Clown Loaches


Level: Beginner-Advanced

Care: Loaches are skiddish, and shy. They will hide when you are around, but come out when you are not around. They are fairly easy to care for, and helthy for an aquarium. Know that when you buy, you will need proper hiding places for them, like a cave. Caves make them secure and happy. They like warmer water, from 75 to 80 degrees farenheit. They are peaceful and will live with other fish in community tanks. CLown loaches like to live in groups of four or more, but with big size this may be hard to provide for them. For one clown loach you should have at least a 40 gallon aquarium with only a few fishes in it.

Food: Clown Loaches eat almost everything. They enjoy algae pellets as a treat, and blood worms. They also eat flake food.

Description: Clown Loaches Are Black and Orange verticle striped. They have a flat stomach and a mouth with whiskers.  They can grow from 8-12 inches or even more. (rarely I see such a big clown loach)

Behavior: Thrive in groups. Skiddish for a while, but will warm up. Like to hide in caves. They are energetic and fun. They can live with most fish that arent agressive toward them, as they are very peaceful. Small fish do not mind them.

Expirience: Clown loaches are a very good beginner fish for a person with a large aquarium... They are skiddish. I keep 3 of them but they still thrive. They enjoy each others company. They are also very beautiful.

Clown Loach group!


 Clown loaches should be transported in a container or double bad because they can get through normal bags when and if they feel threatend. Clown loaches can get stuck tight in holes, so if you have a peice of wood or a decoration, and there are holes in it, make sure to find a way to block the holes and your loaches will be safe. Many small and new clown loaches get stuck in holes. Clown loaches are more likely to get a disease when alone, so be careful. They can also have stunted growth when alone.

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