Diabetic Dog Food - What Should My Dog Eat Now?

It's hard to watch your dog when he or she is sick, but one ailment that's definitely treatable in dogs is diabetes. Just as with people, the primary way of managing diabetes is through proper diet and eating habits. So what diabetic dog food should you give your dog?

Feeding Your Diabetic Dog

Want to make food for your diabetic dog, but not sure where to begin. Start here. Feeding Your Diabetic Dog gives you what you need to know about dog nutrition, canine diabetes, store-bought food, and making healthy food for your diabetic dog.

The major change you will have to make is avoid giving your dog food with sugar and carbs. You might be amazed about the amounts of carbohydrates and sugar contained in commercial dog food. Carbohydrates are considered a form of sugar because the body converts it into glucose. When blood sugar plummets too low, it results in hypoglycemia, which is a serious condition. Dry food is the biggest culprit, but soft-moist dog food can be high in carbs too. Here are some points to keep in mind when developing your dog's diet.


The number one solution for your diabetic dog is to feed him or her a diet of homemade foods so you can track of exactly how much carbohydrates and sugar they are getting. A homemade diet of natural foods isn't as expensive or as much work as you might think. I mean, you are probably already preparing meals for yourself/your family at least some of the time. Check out the many Websites with advice and easy recipes for natural dog food.


If you cannot avoid commercially manufactured dog food altogether, it is better to give your pooch good quality canned food that is low in carbohydrates and low in sodium. Canned dog food made especially for diabetic dogs is a safer way to go, but make sure it is high in protein. Even better if the food is organic. Since diabetes affects liver functions--and thus the immune system--the liver is less able to handle additives often found in commercial dog food. Check the ingredients on the label.


Most dry dog foods are largely made up of simple carbohydrates (sugars and/or starches). You are looking to drastically decrease your diabetic dog intake of carbs, especially simple carbs. There are some dry diabetic dog foods that are generally safe, but still check the ingredients to make sure it is high in protein and vegetables. Even so, dry dog food, diabetic or not, should never be the sole form of food--there is just not enough nutrition in it.


The pancreas has a lot of work to do in a body with diabetes. In addition to regulating blood sugar and insulin, it also produces enzymes that break down fats. With diabetes, it is important not to overstress it more with fatty meats. Choose low-fat meats like poultry. Some fat is needed for good health, but it is best to minimize the amount as much as possible.


Certain grains like millet, oats, and brown rice are beneficial for diabetic dogs. These provide fiber and also help to control the levels of insulin, but you have to use them sparingly.


Fresh vegetables and raw fruits add nutrients and vitamins to your dog's diet. Don't panic about the natural sugars in fruit and vegetables, it does not have the detrimental effects on insulin levels that processed sugar does. Add in your dog's diet in moderation.


Make sure sugar or its other forms (sucrose, fructose, syrup, etc.) is not on the list of ingredients. No baked goods in the diet either, including most dog biscuits.

Keep in mind, also, that the amount of food that your dog eats must be carefully monitored. It is better for diabetic dogs that they eat 2 or 3 smaller meals a day than one large meal to keep blood sugar levels even.

Before making any changes to your dog's diet, it is important to consult a vet about the diabetic dog food diet your pet needs, and give those foods that your dog tolerates well.

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julieannevanzyl profile image

julieannevanzyl 8 years ago from Gold Coast

I didn't all that information about what dogs should eat. When my mother had a dog, she always cooked extra veggies for the dog, every day. The dog loved them!

Lyn Bell profile image

Lyn Bell 8 years ago from Christchurch

My dog tends to be a fussy eater but adores chicken.

Great information here. Thanks:)

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 8 years ago Author

Julieanne, It is surprising how many people don't know that dogs need and like veggies. I love that your Mom did that!

Thanks Lyn. You know, fussy eater's are a challenge, especially when you have to change their diet. As with all of us I guess, time and patience (and more time and patience).

