Cool Hamster Cages

Cool Hamster Cages

Hamsters are active animals that enjoy exercise and love to explore. To keep your little furry buddy happy and healthy, you may want to get him one of those cool hamster cages with different levels and tubes and a variety of accessories, such as toys, climbing tubes, hiding tunnels, and chew toys. This will help keep your hamster entertained and prevent the negative behaviors that can sometimes occur when they are bored.

When you want to create a dream home for your hamster, make sure that it is durable, safe, escape-proof, easy to clean and most importantly the right size.

Syrian hamsters, for example, grow to about 6 inches and need a bigger cage while a dwarf Roborovski hamster is fine in a smaller size habitat. If you have a dwarf hamster plastic cages are more suitable - avoid wire cages as the hamster could be stuck. Syrian hamsters on the other hand could stuck in a narrow plastic tubes. So always make sure that your cool hamster cage has the right size.

Cool Hamster Cage Checklist:

  • Is the hamster cage big enough for your kind of hamster?
  • Can you easily disassemble it to clean?
  • Is the material durable?
  • Does your hamster get enough air?
  • Does it have a quiet exercise wheel, water bottle and food dish?
  • Is it easy to provide your hamster with fresh food and water?
  • Hamsters are escape-artists. Make sure the cage is it safe and escape-proof.

When you keep the above checklist in mind when shopping for a cool hamster cage you can be sure that the habitat you purchase for your furry friend will be secure and your little buddy will have lots of fun in his new home!

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Cool Hamster Cage Biddie Buddies Palace
Cool Hamster Cage Biddie Buddies Palace | Source

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Brendon Floyd profile image

Brendon Floyd 6 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

Those look like some really fun cages for kids and adults to have in their rooms! They put a smile on my face

ERIKO 2 years ago


melinda 2 years ago

where can I get one

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