When our daughter, Lucy, was living in Texas she bought herself a chorkie. I had never heard of a chorkie, but I am now a chorkie lover. What is a chorkie? A chorkie is a new-fangled designer dog, which is a mix of chihuahua and teacup yorkshire terrier. The traits of both breeds are present in a chorkie, as are the myriad of color combinations. Where does one find a chorkie? I just found two after a quick search on the internet - one for $335 and one for $775! How do you put a price on something so adorable and lovable?

Characteristics of a Chorkie

  1. A great lap dog - will keep you warm!
  2. A fun and faithful companion - you'll always have a friend.
  3. They come in an infinite variety of colors.
  4. Available with long or short hair.
  5. They're smart - easy to train
  6. They're friendly - lots of kisses!
  7. Very little grooming required
  8. Little or no shedding

Layla the Chorkie

Layla is the chorkie that Lucy brought with her when she moved back to California from Texas. Because my husband Guy and I work at home, and because we are dog lovers, we are Layla's chosen dog sitters when Lucy travels. We have learned first hand some of the amazing "special features" that the Chorkie known as Layla posseses.

  • She sleeps completely buried under the covers. She loves to snuggle up close, and only comes up for air when she gets too warm.
  • When she goes outside to do what dogs do, if the grass is wet she lifts her hind legs in the air and walks about on her two front paws. Too cute!
  • If she wants a cookie (which is always!), she prances about on her hind feet and reaches up with her front paws. And then she jumps and spins!
  • She loves nearly everyone and a lap is her favorite place to be. This is a definite advantage for Layla over our Lab, Roxie. No laps for large dogs!

Benefits of a Chorkie over a Lab

Ok - here goes. I have always been a lover of labs & goldens, but I can now see some advantages to a chorkie.

  1. Chorkies eat a lot less!
  2. Chorkies leave much smaller gifts in the backyard
  3. Chorkies shed much less than labs
  4. No one is afraid of a chorkie
  5. A chorkie's mouth is too small for a tennis ball
  6. Chorkies don't drool
  7. A chorkie can't knock you over

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Bill Beavers 8 years ago

What a glowing recomendation. I want one! Such fun.

Amy Boyack profile image

Amy Boyack 8 years ago from Idaho

That sounds so fun. We have a long haired chihuahua that we just love. When I was growing up, we had a yorkie. I think it would be a fun mix.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

It is a fun mix, Bill & Amy. I think I may want one too!

Joe Fox profile image

Joe Fox 8 years ago from Murrieta CA

So cute! We have 2 terriers who love to sit on our love seat (with us). Sounds like afun addition to the family.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

That's alot of love on one love seat! You can never have too much love...

Kimi 8 years ago

I have a Maltese and a Japanese Chin. I love them both dearly however the Chin sheds up a storm. If I'd known this in advance I might have tried a Chorkie! But wait, that wouldn't have been possible because I didn't know they existed until your HUB bought them to my attention. Thanks for that. I love my little CHinshen and wouldn't trade her for anything now but next time I'll now better.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

When we fall in love with a puppy, it's difficult to be practical about things like shedding. If we want the pup, we decide it will all work out! Not unlike buying a new home or car and not really thinking about the true cost!

Brian Gosur profile image

Brian Gosur 8 years ago from Michigan

I am a lab lover Jody and always will be. I've had two in my lifetime. A black Lab and a yellow Lab. There are awesome dogs, but I can see the advantages of someone like a Chorkie.

My mom had a chihuahua, but I remember that dog as being mean to everyone except her.

Thanks for the information Jody.


Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

Yes Brian, I'm a Lab lover too - we have a yellow lab, Roxie. I understand how you feel. I never thought a small dog would do it for me too...but Layla is like a big dog in a small package! She doesn't bark, she just gives kisses!

justin  8 years ago

I just Bough a Chorkie just the other day. He's calm quiet and all he wants to do is sit on you lap and sleep. awsome dog nuthing like them. thanks justin

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

Isn't it amazing that a small dog can be so calm? A true lap dog! We discovered that if Layla pants and is anxious during a car ride, an open window calms her right down. That may not be practical advice if you live in a freezing climate...but it sure works here in California!

