Chicken Breeds: Barnevelder

The Barnevelder hails from Holland, and is known for laying very dark eggs, with chocolate and coffee colored shells. It was developed specifically for its outstanding egg color, from an older existing variety that dates back to medieval times.

According to some reports, Barnevelder chickens can be rather shy. Others report that Barnevelders are quite friendly. As with many breeds, the difference is most likely due to the amount of handling the chickens receive as chicks.

The prospective chicken owner will also want to know that not all Barnevelders lay the same rich dark eggshells! Some Barnevelder eggs can be light reddish brown eggs, more of a terra cotta color.

Most Barnevelders have double-laced plumage, which means that they have pretty stripes on their feathers. Barnevelder chickens are usually a brownish black in color, with gold highlights and a single comb.

They were bred to be family birds and are so common in Holland that reportedly their name is synonymous with “chicken.” These are generally calm birds that handle close quarters well, but they may require more socialization to make them truly a friendly family pet.

Although the Barnevelder was originally bred for its rich dark colored eggs, in recent years the breeding focus has been on show quality birds. As a result, the color of the eggs has slipped, and many Barnevelders do not lay the dark brown eggs for which the breed became famous.

If you order Barnevelder chicks or Barnevelder eggs for hatching, ask your breeder about their egg color before you place your order.

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roxanne 5 years ago

I just adopted a few of these sweet ladies they are a tad harried right now as the flock they lived with bullied them and they need to grow feathers back, but they are coming around am keeping them in the coop for a few weeks they are getting special food and attention and they are giving me 3 eggs a day there is 20 of them , it,s okay I am not worried about them

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