Choosing And Keeping A Pet Mouse

A Pet Mouse or even a small mouse colony can be a rewarding hobby and mice really do make great pets.
A Pet Mouse or even a small mouse colony can be a rewarding hobby and mice really do make great pets.

Choosing And Keeping A Pet Mouse

Most mice that are well cared for will live one and a half to two years. And they will be 6-7 inches in length including the tail. And the tail will make up about half the length of your mouse. Keep in mind that mice are social animals and are best when kept in small groups. Females do well together but males will fight and if you put males and females together you will be over run with their off spring in no time at all. However if you also keep snakes you may want to save money by raising your own mice.

You have to keep in mind that mice are nocturnal by nature and that with patience they can become quite tame but if your not really careful your mouse or mice will escape.

The best enclosures to keep mice in are aquariums with tightly fitting wire tops that the mice can not fit through. A mouse can fit through a hole that you will not believe they ever could.

But mice are ideal as small pets because they are small , entertaining to watch and they make few demands on their owners. You will want to equip your mouse enclosure with a water bottle your mouse can drink from and ideally your mouse or mice should have an exercise wheel to enjoy running on.

When you choose your mouse or mice they should have clean coats and have very little smell. Usually clean , well smelling mice are healthy mice. The mouses eyes and nose should be discharge free.And the ears should look pink and healthy.

The cage you buy your mice or mouse from should be clean and dry. And when you get your mouse home I would go with hay or aspen shavings for my mouses bedding. Provide your mouse with a small oatmeal box with holes cut in it as a place of refuge for your mouse or mice. Paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls are also a mouse favorite.

You need to keep your mouses enclosure clean and you really need to clean it as often as once weekly for one to two mice and more often for more mice. Don't wait until you smell a bad smell before you clean your mouses enclosure.

You can buy pellet food for your mouse or mice but your mouse will tire of it in a hurry. Grain and seed based food will keep your mouse more interested. You can give teats of greens , apple and carrots but watch for diarrhea. If you see any signs of diarrhea cut way back on treats until the problem clears up.

Use care when you are holding your mouse as even a short fall can be deadly or cause bad injuries.

If you follow the hints and tips on this page you should be able to keep and enjoy a pet mouse or even several pet mice. If you have any questions about pet mice please ask your mouse questions below now.

Do you have a pet mouse. Tell us about it in the comment section below. And thanks for reading

A Trio Of Cute Colorful Mice.
A Trio Of Cute Colorful Mice.

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Do you have a pet mouse or mice? Do you enjoy it or them. Post your mouse comments , tips , suggestions or questions now. 14 comments

Myshi 4 years ago

I have two mice that my boyfriend got me. One is black, and I call her Destroyer, and the other is Grey, and I call her Ganadolfa. C:

Mermaid 4 years ago

I'm getting 2 female mice in a few days, I'm so exited ! All i've been doing is researching and stuff. I think you should get females as they are more friendly then males. Males tend to have a strong odour. I can't wait for my mice ! :)

Zoe 4 years ago

I'm going to get mice in a month or less if I show responsibility! Finally, pet mice!!!!! Yay!

MouseFan 4 years ago

I really want to get two female mice. New fav rodent....

except ferrets, I have 4!!! :P

shadow 6 years ago

I have a female and male mouse and the female escape last night. I found it in my shirt today and put it back with the male mouse. My mouse are very happy and fat lol

TurtleAbz 6 years ago

I want to get 2 female mice, and I was wondering if the cage would smell quite strongly most or all of the time, or whether it would only be if they needed cleaning out?

Immie 6 years ago

I'm about to get two female mice. I can't wait as I've been wanting them for ages and my parents said yes! If you're thinking about getting mice, they make wonderful pets and they're so cute and fun to watch, but think about a few things first because they live a short life and they cost a lot to care for-But I say yes to mice! :D

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 6 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Mice stay rather small. And 2 mice are happy together and fun to watch.

Beth 6 years ago

i don't know weather to get a pet mouse or a hamster, are mice ok living on their own or do they have to live in pairs ?

6 years ago

i want to get a mouse. I am thinking about two females in a 5.5 gallon tank. Is that okay? I didn't know mice could get that BIG!

Sammi Ross 6 years ago

I've had a male albino mouse named Ringo (beatles fan) for about 2 & a half months now, & I just got a female mouse (Alleyah- black w/ tan belly) yesterday. I love them both very much & find that they're easy & fun to have. Since I've had them they're my new favorite animals. X3

maili 6 years ago

iv wantid a mouse for a very long time. and the mouse that i just saw was the cutis mouse iv ever seen in my hole life it is black and white and it has the ears eyes and nose

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Yes I have a male rat that wears a collar with a bell on it and he fetches. I showed the Veterinarian him fetching and he said it was the most amazing thing he ever saw.He also loves baths and will get into the bathtub with me if I allow it. He really is one of the smartest animals I have ever had.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia

I had a male similar to the tortoiseshell one in the bottom picture, but he was a little different patterned. I'm not a big fan of mice, as they tend to smell more than other small rodent pets. Just my opinion. They're not quite as friendly either. I've had 4 pet mice over the years, and I don't know if I'd do it again. Rats, though, make wonderful pets.

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