Nancy 8 years ago

I have a Lab (3 y/o) and a 5 mo old Chorkie. It's just like you said, she is my buddy, she sleeps under the covers, and it seems she has springs for back legs. Boomer our lab lets her walk all over him. He is her step ladder and when she gets in trouble she runs to him and sits between his front legs. I love her and enjoy her so much!

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

Well then you know first hand what wonderful dogs Chorkies and Labs are! Our lab tries to figure our how to play with Layla, but the size difference is so great they haven't figured it out yet! Thanks for your comments!

dawn massey 8 years ago

hi, we pick up our chorkie on sunday and we cant wait. after studying many breeds we found that a cross breed is a better option not just for us but for the dog. Illness risks are alot less it is so beneficial for the dogs. I have a daughter with chronic lung disease and a son with asthma so having a chorkie is better for the children with the fur.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 8 years ago Author

How exciting! Although they are not completely "shed-free", they do shed less.

Send me a picture!

Carly 7 years ago

Im about to get a chorkie and any time i think about it i cant help myself but smile.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

I am so happy for you, Carly! Once you get your new chorkie you'll be doing alot of smiling!

Jennifer Mcquay 7 years ago

I bought my little girl a chorkie for her fourth b-day. my daughter was special needs, she cant walk or talk, but she loved her little dog.My daughter just passed away, and our chorkie was just as hurt as we are.When we came home without our little girl, i did not think our chorkie was going to make i had to save her from heart ache, now she is saving my husband and me. we have only had her for 8 months, but its like we have had her a life time.. they are wonderful pets...

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

Thank you for sharing your sweet and painful story, Jennifer. May you, your husband, and your chorkie gently navigate through the heartache. I can't imagine a more loving healer of pain than a chorkie...

JOYCE 7 years ago


Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

Aw...Joyce that is such a sweet story. Lucky you to find a Chorkie to rescue! They really are such great dogs!!

Bill Beavers profile image

Bill Beavers 7 years ago from California

Wow, I'll bet she is a sweetie but probably quite spunky.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

Yes - but not in an annoying way - a very cute way!

Chorkiefan 7 years ago

Thats my dog

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

Does yours have the same markings? Same colors? You are fortunate, Chorkiefan!

lorraine 7 years ago

we have just got a chorkie puppy she is 16 weeks old i have had a yorkie before and had a lab for a year as i did puppy walking for guide dogs for the blind. i dont think you can beat the smaller breeds i like a dog to be part of the family and sit on my lap for cuddles you can't do that with big hairy breeds.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 7 years ago Author

Yes - and not to mention all the shedding! Our lab sheds enough hair that we could make a Chorkie!

Brittany Crenshaw  6 years ago

Hi Jody I'm fourteen and last year I rescued a three pound black female chihahua and named her Molly. She is the best friend anyone could ask for. I lover her to death and she isn't a mean little visious dog everyone stereotypes chihuahuas to be. I've a male yorkies for about nine years and recently learned Molly is to have puppies in march I was so excited and I did my research to find out they are so precious and so loveable, my Molly had her pups this past Thursday four to be exact and I love them all you have any tips for a first time chorkie owner?!?! Thanks brittany:)

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 6 years ago Author

Wow Brittany - how exciting! And good for you to rescue a sweet pup...and now you are a Chorkie breeder! My best advice is to love them and let them love you! They can easily get underfoot, so you have to be very careful when you push back while getting up from a chair - they are so little it's easy to not know they are there. And, as little as they are, they sure can make a loud noise if you hurt them!

Shandley2009 6 years ago

im getting a chorkie tomarrow

Erica Long 6 years ago

Im Erica, Im 13 years old and I'm getting a chorkie in 21 days! Her name is mandy and she is the cutest thing. I have already fallen in love. I'm a lab lover too. I had a chocolate lab all my life until she passed away about 3 years ago. Thanks for the great story Judy!

TEAGAN! 6 years ago

i just got a chorkie 3 days ago and shes stolen my heart

shes about the size of a adults fully grown 12 inch shoe

one of her habbits is to crawl into shoes and then crawl back out and pull the shoe away she loves to cuddle and to crawl onto the keyboard and write something thats not even a word such as "mmifk" and she runs with her ears flopping i love my chorkie pup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

natalie  6 years ago

Hi there

just stumbled across this fab site about chorkies ,I bought one in nov her names Lucy.

