Choosing A Dog Breed That Works Best For Your Lifestyle

Yorkshire Terrier


A New family Member

So you have made the decision to add a new member to your loving family. Now you have to make the decision of what breed of dog to get.

The writer has nothing against adopting a mixed breed of dog. This article is intended to help those who are choosing a purebred dog that will mesh best with their families.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Although there is no true "hypoallergenic" dog breeds. These dogs work best for those with allergies to pet dander.

  • Bichon Frisé - although these dogs have a fuzzy coat they are considered hypoallergenic. This small easygoing dog is easy to train. Though it's grooming requirements are higher than average.
  • Yorkshire Terrier- although this breed of dog comes in a very small package it also makes a great watch dog. This breed of dog does not require a lot of room to run. However, it doe require a lot of grooming due to it's long coat.
  • Bedlington Terrier- this sheep like dog is a tough breed of dog who likes to work. They are friendly, enjoy exercise, and shed minimally.

  • Chinese Crested- this small breed of dog sheds next to no hair. Probably because it has so little hair. Although these are a strange looking breed of dog they are known to have big hearts and will have a great bond with their owners.
  • Kerry Blue Terrier- These medium sized dogs have soft coats and lots of energy. If you plan on adding this type of dog to your family, they do best in a household with no other pets.
  • Italian Greyhound- This breed of dog has a short, smooth coat. Therefore requires less grooming and less shedding. These guys also do not require a large yard. These dogs are usually well mannered. Although are known for shorts "fits" of energy from time to time.

French Bulldog


Low Energy Dogs

Low energy or "lazy" dogs require less energy and work better for families with little to no yards. A few of these breeds of dogs include;

  • Chihuahua- This breed is the smallest in the world. Due to their size they do not need a lot of exercise. It takes a lot of effort to get those little legs across the house. Although they dogs work great for those in apartments. Due to their small size they are known to become defensive and may bark or nip if frightened.
  • English Bulldog- These small, muscular dogs also have short coats that require little grooming. Although they require minimal exercise (heavy exercise can actually be dangerous for them!) they can easily become obese so watch their weight!
  • Pug- Due to their face shape these dogs are unable to preform strenuous activity as they have issues regulating their temperatures and breathing. This breed can do great in an apartment.
  • Pekingese- this small breed of dog works well in apartments as it's favorite activity is nap time! This breed also sheds very little. However, it is also a slow learner and may be difficult to train.

  • French Bulldog- this small breed of dog does enjoy to play but also needs adequate time to take a nap or two. Training these dogs can be easy especially if you make it fun for them.
  • Basset Hound- this breed makes a wonderful companion. Despite their weight they still believe they are lap dogs and enjoy lounging around. There little legs couldn't carry them too far anyway.

Bull Mastiff


Watch Dogs

If it is a watch dog you are looking for take a look at these guys!

  • German Shepard- this breed is very alert and intelligent. With a reputation of being a fierce guard dog it makes people think twice about intruding.
  • Doberman Pinscher- this intelligent, loyal dog is willing to anything and everything to protect their families and properties.
  • Rottweiler - this large muscular dog is always alert and reliable. Without proper training these dogs are also known to let their dominance be known.
  • Bull-mastiff- this large breed of dog is very intimidating in appearance. This breed is very loyal and aims to please and protect it's family.
  • Boxer- this breed is very alert and loyal. It got it's name from it's ability to stand on its hind legs and box like a human boxer with it's paws. These guys will let you know if someone is a threat to your home.
  • Great Dane- Although not usually aggressive with their sheer size who wants to test that theory. These dogs have the ability to peer at you over the back yard fence or to look you in the eye when you pull up in the car. With a thunder like bark they can keep intruders out of your yard.



High Energy Dog Breeds

These dogs are for those of you who enjoy just getting out and doing something. These dogs can make great park companions and will help to keep you in shape.

  • Border Collie- These dogs love to play and love to work. Luckily they are also considered easy to train.
  • Jack Russell - these dogs love to have something to do. Without a source to put all that energy they may display negative behavior. They love to run, dig and hunt. Give them an activity such as fetch and you have entertainment for hours.
  • Siberian Husky- these dogs are the full package, power, speed, and endurance. A great working dog that can be very stubborn and difficult to train. But are most famous for their beauty.
  • Australian Shepard- this breed of dog likes to keep busy all day. The more tasks you give them the happier they are.
  • Weimaraner- this breed of dog love hunting and is good at it. It has great speed and endurance. They sometimes are known to be too much for small children to handle.And cannot be kept locked up all day.

  • Pointer- this breed of dog is built for stamina and can handle a long day of hunting birds with their masters. These dogs can be too much for small children and need ot be given activities to do.



Easiest to Train Dog Breeds

These dogs are known to be some of the easier breeds to train. Great for those who are inexperienced with training dogs.

  • Standard Poodle- this breed of dog is known for it's intelligence. It loves to play, work and hang with it's family. Even small children. However, this breed requires quite a bit of grooming.
  • Border Collie- Often used in obedience these dogs are considered smart, easy to train, and willing to learn. It's dependable and loyal to it's master.
  • Golden Retriever- these dogs are well known for their companionship and obedience. They are also very friendly with everyone.
  • Papillon- these dogs are one of the most obedient dogs of the toy breeds. They are also excellent with children and enjoy most other animals.
  • Labrador Retriever- this breed is good with both children and other animals. It enjoys learning and aims to please.
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi- this breed sometimes does not do well if other dogs. However, it is usually well mannered and easy-going towards it's family members.

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