's children were allergic and when I first met her she was shaved. They loved the cat and attempted to shave her and her friend Sluggo to see if the kids could live with them. The kids couldn't and their loss was my happiness.

When we first arrived to see the cats, Sluggo was the only one to be seen. He was OK...big and sloppy! But lovable...lovable barely described this cat. He must have been part dog. We were talking and the other cat came to me and started rubbing against my leg. The owner flipped. "She never comes out when there are people here!", she said.

She begged me to take the cat, she was so amazed. Needless to say I brought the cat home with me. However, we had a problem. She would not eat and seemed depressed. We called her previous owners and they told us that Sluggo was acting the same way. My parents allowed my sister to adopt Sluggo, and suddenly the two cats were happy.

The funny thing is that Shotzie never seemed to care for Sluggo. She didn't hang out with him, but once he was at my house she was fine. You couldn't have found two cats less alike. Shotzie was a princess and Sluggo was a bum. Shotzie's hair was always clean and free of mats. Sluggo's was always matted, big mats as only a persian can get. Shotzie hid from everyone but me, Sluggo loved the world.

My mother would always tell me that she would never see Shotzie until I came home. I was on the second floor and there was a landing in front of my door. When ever Shotzie heard my car pull up she would come on the landing and meow. My mother was endlessly amazed with this. Shotzie had claimed me and I miss her still.


Pumpkin liked to sit with his tongue sticking out a little.
Pumpkin liked to sit with his tongue sticking out a little.

Pumpkin was the love of my life. He lived with me for over 12 years. He was the king! After I graduated from nursing school and got my own place, I looked again for a cat. I found Pumpkin in the paper, fixed and declawed. I think the lady I adopted him from was very happy...I didn't notice he had any food and he was rather thin.

Pumpkin was about 2 years old when he came to live with us. He did not want anything to do with us. He would slink around the walls behind the furniture. I fed him and watered him and talked to him. I never chased him or let my daughter chase him. Soon he came out to see us.

Pumpkin was a big orange tabby cat. He must have had some Maine Coon Cat in him. People would come to my door and say, "That's a BIG cat." It got so we expected this. He was a big cat in all ways. His size was nothing compared to the love he gave my family. He is the cat I flew across the country to live with us in New Mexico.

Once he decided to adopt me, he really came around. He was always with me when I was home. He put up with my children, even letting my son sit on him when my son was little. He hated my ex-husband. Any time my ex-husband would leave something on the floor, Pumpkin would pee on it. He never did this to my stuff or the kids stuff and never anywhere else in the house. Only on my ex-husband's.

Pumpkins favorite thing was to lick you fingers and allow you to groom his ears. He could do this for hours if I had the time and patience. He was also the only cat I ever met who would play fetch. I would crumble up a piece of paper and toss it. Pumpkin would run and get it, bring it back and drop it at my feet. We would play this until either he or I lost interest.

One night, while I was at the rodeo, he saved my house from being broken into. At least that is how the sitter told it. It seems she heard a loud noise in one of the bed rooms and then heard the cat growl/yowl. She went to see what the ruckus was and saw someone running away across the yard. Sometimes I would think that cat was part dog.

He was pretty old when he started throwing up. I took him to the vet. We tried special diets, but Pumpkin kept getting sick. After several vet visits, and a couple of thousand dollars, we discovered he had a tumor on his pancreas. He became obviously in pain and we had him put to sleep shortly after that.


My current cat is Waffles. She came into our lives as a stray my son found when she was small enough to lie in one of my hands. I didn't think she would make that first night in November, it was very cold and she was very small. I let her sleep with me and I had never heard a cat purr so loudly. She woke me up purring many times that night.

You would think she would have been the most lovable if you had seen her those first few days. However, she is the most ornery cat I have owned. She knows what she likes and she will let you know. There is a nursery rhyme that describes her perfectly: "When she was good she was very, very good. But when she was bad she was horrid."

Waffles knows when she should be fed. When I am late she will meow a little. If I do not listen in a timely manner, she attacks. Now, she is declawed, so you wouldn't think it would hurt that much. But she has other ideas. She will sink her teeth into me. Luckily for her she is stopping this behavior as she grows older. She still gets into position and gets the look, but she no longer darts across the floor and attacks.