My mum has vascular demensha Lucy has transformed my mums life !! They are therapy dogs

It's quite amazing she reaily adds so much to my mums life ,so if any one is thinking of getting one they are an amazing bundle of fun love an happyness

6 years ago

I have had my chorkie, Cooper, for three weeks and cannot imagine life without him already. I have never had a dog,but I was in the middle of a divorce and needed s companion. My friend had bought his brother and I fell in love with him too. He gets really excited and barks and play growls with me, then curls up on my feet on the couch. I love him so much already. Benefits: I do not have as many allergy issues with him as I do with other small breeds, and he does not make much noise.

Missy 6 years ago

I have a long haired chiauhua and a short hair... and one chorkie... she is so adorable but she is a little more hyper then my chiahuahas and she is a lot nicer. She never bark... does not shed... it took her two days to figure out her name and like a day to be potty trained... she goes with mwe everywhere though she is the bigger breed... my chi chi's are 3lbs and 4 1/2lbs... which is small, she will be about 7 lbs... but how can you deny the long pretty hair the dark cute eyes. my friend say she looks just like a teddy bear... lol... she is so sweet tempered but still has the smarts of a chi chi... and she is only 8 weeks old... I think they are the best of the two small dogs in the world... ps the under the blanket thing is a chi chi thing... mine are always under the blanket cuddling... insane... I think alot of their manners are chi chi but they look pretty like a yorkie, well some of them, I have seen some not very pretty ones.... but mine looks just like a yorkie minus i am leaving her tail on her. I dont see why you would dock their tail :( booooooo, what is the reasoning :(

Hope you all can get the joy of having a chorkie... they are amazing :D


LennieLiz 6 years ago

I rescued a chorkie last year and he is a wonderful dog. He goes to work with me everyday. He is a very well behaved dog and does bark occasionaly, but I can tell him enough and he usally stops. When I tell him he has to stay home or at the office he puts on his sad eyes,drops his tail, hangs his head and shakes. I don't know why he shakes. I think he is wonderful. Although I do not know his ideal weight. Currently he weighs 15 lbs and thats after losing 2-lbs. I've put him on a diet, and have to know where he is at all times becuase my roommate leaves food down for her dog, which my chorkie will eat in a heart beat if not monitored when at home. Drives me crazy becuase my roommate will not pick up the food. She has a toy chichuaua she thinks will starve or get low blood sugar if she picks up the food.

Tara 6 years ago

We have a chorkie, her names Cookie and we also have 2 rotties that she adores. One of my rotts, Honey and her are inseparable which worried me at first as I thought the big rott would hurt her they have grown up together as puppies and sleep together in crate, only problem i have with her is that she has been a bugger to housetrain, she is a year old now and still has ''accidents''. She is adorable though! We would love her to sleep in our bed but would have to put a nappy on her!!

kathryn 6 years ago

I have a chorkie that is just under three pounds in is just over 5 weeks pregnent. I did not have her fixed because I believe every creature should expierience the joy of motherhood at least once. My Fiona as just under a year old and I didn't want her to breed just yet so I am very worried about her. She mated with a 6 pound chihuahua and she is now very round for only five weeks. Have you ever breed a chorkie, shes so large I am wondering how many puppies she is goiang to have, which of course worries me as well. Any advice would be appreciated. thank you all.

kathryn 6 years ago

Hi Tara, I had the same problem with my chorkie and the groomer taught me a trick that actually worked within a matter of days. My Fiona is crate trained and everytime I take her out of her crate she is to go directly outside, if she potties great, if not she goes right back in the crate. They usually will not go where they sleep so if you take her straight outside from the crate she should go. Fiona had to spend alot of time in her crate for about three days which really was hard for me but now she doesn't even need it and I think she is much happier now that my family is so happy with her wondferful progress.

Linnea 6 years ago

My husband and I were watching t.v. this summer, when we heard some kids outside yelling. We to a look out the window, only to find that they were chasing a tiny dog and throwing rocks at her. My husband went outside and picked this shaggy little thing and brought her in. At first we thought she was a long-haired chihuahua, but I kept saying that she looks Yorkie too. Anyway, I feel upon this site and realized that our little Pixie IS a chorkie!!!! She looks exactly like Layla! Sound glad I found this website.