LoveMyPups 8 years ago

I give my border collie and my dachshund carrots for snacks instead of a rawhide for quite sometime.. They love it.. Also another veggie favorite of theirs is aspargus.. When I break the stalk I give them the other half..

Border collie has been diabetic for a just over a month... surprisely considering she had such a great diet.. You just never know ...

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 8 years ago Author

True. Some dogs and people are just have more of a propensity for developing the condition depending on the diet. And so many commercial dog foods are not completely forthcoming about all the ingredients they use. I have to try the asparagus--I hadn't thought of that.

Emma 8 years ago

If your dog has diarrhea mixing rice with their food and even some unflavored Metamucil helps to firm up stool. Pedigree is really not a very good food to begin with. Neither is IAMs Beneful Purina or any of the other foods you have usually heard of. The first several ingredients are usually corn (we know what happens when our body gets corn, we poop it out and don’t use it, same with dogs) meat by products (the take the meat off of whatever it is and you get the bones, feathers, coat, feet, beaks, etc) and white or brewers rice (no nutritional value, just a filler) because of this our dogs need to eat more to get the nutrients they need and poop a lot more too. Also...science diet and eukanuba are not very good foods either. They used to be but they were bought out by other companies who, to save money, changed the ingredients to fillers and by products. These foods cost about the same as the all naturals foods and you are getting pedigree quality food. You can check all the ingredients yourself. Stay away from the first 3 ingredients being corn, by products of any kind, and white or brewer’s rice. Go for foods with chicken, chicken meal, or any meats that don’t have by product after them, and BROWN rice. These are good foods. Try going to a specialty pet store and ask about a better food. Precise, Royal Canin, and Verus are all really good foods. When you look at the ingredients they will be along the lines of Chicken, brown rice (the only rice with nutritional value for dogs), and usually another protein source such as chicken meal (chicken meal is just dehydrated chicken, very good) your dogs will eat much less of the food so even though it cost a bit more you go through less food and it ends up saving you money. They also poop less, live longer, and are overall healthier. I have four shih tzus and I feed them Royal Canin dry food. 10lbs of that food last us over a month. 4 adults dogs eating only 10lbs of food between the 4 of them is pretty good! These foods are also all natural and organic so they are never involved in any recalls; you know your food is always safe. Go to your local pet store and ask about these brands (Precise, Royal Canin, Verus, Wellness, California Natural, Innova, Canidae, Merrik) many stores, such as Pets Plus, will even give you your money back for the dog food if your dog doesn’t like it and has programs such as buy 10 bags get your 11th free. It's worth a try and trust me your dogs will love it.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 8 years ago Author

Wow Emma, that was thorough! Great info!

Kathy 8 years ago

I found this website ectremely eye opening and interesting. I have 2 dogs, both adopted, one has Diabetes and the other has Epalepsy. Both, at present are eating Purina DCO dry, and Purina OM. Both of these foods were veterinary perscribed. This article makes me want to start making my boys food myself so that I know what is really in it.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 8 years ago Author

I'm glad you found this useful. I haven't gone to a complete homemade diet myself yet, but at least half the food my Bronx eats I make for him. It really doesn't take long if you cook anyway, even a little bit. Check with your vet, but do think about making the transition!

Shelagh 8 years ago

I had three wolfhounds from being pupies, and I was advised to feed them tripe as the main protein, becuase they could digest the vast amount they needed to support their rapid growth, and also boiled onions!

They all grew up healthy ad strong, so that seemed to be good advice.

christine 8 years ago

i have a diabetic dog and she is in real good shape she is 9 years old and needs a home is there someone out there that can pelp me e-mail me at christine13570@aol.com

Lisa 8 years ago

Emma, Thanks so much for your info. Just found out my 99# GSD has diabetes and am exploring the various foods. The vet recommended the Purina DCO. THe second ingredient is corn. I asked her about this and she dismissed it (she would sell me the stuff). The food is important!

