Chicken Fertilized Eggs Pure Breeds On Sale

Rhode Island Red Fertile Eggs | Golden Comet Fertile Eggs for Sale

Attn: Schools, Research Centers and Home schoolers SALE SALE SALE SALE - OUR HENS ARE LAYING UP A STORM! For the month of November Fertile Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs and Quail Eggs 50% off your egg order.

These eggs are pure bred standard fertilized chicken eggs for incubation. Please choose from Ameraucanas, White Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Silver Lace Wyanndotte and Golden Comets. Place your order with coupon code "INSANE" . Were limited on the eggs so place your orders now. Eggs ship every Monday and Tuesday and orders ship on a first come first serve bases. Place your orders here! This coupon is valid for our eggs only.

Hatching Chicken Eggs - Fertile Blue Eggs On Sale

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