Cheap and Easy Ways To Decorate Your Dog Kennel

Tired of looking at a dull wire crate in your house? You could buy dog crate furniture which actually looks like an end or side table with a crate inside but they run about $400. Fido is great, but most actual end tables don't even cost that much! You could even buy a dog crate cover. But, I have yet to find one that matches my d├ęcor or is even that cute. Those run about $55-60.

Or, you could use some creativity and dress it up yourself.

Decorating The Sides Of The Crate
The easiest and most versatile way to dress up the sides of the dog crate is to go to your local craft store and get some ribbon. There will be hundreds (maybe thousands) for you to choose from! They will have different colors, patterns, widths, and materials. Find on you like that is close to the width of each bar on the kennel (easy, right) and buy it. Now comes the fun part.

If you want a clean look, weave it in and out of the sides of the kennel.Tie it at the end into a knot or a bow depending on your taste. Only decorate the top 1/2 of the kennel so it is kept clean. Anything on the bottom 1/2 of the kennel will get dirty quickly and need to be replaced.

If your dog (and you) are girly girls. You may want to actually tie tiny bows on each bar. Again, only decorate the top 1/2. This will also leave room for you to place a water bottle for you dog on the bottom 1/2 of the crate.

Inside The Crate
Dog cushions for the crate are overpriced and most are unattractive. It surprises me how many people spend up to $100 on a dog bed for inside the kennel that really does nothing for their home. Why not use pillows? You can get a pillow for about $5 at a discount chain and a pillowcase that actually matches your home for just a few dollars more. On top of that, they can be washed. One thing I always hated about expensive dog cushions is that they didn't look fresh after a few months of use. Since they aren't easily washed in the washing machine, I just constantly replaced them. By using actual pillows with pillowcases, you can change out the look as much as you want without spending much and keep them clean. You can buy standard sized pillows up to body sized pillows so there will be a size for your dog!

Top Of The Crate
Use Fabric to Decorate The Top Of Your Crate. Go to your local craft store or on-line and buy stretcher bars. These are wooden bars that fit together to form a frame. You need absolutely nothing to put them together. They are made so that they slide together and stay put. These stretcher bars come in all sizes. So you can make almost any size frame to fit the top of your dog crate. Put the bars together to form a frame and then tie a two pieces of ribbon or string along each side of the frame. Leave enough so you can use the ends of the string to attach it to the dog crate.

After you have the frame made with the strings, staple fabric to the frame using a staple gun. Again, there will be thousands of different fabrics to choose from. You can choose any design that is durable. Start stapling in the middle so that you can keep the fabric tight.

When you are finished, simply tie the frame to the top of the kennel using the ribbon that you placed on the frame before attaching the fabric. Simple idea - less than $20.

So, take one or two of these ideas and decorate that dog crate!

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Lola 3 years ago

This information really helped me. My indoor dog is a small Yorkshire terrier. " Sandy" now loves her new home.

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Natalie 2 years ago

My puppy, "Chanel", and I are going to try to use these great, easy, cheap ideas. But I know we both will love it!

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