ANGIE 7 years ago


Bertha 7 years ago

Just came by this site. Today I found out my dog of 13yrs, now has Diabetes. Just couldn't believe my ears when my Vet. said he has diabetes. He gave me a choice either insulin shots everyday or try this Purina DOC dog food. Does anyone know of any other foods?

Angie 7 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find `Homemade Diabetic Recipes`so I can make the food myself for my 11 year old Diabetic poodle.He's on Prescription WD canned, but it seems like it's lacking something that my Dog "Red" needs.

ROBIN 7 years ago


FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 7 years ago Author

Wow, there needs to be more info out on diabetic dog food. I will be more hubs on it.

Brenda 7 years ago

My vet put my min pin who is diabetic on Hills WD. I mix the canned and the dry. He loves it and has been on it for about 3 months. I also give him raw carrots as a treat since he can't have rawhide. His sugar goes up if i just feed him the dry, therefore I recommend you give him more of the canned than the dry. He stays hungry all the time and wants to eat 4 times a day. My vet said to only feed him when he gets his insulin shots in the am and pm.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 7 years ago Author

Carrots are a great idea. I give my dog those too. And the dry typically has so much starch in it that is doesn't seem surprising that his sugar goes up. But from the vets I talk to it sounds like you have your dog on a solid management plan!

lynn 7 years ago

My yorkie, Petey, had pancreatitus, they think and now he has diabetus and is on 2 shots a day. They gave me wd food, but he will not eat it, and as it important with the insulin, to eat we are using the eukanuba weight management. But, the more I read, maybe the dry food is bad. I don't know what to do. I have had him to two different vets, so far. Peteys blood sugar is higher now, than it was before he went to the hospital. I just want him to be taken care of the best that I can do, and that means me learning everything I can about this.

Vicki 7 years ago

Hi! My Papillion mix 21 year old dog just got diagnosed with diabetes. My vet gave him Hills, he ate if just fine for a couple of weeks now he wont eat. So I cooked some chicken and carrots and hes back to eating. Any other ideas.?

Brenda 7 years ago

I have had my min pin on Hills WD for about 5 months. He started getting a rash and his hair is falling out in spots. Everyone said I should take him off the WD regardless of what my vet said because of the grain in it. I did a lot of research and decided to try Halo Spots Stew. I use the chicken formula. He loves it and it really agrees with him. He now sleeps through the night and does not pee nearly as much. I had to gradually take him off the WD so he has been on the Halo alone for about a week. I am hoping this will clear up his skin problem. Has anyone else had this problem with their dogs skin? The Halo dog food is organic and looks like human stew. It has green beans, peas, carrots, barley oats and chicken.

louistol 7 years ago

My beautiful dalmatian is a new diabetic. The Vet wants me to buy their foods but my dog will not eat it so I started to make her food by feeding her chicken, brown rice, and when I make beef stew for the family, she gets some also. I also give her vegs. and small dish of slice apples as a treat. She is doing good for now.

CoCo Bean profile image

CoCo Bean 7 years ago from USA

Excellent information, I agree, homemade dog food is the best!

caseydashund 7 years ago

Two weeks ago, my 13 year old miniature dashund was found to be diabetic. Vet recommend rice and chicken or beef. I put one bag of white rice and eight thighs of chicken in a large pan with one can broth and water. Pour water in a couple of more times and let it cook for 45mins at 450 degrees. Cost for food $3.50 for five days. My Casey is picky about her food, but she loved it and so did I. It helped with her glucose level. Carrots for treats!

gail 7 years ago

My dog has diabetes and receives two shots of insulin per day. I have tried just about everything commercial for him and everything raised his blood sugar to an unhealthy level. I am now feeding him ground beef (browned and drained of all fats) along with raw zucchini and a small amount of his organic dry dog food. He is doing really well on this diet and his blood sugar is under control.

