Chodsky Pes Where the heck do I find one?

Like a German Shepherd but smaller?

As a result of the Hubs I wrote about the dog we recently added to our family, I am beginning to hear from dog lovers and dog breeders about the Chodsky Pes breed.

These (initial) Comments and e mails are from people who are aware of the existence of this dog breed. Most people, at least those outside of Europe are not familiar with this particular dog. Until recently, the Chodsky Pes (aka Bohemian Shepherd) have been bred exclusively in the Czech Republic, with very, very little export to dog owners outside that country. In what surely must comprise a clear example of the benefits of living in the 21st Century, my wife and I were able to discover this dog breed (through searching the internet), contact a breeder in the Czech Republic (using online translators) and make arrangements to wire the funds and arrange transportation for the puppy. Amazing.

At the beginning of the process, once I had 'discovered' this breed of dog. I saw a number of messages on various bulletin boards devoted to dogs and dog breeding lamenting the lack of availabilty of the Chodsky in this country. I can only surmise that these people eventually found the path that I did, leading to directly importing a puppy from the Czech Republic. The information is out there, it just required the desire to 'find a way'.

This Hub is a response to a couple of Comments from dog breeders from Europe who wrote to wish us the best (with our puppy), Una. Both went on to talk about their efforts to make this most wonderful of dog breed more accessible by breeding them in their own countries. It occurred to me that to share what little information I have acquired would not be a bad thing to do, and although I am not a breeder of Chodskys, I am a total fan of these dogs. So here's what I got:

Our dog Una came from Jana Kunicki and I recommend her without reservation, her website is:

I recently received a Comment on (the Hub; Chodsky Pes) from a person going by 'Mats' complimenting Una and talking a bit about their activities with making these dogs more well-known. The website is:
This Comment read, in part: "... When I was in the process of getting my Kalista, I really missed a site with information in english. I searched and searched and found little tidbits on various forums and guestbooks like this. In case someone is reading this, searching for (non-Czech) information, I hope my site can be of value. I'm quite certain it is the largest site (though very simply made) in a non-Czech language (Swedish and english) dedicated to the breed ..."

The other Comment came from Willem and Margreet Wannyn: "...We from Holland wish you all the best with your choice for a Chodsky pes (CP) We own a female of 3 years old and a male of 20 months old. Shanti the female has no pedigree. Radek the male is with pedigree and comes from a very good bloodline. His halfsister is national youthchampion of Czech Rep. for two years in a row. The dogs a very sharp of intelligence and lovely familie dogs. They love children".
(If Willem or Margreet are reading this, I did not get your website or your email address. If you would like to send it to me I would be happy to add it to this Hub.

Finally, for transportation services I totally recommend Jet-a-Pet: ask for Lisa Strode.

So there you have it, all I know about a dog breed that is doing the impossible; giving me a choice in addition to German Shepherds! (still the most excellent of dogs)

Una's First Trip to the Beach

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Looks like a great dog. I had one that was a German shepherd mix, very similar markings, named Jack. Good luck to you! I'm glad you found yours.

clark farley profile image

clark farley 5 years ago Author

Thank you.

Funny about dogs, even before you actually get the dog, you put in all the effort and then things turn out the way they do, for the best.

Each of our dogs have been like that, perfect for us, but not in any direct way that we knew about ahead of time, if that makes any sense.

We got our first dog, Ola in 1991, I am amazed at how much more energetic canines have become since then. I am having more difficulty keeping up with her, must be canine evolution! lol

Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

Pamela Kinnaird W 5 years ago from Maui and Arizona

Very sweet-looking dog. Interesting information and I'm glad everything turned out for you and your wife in getting this dog. Wiring money into another country and arranging! Your trust paid off. It doesn't for some.

clark farley profile image

clark farley 5 years ago Author


(Know what you mean, lol) I am not by nature a trusting person, so there were certain aspects of this (process) that did require leaps of faith.

