Chicken Breeds: Buff Orpington

A Buff Orpington Chick

So Adorable!
So Adorable!

When I was deciding which chicken breeds to keep last spring, I decided to select two Buff Orpington chicks. The Buff Orpington has a long history as a breed, and is one of the most recognizable (and popular) chicken breeds today.

The Buff Orpington is a large chicken with gold feathers, and plenty of them! The overall appearance is very soft and fluffy. (Some Buff Orpingtons are so well feathered that they have difficulty breeding and laying eggs.) They have relatively compact combs and waddles, and cream-colored legs. Thanks to these robust physical characteristics, the Buff Orpington is ideal for cooler climates.

Buff Orpingtons lay a medium brown egg, and are known to be reliable layers. I have spoken to several flock owners who say that out of all their breeds, it’s their Buff Orpingtons which lay right through the winter, even when no supplemental light is used in the coop.

What really tipped the scales for me was when I noticed that Buff Orpingtons are always described as “the friendly chicken,” or some variation thereof. Of my four chickens, the two Buff Orpingtons are definitely the most calm and friendly. Buff Orpingtons are definitely suitable for families with small children (as long as the children are safe for the birds, of course!) and for the timid or new chicken owner.

Although Buff Orpingtons are one of the most common variety of chicks for sale at the feed store, the Orpington comes in several other colors as well. Specialist breeders may offer Black Orpingtons, Gray Orpingtons, and Jubilee Orpingtons (which are dark red speckled with white). The original Orpington was developed in England in the late 1800s and was black.

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A Buff Orpington Rooster

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Shahin 6 years ago


Thanks for the great info....i am planning to start a poultry business in india but can i get the breeds that you mentioned ? You can drop a mail to

Chapter profile image

Chapter 6 years ago from Indonesia

This is the most fat chicken. Are we still health if we consume the meat?

Blogging Erika profile image

Blogging Erika 6 years ago Author

I don't think people are eating very many Buff Orpingtons in a year. Eating one or two as they get old is probably not going to cause too much harm to your diet. Especially if you peel off the skin, since most chickens' fat is in that subcutaneous layer between the skin and the meat.

lee 5 years ago

They would be waaaayyyy healthier than supermarket chickens with all their hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified corn feed! Less likely to make you fat even if they had more fat on them. Supermarket chickens are more fattening because of all the hormones!

james 5 years ago

i love buff orpinton they so cute and i love them i need a rooster and some hens about 10 12 months old

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