Stephanie 7 years ago

All the mentions of carrot as a treat for diabetic dogs here really concerns me. We USED to use carrots as treats for our dog BEFORE he was diabetic. But after he became diabetic, we stopped because our vet and my husband's own nutritionist confirmed carrots have sugar in them naturally. With diabetes, you want to avoid as much sugar (processed or natural) as possible. Fruits, for the most part, are similar too. We agree with our vet and my husband's endriconologist/nutrionist...carrots and fruit are not an ideal "treat" for a diabetic dog or human.

caseydashund 7 years ago

I did my own research on Carrots and it was a thought that the small amount of sugar in Raw or Cooked Carrots were not good for Diabetic pups or people, but I found it was okay, in fact, Casey has cushions disease and given carrots twice a week, I saw a big difference before she was diagnose with cushion. Casey gets Vit E and Selenium, daily, and half a carrot, twice a week. The Carrots keep her from gaining weight, but feel full. She also eats Science Diet dog food and loves it!! Just like people, pets dont like the same thing everyday so she gets, all natural dog treats or carrots as treats. She acts like a jack rabbit and at 13 years old, she acting like a puppy. Her coat is changing from white to Red, she's looking younger than older. Insulin shots are given every 12 hours, and glucose is monitored. She eats an hour before shots, so far, she is stable and the carrots are not effecting her. Casey looks and feel great! Casey has lost weight and does not beg for food. Today, my vet gave me VetoryL Capsules for cushion's disease.

Kristine 7 years ago

I was researching different dog food and came across a site for Blue Buffalo. It seems to be pretty good. Does anyone know anything about it? Tried it?


Robin 7 years ago

My 10-year-old doxie-cocker girl was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 weeks ago. She is on insulin injections twice daily and her blood glucose is not regulated yet. The vet prescribed Hills WD, but at over $2.00/can and with other mouths to feed I've been preparing her meals myself. I think I have a clear understanding of the nutrients she needs and which foods to avoid, but I'm wondering how crucial it is to count calories. I've read that ingredients and amounts should remain consistent at each meal, but I want to be able to give her a variety of healthy foods. How difficult is it to accomplish this without being tied to a calculator and food scale??

marlea 7 years ago

My 10 year old bassett was diagnosed two and a half weeks ago with diabetes. I am on a fixed and low income and I too, would like to find a basic cheap mix of food that would be good for her. How about plain cheerios and hamburger (fat drained of course) or tuna and brown rice, both with some kind of vegetable?

If I could get an idea of a "main mix" and add more for nutritional purposes, that would help out greatly.

Thank you

Vickie 7 years ago

It seems that older dogs (& maybe all dogs) need a diet that is about 75% meat and 25% dietary fiber & vegetables. Thus, a 1-cup amount of food would include 3/4 cup of cooked/drained ground turkey(or ckn, fish, beef) and 1/4 cut of brown rice & vegetables (peas/carrots/greenbeans) mixed together, along with a good vitamin supplement. Add small amt of oats or wheat germ (more dietary fiber) or ground eggshells (for calcium) occasionally. Use canned pumpkin (not the pie filling) for diarreha or constipation. My JRT dog is 9 yrs old and diabetic and after spending a fortune on Science Diet WD and she hasn't lost one ounce (although was stable with insulin shots 2x day), I decided to try the natural, home cooked diet. She is due another glucose test in 2 wks, so that should tell me if it's going well.

John from PA 7 years ago

My 13 year old Bichon-Poo has had liver disease for several years, and now has had diabetes for a year. We feed him Canned W/D mixed with some other holistic canned food. Every few months, we'll notice he gets thirstier or hungrier and end up "upping" his dose of Vetsulin. He also gets milk thistle 2x daily, a natural vitamin E, and a SAMe pill once a day. We also give him an Omega 3/6/9 a few times a week to help with the skin issues. He loves his baby carrot when he's rewarded for his shot. We need to find a better dry food. We've tried regular brands and prescription brands so far and none have helped with the diabetes. Still looking and experimenting. We might just have to go all homemade holistic.

