Dachshunds are doggedly delightful!

Dachshund Fur Varieties

Long-haired Dachshund
Long-haired Dachshund | Source
Short-haired Dachshund
Short-haired Dachshund | Source
Wire-haired Dachshund
Wire-haired Dachshund | Source

Lots of choices when choosing a Dachshund!

Dachshunds are one of the most variable of dog breeds! They come in two sizes: Miniature Dachshunds are under 11 pounds, Standard are generally between 16 and 32 pounds when full-grown. They come in three coat (fur) varieties: Longhaired, Smooth, and Wirehaired. Dachshunds also come in a variety of colors. Whatever your favorite size, fur, or color - a Dachshund may suit your taste very well, indeed!

According to the American Kennel Club, Dachshunds were developed in Germany over 300 years ago. Their primary purpose, back in the day, was to hunt badgers. Their short legs allowed them to follow badgers into their nests and dispatch the animals once thought to be pests. Their original "job" is evident in the breed name: dachs=badger, hund=dog.

Now Dachshunds are beloved companions the world over. They are suited to all sorts of living situations, from dense urban areas, to suburbs, to country living. Dachshunds need a moderate amount of exercise, easily accomplished in any environment. Their grooming needs depend on the coat variety - for smooth Dachshunds, brushing a couple times a week is probably adequate.

As far as temperament, according to the Dachshund Club of America: "The Dachshund is clever, lively and courageous to the point of rashness, persevering in above- and below-ground work, with all the senses well developed."

Who is that Dachshund puppy in the mirror?

Popular for a reason

According to the American Kennel Club, Dachshunds were the 10th most-popular dog breed in the United States in 2013. For good reason - their size, temperament, and versatility make them excellent pets.

As with any dog, families with small children will want to supervise interactions - for the sake of the dog as well as the children. Because of their elongated structure, Dachshunds are prone to back problems and too much jumping (onto/off furniture, etc.) should be discouraged. To protect their backs, Dachshunds should also be supported both front and hind end when being lifted.

Other than possible back issues, Dachshunds are generally a healthy breed and should have normal lifespans for dogs of their size.

Hannah, a wirehaired, Standard Dachshund, was happy to model the Braided Leather Collar for our shop!
Hannah, a wirehaired, Standard Dachshund, was happy to model the Braided Leather Collar for our shop!

Willing workers in any venue!

The first Dachshunds I got to know were all members of my dog training club. They've all been energetic, highly-trainable dogs who enjoyed nothing more than working with their "mom." These girls were breed champions as well as high-achieving performance dogs. Dachshunds have participated and excelled in many dog sports, including Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, and EarthDog.

Despite the commercials depicting it, and subsequent events promoting it - "Wiener Dog Racing" is actively discouraged by the Dachshund Club of America, which points out that Dachshunds were not designed for racing and injuries may result.

Coat and color varieties in Dachshunds

Short- or Longhaired
One-color (base color immaterial_
Wild Boar
Red Boar
Chocolate and Tan Boar
All Dachshunds should have black noses, nails, and eye rims, according to the Dachshund Club of America's breed standard. All varieties' eyes should be dark.

Meet the Breed - Dachshunds

Look for "long"

Paulana is a long-haired Dachshund, getting up in years, who is also blind. Rather than leave her home on family walks, her owners got a Pooch Pack (Size Long) so she could come along!
Paulana is a long-haired Dachshund, getting up in years, who is also blind. Rather than leave her home on family walks, her owners got a Pooch Pack (Size Long) so she could come along!

Shopping won't be easy

Because of the Dachshund's unique build - very deep-chested, very long, and with very short legs, expect to have some difficulty finding products that fit your dog perfectly.

Collars and leashes shouldn't be a problem, but when the weather is cold and your shorthaired Dachshund needs a coat, you may have to do some searching to find something long enough. At our shop, Golly Gear, we find that most dogs do better without "sleeves" or "legs" on their garments. And despite the popularity of "horse-blanket" type coats for dogs, we like to see their chests covered - especially for dogs who are so close to the ground.

There are manufacturers and companies who carry dog products with "Long" sizes and, whenever possible, Dachshund owners should seek them out. Dachshunds are popular enough that you should be able to find the right gear for your "wiener dog."

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MercCipher 2 years ago

Dachshunds are a very cute breed of dog. One that I would like to have. This is an interesting article.

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My nephew has 2 great dachsies, such marvellous personalities. Up, beautiful, interesting and useful.

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