Check out my Under-bite!

Check out my Under-bite!
Check out my Under-bite!

This is our dog, Tibby, whom we got from a local shelter. She is a great dog. She has an awesome under-bite from being a mix of chihuahua and bulldog/pug. She weighs about 15 pounds. When we met her at the animal shelter, she was extremely shy and would not come to us. After a couple of times going for visits, she would sit in my lap, eat dog treats and let me hold her, but would shake uncontrollably. Finally came the day when we brought her home. We were concerned she might not bond with us because of the abandonment and abuse issues she suffered the first two years of her life before reaching the shelter. We brought her home and the first thing she did was race to the food bowl. Yes, they were feeding her at the shelter, but sharing runs with other dogs, they fought for food and obviously she wasn't getting much. Then all she wanted to do was go outside in our back yard and lie in the sun. I took picture after picture. She was pretty skinny and weighed 12 pounds the day we brought her home. She did not bark for two weeks. We weren't sure she could bark. Finally, she seemed to start bonding with me and especially my husband. She would jump in our laps and look at us adoringly, then we would swoon over her like a baby. We bought her treats and she sleeps with us in a big bed with our other 4 pound chihuahua, which in fact gets along great with her. But then Tibby started barking and developed quite the neighborhood watch voice. She decided she liked no one else but us. She became our little watch dog. We took her to the Veterinarian this month for her first visit since leaving the shelter and they had to muzzle her. She turned into a "devil dog." She snarled, growled and foamed at the mouth. She tried to bite the Veterinarian technician. She pooped twice on my husband as they cut her nails and gave her an exam. I had never seen anything like it. It makes me wonder what kind of horrible people had her the first two years of her life before she was brought into the shelter and we adopted her...shame on you whoever you are!! This is a sweet, adorable, wonderful and lovable dog who deserves to be loved back! I hope people who mistreat animals this bad go straight to hell. If they cannot respect God's smallest domestic animals who can they respect? Surely not even God Himself!  And, by the way, dog is God spelled backwards!!!

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loriamoore 6 years ago

How cute!

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific hub cute dog good luck thanks

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