LindaF 7 years ago

My dog was diagnosed with Diabetes couple of months ago. I have him on ground beef (7% fat), green beans, fat free cottage cheese, bone meal and carrots. I have not been able to get him under control and just found out I should be giving him a snack in the middle of the day instead of another meal, hence the reason for the high glucose level when I take his blood at 6:00PM. Also, for the life of me I can't seem to get him to gain weight and he has lost muscle mass. Any thoughts/help? Also, right now he is about 60 lbs and I would like to put him on some Vitamin E. Have not a clue as to how much and is it ok to give him the same Vit. E that I take. Has anyone ever heard of GlucoBalance. Saw it on another site. Sorry for so many questions but I am new to this and just want to help him any way I can.

caravandog 7 years ago

Our Molley (11 year old Westie) became diabetic last September and has been on a home cooked diet since then. She gets 2 injections a day and eats - Chicken or mince (110gm), rice (100gm) and mixed veg (180gm) plus a vitamin tablet and Extra Virgin Olive oil split between three meals a day. She is quite stable on this regime and so is her weight. I find mince with a bit of fat in it helps keep the weight on her. She has now developed sore feet and I have had to buy her shoes so that she can get her walking done and maintain the walk/eat/insulin ratio. Exercise is very important so don´t skip on it. I also check her glucose curve with an ordinary Aviva blood glucose monitor (I lance the inside of her lip it is the easiest way and she doesn´t mind at all). If you cannot do this your vet will want to see your dog for 3 to 4 times in one day and take blood to see if your dog remains inside the acceptable sugar levels throughout the day and if necessary, alter the insulin you administer. Once your are stable they will not need to do this so often.

My question has been what is the correct percentage of protein she should get ? I do not seem to be able to get an answer to this. I am aware that as they get older they should not eat so much protein and our other dog died of renal failure (he had fanconie syndrome)I am a bit protein phobic. Any info ?

DebbieB 7 years ago

Linda F - if you are testing your dog's blood daily, then you are testing it too often. One of the first things I learned when my dog became diabetic 7 years ago was that the most up to date thinking on blood testing for insulin levels for dogs should be done by your vet no more than once a week or so until your dog stabilizes, and then you keep the dog on that amount of insulin until something changes. The worst thing you can do is check your dog's blood sugar daily and try to adjust insulin amounts based on that - you'll be over-or-under reacting each time. The best thing to do, before you worry too much about the supplements. I can't comment on the diet you are feeding your dog as I use the Hill's prescription diet food. My dog has had diabetes for 7 years now - she will turn 13 in a week and is the healthiest 13 year old austrailan shepard you'll ever see. She went on two 6 to 8 mile hikes with me in just the last week. The only other diabetes related issue she has had is cataracts. For all of you with diabetic dogs - keep the faith, you can control this. Just get control over your dog's blood sugar levels. And remember this - the more overweight your dog is the less likely you are to keep your pet healthy!

Sherry 7 years ago

My min-pin is 12 and has diabetes. I prepare her diet for her using 1 oz of boiled skinless chicken breast 1/3 cup cooked brown rice and 1/2 cup of chopped raw veggies (Zuccinni, rawgreen beans, gr.peppers, tomatoes, carrots) and a dash of cinnamon twice a day. She licks the bowl clean every time and here blood sugar went from 560 to almost normal within a week (along with 2ml of insulin twice daily) She acts as normal as she ever did and her energy level is back up. Every now and then she get some apple pieces or a strawberry (very low in natural suger which will not affect their glucose level). Alot cheaper than perscription dog food.

Beth 7 years ago

I have fed my 11 yr. old diabetic Redbone Coonhound Blue Buffalo Venison canned food. At first he loved it and now won't touch it. He's just turned out to be a finiky old man I told him. The ingredients in Blue Buffalo are great. I don't think you'll go wrong buying it. I'm now making my own food - can't go wrong there either. Hope this has been of some help.

caravandog 7 years ago

Sorry I did not make myself clear - I do not do the glucose test every day. But when I go to the vet for her check up he does it 3 or 4 times in one day to get the curve. I do the same about every 2 months unless I get the feeling she is not quite right. She does not show any difference when she is "high" to when she is "low" so being able to check for myself is a real bonus.

