Cute Christmas Dog Names

Christmas time is one of the most exciting times of the year and getting a puppy can make it even more exciting! We have put together lots of Christmas names to choose from. You can choose from Christmas Spirit Names, Christmas Character Names, Christmas Food Names and Christmas Weather like Names. Aaah, Christmas time, it's the most wonderful time of the year!


Christmas Food Names

1. Perppermint

2. Candy Cane

3. Fruit Cake

4. Tootsie

5. Nog

6. Pumpkin Pie

7. Honey Ham

8. Ginger

Christmas Weather Names

  • 1. Snowy
  • 2. Blizzy
  • 3. Frosty
  • 4. Snowflake
  • 5. Frosty Man
  • 6. Winter
  • Snowball

Christmas Character Names

  • 1 Jack Frost
  • 2. Rudolph
  • 3. Blitzen
  • 4. Dancer
  • 5. Prancer
  • 6. Comet
  • 7. Cupid
  • 8. Donner
  • 9. Santy
  • 10. Santa Paws
  • 11. Saint Nick
  • 12. Nicholas
  • 13. Mary
  • 14. Joseph
  • 15. Wise Man
  • 16. Snowman
  • 17. Elf
  • Polar
  • Dasher

Christmas Spirit Names

  • 1. Jolly
  • 2. Happy
  • 3. Merry
  • 4. Hope
  • 5. Charity
  • 6. Glitter
  • 7. Holly
  • 8. Noel
  • 9. Carol
  • Bells
  • Christian
  • Bethlehem
  • Hosanna
  • Jingle Bells

Feel free to share any others you may like. Thanks!

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Comments 13 comments

Donna Sundblad profile image

Donna Sundblad 5 years ago from Georgia

You've given plenty of options for those people getting a pooch under their tree this year.

Allysa 5 years ago

A good name wuld be ginger

Kirsten 5 years ago

Jingle Bells :)

Mariah Rowley 4 years ago

Holly is such a cute name i love my dog now her name is holly now!

janielle 4 years ago

i think ruldolph is cute for a boy name and candycane for girl

nicole 4 years ago

i give this site a 10

gingersmaltese profile image

gingersmaltese 4 years ago from 27597 Author

Thanks Nicole! Allysa thanks for sharing the name with us, Ginger would be a great name too.

tyler 3 years ago

im 14 and im gettin a 5month year old pupy and i want it to have a nice christmas puppy name and its white so i want it having to deal with its color

mark 3 years ago

comet is a good name but gingersmaltese can come up with better

lexi 3 years ago

eve or evey

lexi 3 years ago

we are getting a very little schnauzer she is white and a girl what would be a good name I think kannani eve charity holly angel star cookie or sugar

jazzy 2 years ago

I'm not getting a puppy I am getting a mouse but I want to give him a christmas name because I am getting him on chrstmas

julie ross 2 years ago

Angel for girl angelo for boy if white or comet for a boy bella for a girl bell for a boy also like hope for a girl rudoolph or blitzen for a boy

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