Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans

I have been designing and building chicken coops for a bit over four years now and it seems that as I tweak my chicken coop plans from project to project they turn out better and better. Problem is, I built my own chicken coop first and have been building them for friends ever since so everybody else’s is better than mine.

Anyway. The chicken coops that I build these days are built for six hens and consist of a main run with nesting box enclosure accessible by a small ramp. You can see my brothers chicken coop in the photo. He is currently keeping four hens in this one as he wanted it a bit smaller because his yard is not very big.

As a guide, you need to alocate at least 4 square feet per chicken if they are able to freely roam your backyard througout the day. If the chickens are in the coop all day long, you should allocate at least 10 square feet per chicken . If you folow this space guide, your hens will be happy and healthy and should be good productive egg layers.

Nest boxes also determine egg laying capacity. You should have at least 1 nestbox for every four or five hens. The nest boxes should be raised off the ground but it also needs to be lower than the lowest perch (We'll talk about perches a bit later). The nest boxes should be dark and away from the main run so the hens feel like they are in a safe place, therefore comfortable to lay eggs.

Chicken Coop Nest Box
Chicken Coop Nest Box

The most important consideration when designing or building a chicken coop is protection of you hens. There are many predators that will try to get at your flock so you have to do everything to protect them and make sure they are safe. Some of the predators that will give you grief include but are not limited to foxes, raccoons, rats, wolves, hawks and coyotes. I recommend that you do not standard chicken wire because the holes are a bit too big and racoons can get their arms through the holes and claw at you hens. One-half inch square hardware cloth is the best material to use for this job.

half inch hardware mesh
half inch hardware mesh

One thing that many people don't consider when building a chicken coop is that your chickens have a natural instinct to perch. if there is an absence of proper perches they will perch on anything else that they can find which includes nests and feeders. This is not ideal because they will mess up these areas with their droppings.

If there are no perches, the hens tend to huddle in one of the corners of the chicken coop and it will not take long for a hard hunk of droppings to form and the chickens feet will get filthy with manure. This mess will then be transferred to the nest causing any eggs to also become dirty. This is obviously bad in all aspects. Coming back to my point, this can all be avoided by ensuring that your chicken coop plans include suitable perches for your hens.

Each chicken needs about 10 inches of perch space. It should also be within easy jumping height for your hens so about 2 feet high would be fine.

Anything from a broom handle to a straight stick from a fallen branch would suffice for this but make sure the surface is rounded as the chickens will find this much more comfortable than perches with squared/flat surfaces.

If any of our readers have had any experience with chicken keeping or have and ideas about chicken coop plans, in particular perches then post them in the comments box so everyone (including myself) can benefit from your experience.

Thanks Clance McDonald.

Chicken Coop Plans Perch
Chicken Coop Plans Perch

Chicken Coop Plans Comments 22 comments

Mary 7 years ago

Thank you for posting. I'm building my own nest boxes and it was nice to have a photo as a guide.

Dave in swva 7 years ago

I'm going to get me a few chickens here come spring,And enjoyed reading your stuff here on them.

TheChickenCoop profile image

TheChickenCoop 7 years ago

Great hub, a lot of quality information.

Here's another little tip that can maximize egg production; if you keep chickens in a cold climate, make sure you insulate the chicken coop properly. Chickens do not like the cold.

Susanna 7 years ago

I am building a coop for 6 chickens. How much room do chickens need inside the coop during the winter?

mamahen 7 years ago

Been planning to raise chickens years ago and now my dream has come true. I have 5 old Rhode Island Red chicks which are 11 days old. They had gotten their feathers on the wings, tails and now on their shoulders and are flying out of the box they have been living in since I received them. Now, fixing up the old chicken coop so they will soon be going out in their own house. They have been taken out on nice sunny days and they love it, so I know they will very happy to be out when I open the small door to run around their fenced in pen.

Mr. Ward 7 years ago

Thanks for all the great information. I built a chicken roost from an old fifty gallon plastic barrel. I flipped the barrel upside down so the roof of the roost would be the bottom of the barrel. Then I used a jigsaw to cut open an entrance big enough for them to enter leaving enough room to pile up some hay on the bottom. Then I cut a larger one foot by one foot door on the side to gain access to the roost for egg collection and changing their hay. I put hinges and a knob on the door. I then took an old tire and placed it atop of two cinder blocks as my foundation. After that I took the barrel and placed it on the tire and blocks. Next I built a ramp for the chickens to walk up. They love it!

mol 7 years ago

great info helped

Andrew Micallef 6 years ago

I got 2 chickens about 6 weeks ago and was told that after 3 weeks they'll start laying. Waited and waited but nothing seem to happen. They both look great and healthy. They're eating machines. Is there something I need to do? any suggestions? Cheers

anna 6 years ago

I think someone meant 3 MONTHS. Most chickens never lay till grown, about 4/5 months or so...

midg3tman11 6 years ago

That's some detailed information so i gotta give a thumbs up to you and if anyone wants some ideas for getting cheap building tools to build your own coop check out this article, it'll help

midg3tman11 6 years ago

Hal 5 years ago

A friend of mine who raises approximately 25 chickens for their eggs is wanting to build new nests such that the eggs do not have to be individually collected; rather they would roll down a chute of some sort into a common collecting area.

Can you direct him as to where to get ideas and/or plans for same?

Pets 5 years ago

Hi, great article and very helpful. I built my first coop but it was for pigeons at the time but since then I have built many coops and even 4 for chickens of mine. I like to make them low maintenance so pulling them apart easily is a great help.

Alyssa 5 years ago

This was SO helpful. Thank you. Im just confused about the shape of the perches. Should they be round like branches or flat. I keep reading conflicting info. on othersites and in books.

Jasper 4 years ago

Great information and advice.

Would like to see photos of your chicken house.


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