Chicken House Plans - Position

This hub is more about where you should be placing your chicken house than chicken house plans in particular. Selecting the perfect spot on your yard to place your chicken house will be important so that you’re happy with it for years to come. Consider it from a variety of angles because many things are going to be impacted by where the chicken house is located.

Here are just a few to consider.


First up you should think about predatory animals.  Basically, the general idea is that the closer you can place your chicken house to where you are going to be, the easier it will be to keep an eye on the chicken house.

Also, if you happen to have a very large farm, you may only have certain areas of your yard that encounter animals, so choosing to place the chicken house as far away from that would be a very smart move.


Another factor that needs to be considered with the location of your chicken house is the climate.  Do you live in a very hot area? Or do you get a lot of rain regularly? If you get rain frequently, you may consider building the chicken coop in an area that is more protected by nearby trees, helping to reduce the amount of direct rain that hits the chicken house.

Also, if you do get a lot of rain, you’ll want to build the chicken house away from an area of the yard where water typically runs to since if that happens, you’re likely to have a flood chicken house on your hands.

Finally, if it gets very windy where you live, this is another reason to consider building the chicken house in an area that’s near a decent amount of trees or other buildings to help shield the chickens from the wind.  While you do definitely want good ventilation in the coop, you don’t want gusts of wind on a regular basis.


Finally, since your chickens are going to really require a good amount of natural sunlight in order to lay eggs effectively, try and build your chicken house in an area that’s well lit and faces the sun.  You want to always maximize this otherwise you’ll have to run electrical light to the chicken house which can become a very costly venture over time.

So when building from you chicken house plans, keep all these factors in mind as you go about deciding exactly where to place your chicken house. If you do, you’ll be happy with it for the long term and you’ll definitely notice a big difference in the amount of fresh eggs you get daily.

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HunterGiftBaskets profile image

HunterGiftBaskets 5 years ago from Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Australia

Good quality posting with some helpful tips especially about sunlight. Have a look at my chicken house, you can see I have neglected the thought on sunlight, although the birds are young for laying so I will re locate the house so it gets morning sunlight.

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