Deck Bird Baths - A Look at Deck Mounted Hanging Bird Bath Choices

Deck mounted bird baths are unique in their ability of where they can be displayed. A deck bird bath is usually somewhat smaller than a typical bird bath, and is often designed to mount directly on a railing. With these small bird baths you can mount a deck bird bath on a bedroom balcony, or on any level of an apartment or condo dwelling.

Mounted Bird Baths

There are a couple of different models of deck bird baths. One of the smaller terra cotta versions are made by Woodlink. Woodlink is famous for their Green line of bird feeders, typically made of recycled plastics, and make a number of backyard bird accessories.

Several of these will mount directly onto the railing of the deck, but do so with a "twist." They can flip up to one side, so if you mount it properly, the bath simply empties over the side of the railing, making it easy to clean up and change the water periodically, which is the easiest way to keep algae and such from starting in your bath.

Hanging Bird Baths

Another way to add a bird bath to a balcony or deck is to use a hanging bird bath. While these often come with a stand so they can be put in the yard, the ability to hang them makes them a natural choice for a limited spaced like the deck or patio. These are usually quite ornate, and the ceramic hanging bird baths can come in some vibrant colors.

One thing to be aware of with a hanging bird bath is the additional weight of the water when it's filled. Fill it to the typical water level and assess its weight when you scheme up your mounting hooks.

Heated Bird Baths

A slight variant to a heated bath is the solar sipper.  This unit is covered to keep debris out, and will keep the water in a liquid state at cooler temperatures than a typical bird bath, using solar heat and no electricity.  It will mount on a deck rail.

Powered heated bird baths are really popular for deck mounting.  They also mount on the deck rail, but the advantage of doing so is that it is typically near an electric outlet on the house, so the wiring is relatively easy compared to an installation in the yard.

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moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

My friend has a heated bird bath. She told me we should get one and how many birds she had using her bath.

My husband got one for me last year for my birthday. It never has birds in it. I don't know why there are trees all around. My little tiny glass bird bath in the yard gets birds but not this one not even in the middle of winter. The cat likes to sleep in it when it's empty and he drinks out of it when it has water. It's the tilt birdbath at the top of your pictures. Lots of good information. Voted Up.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

You have educated me. I was unaware that these type of birdbaths even existed. Nice job! Voted up, useful and interesting.

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