Laura freeman profile image

Laura freeman 6 years ago from Arkansas

I have an 8 month old Chorkie...She is the most awesome do I have ever had! She sleeps completly covered under the bed sheets at night, and also hates the cold air and wet ground! She hikes one leg to tinkle and if the ground is wet she will also walk on her front two feet! She loves to snuggle, and if I am sitting down...She is right on my lap! She will fetch, dance around for a treat...Very alert! Can't get anything past her! I love her. She has been a great addition to our family! She has the energy of jet plane! hahaha

Beth 6 years ago

Thank you so much for this information! You have verified that we, indeed, have a chorkie! Ours was adopted from a shelter where they had labeled him as a Chihuahua - Fox Terrier mix. We just knew that couldn't be right! His appearance and behaviors match almost perfectly.

Luna 6 years ago

I rescued Tuolumne, my little Chorkie nearly 5 years ago. She is the light of my life. You can see the portrait I painted of her on my site. She has all the traits you have mentioned, and a couple that you have not. I wonder if other Chorkies do this: T crawls around on her belly, with legs straight out behind her, toes pointed. She'll crawl around that way, doing figure 8's or whatever she has in mind. If she sees a standing cat, she will change her direction, and crawl on through, between the cat's legs! Last year, she started doing it in reverse, like a moonwalk. It's hysterical! She also rides on my shoulder,like a parrot when I'm out and about. She also skips when we walk together, and carries her own leash. She has taught me to do many tricks.

Amanda 6 years ago

I am getting a Chorkey tomorrow....Is it ok for children with asthma and allergies?

Steffani 6 years ago

I'll be getting my chorkie in 11 days, and I am so super excited. The one question I have is are they hard to house train? I'm just so excited glad I've found others who love chorkies. I've been on other sites and people are very mean and have nothing nice to say about them. I get very angry and have to leave the site!! I'm also having a hard time picking a few names to try out. Any cute suggestions??

lennielizbeth 6 years ago

I've had my chorkie Winston going on 2-years now. He was easy to house train, but perhaps going to work with me everyday made it easier.

KIm 5 years ago

Rosie the Chorkie is such a lover! She gives everyone good morning kisses first thing in the morning as alarm clocks go off. She is usually no further than 4 ft from me at any given point of time and loves to bury herself under my blankets. I didn't like her much at first but she has really won me over....

ericka_yh 5 years ago

Hi, i have my cute little chorkie here:]]her name is summer she is so adorable and sweet. she loves being touched and loves listening to music before sleeping..haha!she's so cute right?hope she'll have a long coat:]

robcob 5 years ago

WE just had to put our Chorkie to sleep on Tuesday and it was like loosing a child. She was seven and the best dog we had ever had. She was a very sick dog when her Addison's disease was active and she delt with the illness very well. We miss her very much and will probably never find another dog quite like "Annie". Great dog and loving family member. She had her own room and loved all the stuffed animals that we called her babies.

Pamela Irvine profile image

Pamela Irvine 5 years ago from Augusta, Georgia

I have this dog now!!!! she is absolutely amazing! We call her Lilly because we already had a Layla....can the person who wrote this possibly email me???

Deb 5 years ago

My daughter Summer just lost her Chorkie Annie and I would like to find a Chorkie rescue in the Houston Texas area. Does anyone happen to know of one?

Mike 5 years ago

We have a Chorkie just like yours here in the UK! He is called Bear and he is bit darker in colour but he is exactly the same for sleeping under the covers. He actually loves our feet. He sits with his chin on my feet wherever I am. He's even doing it now under the computer desk. If I work out how, I'll post some pictures.

