Dapper Dan the Dog-Faced Man

Dapper Dan the Dog-Faced Man, rickzimmerman 2010
Dapper Dan the Dog-Faced Man, rickzimmerman 2010

Dapper Dan the Dog-Faced Man has just deplaned in Des Moines.

Dubuque, Dayton, Detroit, Delacroix, Deadwood, Dinkey Creek, and Dalhousie Junction (New Brunswick, Canada), are all, unfortunately, also on Dapper Dan’s sales circuit, for it seems the Routing Manager of the Biz-to-Biz Sales Division of Gompers’ Gears & Gadgets prefers to assign territories alphabetically.

But Dapper Dan never objects. He is as loyal as a dog. If a geographically distant customer account is the stick, well, then, he’s just gonna go fetch it! And when he sniffs out a ripe sales opportunity, DD is also as tenacious as any dog with a bone. Which is why this diligent drone with the canine-cast countenance annually leads the pack of Gompers’ sales agents, racking up millions in industrial doodad revenue.

There’s a Good Boy!    

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