She and I have had our moments, and life is evening out now. She is going to be three this year and is finally calming down. I think it will be worth all the scars I have earned while she was younger. She has adopted me completely these days. She follows me around the house, sleeps with me and likes to sit in the extra chair when I am on my computer. My daughter sits in this chair sometimes, and Waffles will annoy her until she gets up.

When Waffles wants attention and I am busy doing something, she will lie on her back and meow at me. "Look at me," she says. "I am so beautiful, don't you want to pet me?" She will stretch and roll and meow until I go and pet her. Then she will be happy for awhile until she does it again. I have grown to love this one also, and expect my love for her will grow over the years as we learn each other more completely.

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Shalini Kagal profile image

Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

k@ri - I'm more of a dog person though I love cats too. Loved reading about the cats in your life - you're soooo right - while dogs are daft and goofy, cats are oh so sophisticated!

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Shalini, I love dogs also, and I really can't say what it is about cats that make me prefer them. Thanks for stopping by. :D

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

I love cat hubs...and the great thing is that there are so many of them. I've said it before...cats rock! :)

l1blonde profile image

l1blonde 7 years ago

I am a dog lover.I do like to watch cats the way they play, and hunt. They do amaze me.

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Feline Prophet, Thanks for stopping by! Cats do rock!

l1blonde, I love to watch cats hunt, except when I'm the prey! :D

Connie Smith profile image

Connie Smith 7 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida

I've never reallly been a cat owner, but most cats are very friendly to me, even ones that their owners say aren't friendly to anyone. Unfortunately, my grandson is extremely allergic, so we can't ever consider it.

nazishnasim 7 years ago

Me too love them. Such lovely creatures!

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

You've had a lot of cats in your life, k@ri. :) We had quite a few while I was growing up, too , but I don't remember any of them. :( I didn't "discover" my love for cats until a few years ago. :O

Teresa McGurk profile image

Teresa McGurk 7 years ago from The Other Bangor

I raised a kitten too -- the tiny thing was a great source of amusement and wonder for my two dogs, who are still very protective of her.

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

That's really cute, Teresa. :) We used to have two dogs who would lick my kitten 'til she was soaking wet. :D The same two dogs would chase away all other cats that got within sniffing distance. :D

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Connie, I'm sorry to hear about your grandson, you would probably do very well with cats. Sounds like the cats think you are a person worthy of their attention. :D

nazishnasim, I agree, lovely creatures. I love your picture, it's very cute!

Susan, So, did one adopt you at that point? We have had other cats, these are just the ones who owned me. LOL!

Teresa, Dogs and cats are funny once they adopt each other. I remember how upset my cat was when we got our current dog. They are now fast friends.

Susan, Isn't it funny how they will chase all the others away. I know my cats have never liked having others in their territory, so this was always a bonus for them of having dog friends.

BirteEdwards profile image

BirteEdwards 7 years ago

I once thought I was a dog person, but after having had several cats, I realize that I may actually be more of the cat person. I love their independence, and at the same time their soft love.

Whikat 7 years ago

Another great article K@ri, I never thought much about cats when I was young. I could not stand seeing them on kitchen counters, or scratching up the doors. As I grew older and have gotten a cat for my daughters, I find that I have great affection for them. I love how our cat loves to snuggle and sleep right next to us. Very protective! now if I could just get him to stop eating my plants he would be purrrrrfect. :-)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Birte, "Soft love" is the perfect way of putting it. Thanks for giving me the words!

Whikat, I love how they snuggle also, and I wish I could tell you how to get him to stop eating your plants. I never have found a way and so I just don't keep any in the house. LOL

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Well I love my dogs but can see the attraction of cats also. Beautiful cats on show here. Might have to pinch this idea for me and my dogs :)

trooper22 profile image

trooper22 7 years ago from Chicago

This is a great story. I have always been a cat person as well, unfortunately I am now deathly allergic to them, and I have not had a cat in my house for many years. I miss them.

Greta Lieske 7 years ago

I've always been a cat person myself. probably has something to do with being attacked by a dog when I was young...hmmm.

