Common Medical Conditions For Senior Dogs


Heartworm disease - This is a very treatable disease if caught early and prevention is the name of the game with heartworm disease. Even indoor dogs can benefit from preventative medicine. And heartworms don't discriminate against young and old dogs they can affect any dog at any time. Their eggs are transferred through mosquitoes and mosquitoes come inside as well as outside.

Kidney dysfunction - are also among the many ailments aging dogs face. Healthy kidneys keep a balance the body's chemical reactions, blood pressure, mineral levels, acid-base levels, and the elimination of waste products. Damage to the delicate and healthy tissue within the kidneys can eliminate them from contributing to maintaining homeostatic balance. There are a number of things that can cause kidney damage, such as bacterial infections, Lyme disease and common bladder pathogens. Fortunately a series of antibiotics taken over a period of several weeks will cure any infections but has the potential to damage the filtering system.

When it comes to kidney dysfunction be proactive, not reactive to it and ask for a urine test at every veterinarian visit for your dog to make sure you catch kidney disease before it causes irreparable damage. You can also be alert for frequent urination, increased drinking; dribbling of urine, even a trace of blood is a sign that your pet could have a kidney infection.

Periodontal disease - this is one of the most widespread diseases in dogs today. The tissue surrounding the dogs teeth, the gums and bones, can become inflamed and infected. Having your dog checked biannually for tooth decay and gingivitis allows the vet to detect this condition much earlier and in turn and allows them to treat it more effectively.


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