How To Introduce A New Hen or Rooster to the Flock

Chickens are great pets to have. They're intelligent, fun to watch, and have the added benefit of providing you with fresh eggs regularly. But occasionally we end up with a new addition to our family flock. With the right approach you can make the transition a smooth one.


Before bringing any new chicken into your existing flock it's recommended you quarantine them at first. This allows you to access their temperament and health - the last thing you want to do is put the rest of your flock in danger.

Start Slow

Any time you need to add a new hen or rooster to your flock, start slow.You may want to try introducing your new chicken for short bursts in the beginning. If your hen or rooster seems to be picked right up by the rest of your flock, then you're good to go. If not you may need to try a different route.

Initial Separation

Sometimes initial separation is recommended for a chicken that is especially nervous. You can place your new hens in a separate pen. This way they're able to associate with your old flock, without the stress of physically being out there yet.

Allow The New Flock To Free Range

Once your new hen has met the rest of your flock, allow the "new" flock to free range together. This allows them to become familiar with one another in a very open and safe environment, without any threat.

Monitor Behavior

If your new hen or rooster has taken well to your old flock, you'll need to monitor your flocks behavior for at least a few weeks. Keep an eye on any sudden changes or aggressive behavior. Your new chicken may be accepted in the beginning, but later rejected - keep an eye out for any signs of negative behavior.

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