Paper Moon profile image

Paper Moon 7 years ago from In the clouds

I have almost always had cats as companions. (he says as one of his cats jump on the bed)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

ethel, Write it! I'd love to learn about your dogs!

trooper, I am very sorry! I would miss them very much also. :(

Greta, Yes, I could understand how that may turn you off to dogs. But if you weren't a cat person down deep, you would like...say horses? :D

Paper Moon, I find it very hard to be without one! (as cat sleeps next to her) How many do you have?

KT pdx profile image

KT pdx 7 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

Obviously by my profile pic you can see I'm a cat person. Loved reading about the ones in your life. I never thought I would have cats, because I was very allergic to them all my life, but that changed in 2005. Now I live with five of them inside, and feed ferals! Plus, the neighbor cats all come to say hi and get their pets and scritches. :)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

KT, I am glad to hear you are able to live with them now. I don't know how I would survive without my cats! Sounds like you are truly loved by many! :D

KT pdx profile image

KT pdx 7 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

If you don't mind, I'll use your idea and do a hub with mine. Believe me, I'm so glad that I can have them snuggle on my pillow or under my chin, and pick them up without sneezing or having a rash! It's such a blessing!

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

KT, I would love if you did a hub on your cats! Especially knowing your history. I can't wait to read it. :D

KT pdx profile image

KT pdx 7 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

Ok, I just wrote it. :)

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

I read it and loved it! Thanks for the heads up :D

TexasChickiMama profile image

TexasChickiMama 7 years ago from Texas Gulf Coast

I too am a one cat person. I never thought I was a cat person until Trucker...18 years then Tember 2 Highway...on my blog and my hubs. He just got a bath . Late I know but he is so small and the fleas...even if I see a few on him I HAVE to get them off. As soon as he s old enough 12 weeks he goes to the vet. They already checked him out and think he is fine...

Just so you know Tember was very ill when we got him and he died of natural causes due to his kidney disease...that was hard.

Loved the cat stories!

Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

OMG! Puff looks just like Pussia! Awesome. I love how you did this and love how you see them. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome diary/album of some of the most wonderful creatures in the world!

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

TexasChickiMama, It must have been very hard on you with Tember! I'm glad you have a new kitten, sound like he has found a great home!

Frieda, Thanks! So your Pussia looked like Puff? I bet you miss her as much as I miss him. Even though he was a few cats back, I still miss him.

lxxy profile image

lxxy 7 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

Cats are just...myseriously awesome. There's little wonder as to why the egyptians loved and worshipped them--just look into their eyes and you will see ages.

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

lxxy, "Mysteriously awesome" is a great way to put it! Cats, I think, live in a different dimension and occasionally suffer to spend time with us. LOL

Kristal Wozniak profile image

Kristal Wozniak 7 years ago from Australia

your cat pumpkin was gorgeous. I have always had a soft spot for ginger cats , they are so cute. My cat Oscar is ginger and he is such a darling.

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

Kristal, I also have a soft spot for ginger cats! He was a great cat, always there for me! :D

apeksha profile image

apeksha 7 years ago from India.

oh ! god ..such a nice cats u had....

m also a big fan of cats..I have 2 kittens right now..m very happy to see cat many people around me hates cats..n I hate them..nice..

join me 2..

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

apeksha, We cat lovers have to stick together! What type of kittens do you have? I'm going to stop by and see if you have any pictures.

LOL, I have outgrown hating cat haters, unless they are hurting the poor things...then I hate them passionately! :D

apeksha profile image

apeksha 7 years ago from India.

ya many people told me to treate my cats...they both are now 4 months old.

I will mail u pictures of them. u will love them. Names are Manna and Bablu..

If u can place pictures of them in your hub....telling people ,both are urs..I will never mind...tanks a lot...we will have fun here...

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California Author

LOL, need to write your own hub on your cats! They sound wonderful and I can't wait until you post the pictures! I could never tell people they were mine if they weren't . Go on now...write your hub! Let me know when you publish it and I will come and read it! :D

Sharyn's Slant profile image

Sharyn's Slant 5 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

Hi Kari,

I just came across this article and loved it. I recently wrote two articles about my three cats. They are the love of my life! And like you did, I too have a Punkin who is an orange tabby! Thanks for a great story!

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