Bearbear123 profile image

Bearbear123 5 years ago

Right, I set up an account in Bear's name to show you his pic. Here it is. Do you think he is similar? Mike

Kristen 5 years ago

I am moving from MD to upstate NY in three weeks and have bought a house there with a yard so I decided it was finally the right time to own a pup. I have a nine month old son who just giggles and loves looking and crawling next to little dogs/puppies. After much consideration on what dog to get, I narrowed it down to a little dog that won't trample on my son or knock him over. I LOVE yorkies and when I heard about the chorkie was a little pessimistic because I have heard and know of allot of Chahuah's with temperment issues. Well, I have picked the runt of the litter. A little baby girl Chorkie. I pick her up tomorrow and can not begin to explain how excited I am! My question is, the puppies are all black with tan on their faces which is what Yorkies look like as pups. But the only thing I am curious about, is the girl I picked has very short hair. The only boy has wiry, longer hair and her sisters have the same hair as their brother but a little shorter. What do you think the runt with the short (chuahuah) type hair would look like as an adult? I am swaying and wondering if I should go with one of the girls with longer hair but I love her because she is so tiny.

Deb 5 years ago

Does anyone know where to find a Chorkie in the Spring, Texas area? We would like a female puppy and would prefer to save one from a rescue if possible. Please let me know if you do. Thank you so much.

ja 5 years ago

We got a chorkie two days. Ago. I named her rasta ..I'm in love so is my husband and our girls she a cuddly sweetheart.

Innes 4 years ago

I had a Chihuahua who had to get put down a few weeks ago. Worst thing ever. I'm only 9. Might get a Chorkie. I'll call it Acorn.

Jamie's Mom 4 years ago

I got a Chorkie in October 2011. He actually found me! I was there to see about adopting another dog that didn't work out for me but was adopted by another later. Jamie had just been rescued and walked up to the window of the screen door at the rescue. It was like he knew I was there. My mom gasped because she thought it was a baby dear. I feel in love at first site. The organizer there instinctively put Jamie in my arms. She could read the look on my face and knew it was a match. I took him home that day and never looked back.

trixiesmom profile image

trixiesmom 4 years ago from uk

Hi I have always loved chorkies but found that they can b very expensive so me and my partner bought a yorkie puppy and I couldn't wish for a better dog she is well behaved and great with other animals and children she is now naily 2 yrs old and pregnant with her first litter and yes she is havin chorkies she is due 2wks on thursday and everything is goin well and we can't wait to welcome them in 2 our family.

Liz Wells 4 years ago

We looooove our chorkie, Stella!!! She's a rescue and is so happy to have a home. Such a cuddle bug but also loves to go on short hiking adventures with us. I love hearing her small paws pitter patter on my wooden floors. She's such a little rascal sometimes finding our socks and putting them in her little dog house. All part of the adventure! Such a great dog !!

Great website!

fendi 4 years ago

i have a chorkie she is very small and pretty her name is fendi i love her very much

Michelle 4 years ago

We have just had our Chorkie for 2weeks and she has

the best temperment!!! She has short hair with yorkie markings. Shes 9 weeks and 1lb. She is great with kids and loves to

Gwen 4 years ago

I have a chorkie and he is the most lovable dog I have ever had. He sleeps with me everynight, love to play, but he always has time to cuddle. He is well tempered and can be trained pretty easily. Housebreaking took almost no time at all! Overall, I love my chorkie and hope my next dog will be as great as he is.

andrea 4 years ago

Last March, a little guy showed up at my doorstep. I knew he looked part chihuahua, but I was sure that he had terrier blood. I put up posters, checked for microchip, contacted every shelter and rescue--no one claimed this sweet boy. He stole my heart. I saw your pic on an image search, and it was as if it were his twin. He's now 5 lbs, up from his bony 4.5 lbs when he first found us. He makes me smile every day. What an angel!

profile image

norarose 3 years ago

Your dog is my dogs twin! I'm so fascinated by this, she looks just like my Piglet.

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 3 years ago Author

Thanks to all for the sweet comments!! Chorkie love is True Love!!

Jody Heckenlively profile image

Jody Heckenlively 3 years ago Author

They could be twins!!

Agustin 2 years ago

how long will it take for my teacup yorkie mix(chorkie) to start barking

Pamela Agosto profile image

Pamela Agosto 4 months ago

Hey, I'm the lady who got Layla in Florida...i didn't know how else to contact you but I wanted to let you know she was the most amazing dog, she flew through service dog training like she was a shepherd. She was my daily love and constant partner for many years. Sadly we recently lost her.

Do you remember the breeder you purchased her from? Ive never found another like her

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