Dealing With Aggression With Your Jack Russell Terrier - Is it Right to Take it Away?


In the dog world, aggression is a very dirty word. This is something that many dog owners, even professional breeders not only come into contact with, but conflict on. In a nutshell most forms of aggression are one of the most natural traits and instincts that have been bred into your dog, and they will occur, its nature. However, this same instinct has been used as an excuse to surrender, abandon even euthanize, thousands of dogs if not more. Dogs have existed for thousands of years with their only tools of communication between each other to be biting and growling. Many inexperienced individuals often see this as aggression in the wrong situation. Dogs communicate to each other through body language. This often consists of growling as well as physical contact which includes mouthing and use of teeth. Bringing a dog into your home with the expectations of efficient training and the complete elimination of all forms of aggressive communication is almost as absurd as asking a person to become deaf and blind at will.

Over the centuries dog owners have bred into dogs the instincts of loyalty, companionship, and the enjoyment of being petted, touched, or even snuggling with humans. This is not a natural condition for any species of animal, but has been collectively imprinted upon the dog psyche and passed along from their ancestors. Of course being the descendant of a sociable dog doesn't mean that a dog will be equally sociable. Any dog must have firm training, supervision and discipline in order to be compatible with any human family

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thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

pet hub thanks real good

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