The transport people were less of a 'risk' in that they were 'local' in the sense that there was no language barrier; I called and spoke to the people involved and they were very forthcoming.

Jana, the breeder in the Czech Republic, here it took our willingness to bet on our impression of her character based entirely on google-translated emails and videos. (Not very scientific, but our impression of Jana's relationship with all of her dogs, supported in a large part by seeing her videos formed the basis for our willingness to believe that everything would work out.)

Like I said, not overly objective/scientific!

Even the money-wiring required our willingness to put faith in the people we were dealing with, as opposed to the overall process. The first transfer of money went without a hitch. The second was refused because the 'target' bank said we had the wrong routing information, even though it was exactly the same as the first! Once again, it was the people we dealt with directly at our bank that allowed us to continue the process.

I do not intent this little story to be taken for a 'trust people and everything will work out'!

Far from it! In my day to day business I would be horrified if my clients declared that 'they were not worried, people are trustworthy'. (lol)

But like so much in life, there are few universal rules, 'one-size-fits-all', especially with money and business.

I am saying that this transaction was, in no small part an affair of the heart. As such with our interaction with the (other) parties, trust was possible with strangers and the return on our investment (not just money) was well worth the risk.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

Una is so cute. I love reading about her and Ola. This certainly is a very interesting breed.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Great dogs, terrific hub, what more can we ask for?

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Yes indeed a truly beautiufl hub and I now look forward to follwing you on here.

Take care


Katherine Franke 5 years ago

After much research, I feel like this breed would be perfect for our active lifestyle. I am curious to the cost of such a process...if you feel comfortable sharing.

clark farley profile image

clark farley 5 years ago Author


I believe Una (her-own-self) cost $1600. US and the transportation process was $1000. to $1200. I have the link to the transport company in one of the other Hubs...Jet-a-Pet they did a very good job and would recommend them without reservation

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Hi clark, such a lovely dog, I am still trying to figure out whether to get another one or not, but I still miss having one around, hope you are okay? nell

pam Phillips 4 years ago

Hi Nell do you have one in England as I have 2 females I live near Manchester, I was not aware there were others in the UK as no one in Europe I know have sold any here.

pam Phillips 4 years ago

Hi Clark

Updated information from Europe

May 2012 Chodsky pes can be exhibited in Sweden

From 1st January 2013 the breed will be allowed to be exhibited at Danish Kennel club shows.

Norwegian kennel Club Executive Board endorsed at its meeting to approve the CHODSKY PES 08.10.2012. Chodsky pes will be able to register and are on display at the national level in Norway from 01.01.2013.

clark farley profile image

clark farley 4 years ago Author

hey Nell! my wife Phyllis has a youtube account with some Una (our Chodsky pes) in some videos will look up the url in the meantime try searching youtube for chodsky + Una

...yeah, you should find another dog, they are perfect lifeforms

clark farley profile image

clark farley 4 years ago Author

kinda cool, secret club of owners of what I have read (and choose to believe) is the precursor breed to the GSD (my favorite breed).

Youtube is the place to be, will try to get the urls

clark farley profile image

clark farley 4 years ago Author


any videos?

clark farley profile image

clark farley 4 years ago Author

hi Nell

Have not been around HP much lately so I replied to you in the generic section! Trust you are dong well... look forward to 'talking' soon

Pam Phillips 3 years ago

Hi Clark not sure if you are aware or not but the CP now as provissional FCI recognition.

Marc 3 years ago

Great to read you are so happy with your cp. I own 1 myself, a male from 1,5 years old now. Great dog, really my best friend :) enjoy yours!

Sandy 3 months ago

We are looking for one...I also discovered the breed on the internet and it seems a great family dog.

All tips are welcome on



Pam Phillips 4 weeks ago

Hi Clark update: there are currently 4 in the UK one a rescue, another is moving to Scotland next week, so will be 5.

Sandy you can look either travelling to CR/Poland/Slovakia or look to Scandinavia, there is a breeder in Holland but she cross breeds with Gelbbacke so not pure.

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