Socialization and Potty Training for Chihuahua Puppies


If you are planning on breeding Chihuahuas, it is important to know how to take care of Chihuahua puppies. You need to know how to look out for their safety, their nutrition, their health, and how to socialize them. It might even be prudent to have a checklist for your Chihuahua puppies care.

Socializing Chihuahua pups is important at an early age. Socialization will help prevent the puppy from being aggressive or fearful of other animals or humans. The puppy should be allowed to roam free in the house and be able to interact with different humans, other dogs, or even cats or other family pets. This socialization will allow the puppy to be comfortable with its environment and develop a safe and healthy attitude.

As with any puppy, safety is paramount for the Chihuahua puppy. Small things like heavy objects on tables or anything which could fall on the puppy if the table is shaken can be deadly for the little pup. Electrical cords are nice chew toys until that first tooth hits the wiring inside. Cords should be cut short or put out of the puppies reach when not in use. There is a dual danger that either the Chihuahua pup can electrocute themselves on the cord or pull the heavy object on top of them. Unstable objects of any kind should be put away or secured until the puppy learns the ins and outs of its environment.

Nutrition for your new puppies is important. Weaned Chihuahua puppies should have at least two meals a day. Even though they are puppies, dry food is the most desirable because it keeps plague and tartar from building up on the puppy's teeth. The Chihuahua pup needs plenty of water and the water dish should remain full and fresh all of the time. Providing the right nutrition will help your puppy keep illness away and will help them develop good overall appearance and health. People food should not be fed to the baby Chihuahua. This is especially true of chocolate, raw onions, and bones of any kind.

If you like to cook your puppies' meals instead of giving them dry food, remember that most of the meal should be meat. The protein from chicken, pork and beef help your animal keep a healthy immune system and keeps the digestive system active. Fillers such as rice or potatoes are great if the meat protein is the main source of the meal.

Potty Training

Chihuahuas are a great breed and are fun to have to have around the house, but the Chihuahua needs training like every other dog that might come into your life. The training of your Chihuahua should begin when they are first brought home. It might sound harsh to start training while your new dog is discovering its new environment, but the new canine in your home needs to know who is boss right away. Even though Chihuahua’s are small in size, they can be known to be quite ferocious. There is nothing worse than a yappy, ill mannered, Chihuahua.

The first point of business when training your new Chihuahua is potty training. As the dog’s person you need to be very observant. The puppy will not know it is wrong to relieve itself in your home so you must put the puppy outside each time it uses your home for a waste area. When you see the puppy start to squat, just pick it up and put it outside. I am against using a newspaper to discipline a Chihuahua, or any dog, because the small body size of the Chihuahua can not take a swat of a newspaper and injury might occur. If you are in an apartment or other place without a yard, you might want to paper train your Chihuahua by having some newspaper or doggie mats in a special part of your home where you can place the dog when nature calls.

Having other animals in the home can also help with training. When your Chihuahua sees the other animals react to a stimulus, then it will naturally start demonstrating that behavior. When your other animals want to go outside, send out your Chihuahua so that they can see it is okay to go outside. Give your puppy praise and tell them what a good girl or good boy they are. Chihuahuas are very social so they pick up on your positive attitude and will appreciate it It will take time and a lot of patience. Potty training is a tedious process that can take time

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MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

I was told by my vet that pork is NO NO for Chihuahuas. Hmm...

MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

I was told by my vet pork is a serious NO NO for Chihuahuas. Chicken is fine.

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