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Crazy Critters
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Crazy Critters

Your pup will go crazy over his or her Crazy Critters! The shoe from your closet or the toy from the next door neighbor’s yard will no longer be a problem for your dog. Average items will lose their appeal when paired with the practical Crazy Critter. It is a toy that any dog will enjoy and any customer will enjoy having for their dog.

What is a Crazy Critter one might ask? A Crazy Critter is a plush dog toy that is stuffing free! The Crazy Critters come equipped with a ball to bounce and chew, a bungee to stretch, and a tail that any dog will enjoy chasing and biting. They can bite away as much as they like because the toy is stuffing free, and therefore is free of mess. Crazy Critters are strong and durable and will last great lengths through the rough play of any dog. Dogs find great appeal in these critters. The realistic look of the Crazy Critters increases the appeal. They look realistic and once a dog gets that critter inside their mouth they won’t want to let go. It’s the perfect solution to keeping a dog entertained while leaving their play area mess free, and leaving the owner’s hands free to just watch the dog play. If the owner doesn’t want to get involved in play they won’t have to because their dog will have its way with the natural looking Crazy Critters. Nature will take its course and give the dog a healthy sport to enjoy.

Your Pet Will Love It!

Many owner’s have a hard time finding a toy for their pet that will keep their pet entertained while leaving behind no trace of a mess for the owner to worry about. Some toys will keep a dog entertained for a minute, but after chewing it apart and throwing it around for a bit they lose interest. The ones that seem to catch their interest are the ones that they are not allowed to have, such as shoes and other household items. However with Crazy Critters owners can keep their dogs entertained with an item that is chewable and can endure all that the dog brings. It is more appealing than other dog toys because it looks realistic, so dogs can feel like they are actually enjoying a lively critter. It will keep their interest for longer than a lot of toys and it is one that will last. Dogs can enjoy a more natural way of play with this man made toy than others because it seems to be real. They last a long time and will not make a mess.

The best part about Crazy Critters, at least to the owner’s concern, is that they are machine washable. The critters can enjoy not only the rough play of a wound up dog but the intensity of a washer and dryer as well. One can give the dog their Crazy Critters inside and out and not have to worry about tracking filth in and out. It can be washed after each use if so desired. That way after an intense endurance of the outdoors the Crazy Critters can come inside to be washed. Once rid of dirt and filth it can be returned to the pet to enjoy inside the house without making a mess.

Crazy Critters

Clean and Effective

Crazy Critters are a clean and effective way for a loving dog owner to keep their pet entertained. They can keep their critter clean to keep the dog’s play area clean, but they can keep the area clean while keeping the dog happy. The dog’s play area will be clean of dirt and things that non-machine-washable toys cannot, and it will also be clean and free of shredded remains of a non-durable dog toy. Crazy Critters can enjoy the rough and innocent play of any puppy. The strong, durable toy will not fall to pieces after a few innings with a dog. It will last play encounter after encounter and machine washing after machine washing. It’s built to last and will bring a lasting happiness to any owner’s beloved pet.

Owners that love their dog will love Crazy Critters. They will be happy because their pet will be happy. Dogs can’t help but love their Crazy Critters and owners can help but love that the Crazy Critter makes their dog happy. The Crazy Critters are cute and look like a cuddly stuffed animal, but they won’t come apart like a stuffed animal that was stolen off of a child’s bed would upon entering a dog’s mouth. Parts will stay intact and no stuffing will be lost because it contains no stuffing to be lost in the first place. It is comfortable for the dog to play with and fits comfortably in their mouth but will not fall apart. It’s practical, reliable toy for a dog.

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Maria 4 years ago

We got a racoon crazy critter for our doberman. He chews on it all the time, and carries it around like a kid with a stuffed animal. He even tries to take itI outside with him, to go potty. Very durable. Great for tug of war and throwing. Even better if it had animal scents. He loves scent tracking, chasing and killing. Then we could hide it, and scent train him to find it.

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