I have just found a vet who is diabetic too, so should get some good feeding info from him. Will let you know his thoughts.

There is so much opposing information on the net it is very difficult to know what to do. One site says tomatoes and garlic are a major no no , others say no problem - does anyone really know?

caravandog 7 years ago

Thank goodness for sites like this where we can learn what to do from others in the same situation

Luvmywestie 7 years ago

After reading all the comments of diabetes in doggies, here is my story. Our beautiful little Westie was diagnosed with diabetes a yr. ago. We started her on WD, and then she wouldn't eat it. Then we went to venison meat(my hubby hunts) and then she wouldn't eat it. We went to chicken, it was good for while, it gave her diarrhea. Then we tried vienna sausages, and we are still feeding veggies, such as bell pepper or carrots(just a few carrots) then we tried the turkey spam, it gave her a stomach ache. Now we are back to baking the chicken, she is very very picky to eating now. She can eat vanilla wafers, I suggest to you all even those with regular dogs, cook the food. It takes a little extra time, but the dry dog food has tooo tooo much corn syrup in it. Good luck, our doggie is 9yrs old, has cataracts but still acts like a 4 or 5 yr old dog and loves to play and cuddle.

Rosemary Reid 7 years ago

Our little Bishon/lasoapso has had diebeties for about 3 months she is 2 yrs old .. The vet advised me to give her DCO dry food which at first she ate it but now I've been mixing beniful caned she still doesn't eat much. In reading all the comments on this page I've dicided to cook chicken with rice and veggies..I hope this works. It has been very helpful reading everyone's comments. Thanks

ester2009 profile image

ester2009 7 years ago

wonderful topic!

Cinthea 7 years ago

LINDA F- Hi. I have a diabetic cat that I managed to get off of insulin completely and his blood glucose was 32.1 at one point. No such thing as testing too often. Please e-mail me if anyone is interested in how I got kitty off the insulin. cintheasaulnier@hotmail.com His bg is now normal and I test daily because even though his liver and pancreas are now functionning perfectly and his diabetes is controlled through diet, he is still diabetic and needs to be tested daily with insulin at the ready if needed.

Feeding cats and dogs properly means going back to basics. They are meat-eaters. Domestic as well as in the wild. That means a diet high in protein(meat), low in carbs(sugar,vegetables,glutins like wheat and corn and rice). When diabetes occurs that means low carbs become crutial so as to not overstress liver and pancreas. The dog can be regulated by diet alone eventually as long as the liver or pancreas have not been permanently damaged.Vets profit by selling pet food, insulin ,syringes and glucose tests so they arent always supportive of alternative methods. Having a beloved pet diagnosed with diabetes does not have to be a life sentense of shots and blindness and body organ failure if properly managed. A human with diabetes would not shoot insulin blind twice a day without testing. Why do it to your dog? Feeding dry foods is like feeding sugar cubes. High in carbs and fillers and binders. It's just how dry food is made.They are always eating, pooping, not feeling full and it's an endless cycle. They also need more insulin to control the high sugar they're getting. They get addicted to the carbs like humans get addicted to sugar. They may not LIKE the proper wet formulation at first because they're carb addicted, but do you want to kill your dear,loyal furry friend with kindness or do what's best for him/her? A lot of the mis information on this site worries me because a lot of dogs are being over treated with insulin and just don't feel well.Like I said, please feel free to contact me for information. I'm happy to share the knowledge that helped my cat.

Maureen 7 years ago

Hello, this is to respond to the reader with the diabetic cat; I am a vet tech, worked with a lot of diabetic pets (my dog is diabetic also) and diabetic cats are different than diabetic dogs. Cats can have transient diabetes, which means with diet and weight loss, their diabetes can disappear. But once dogs have diabetes, they always have it, and always need to have insulin to control their glucose levels.

Thanks, and good luck with your pets. They can live long, normal, happy lives even though they have diabetes.

KK 7 years ago

My Toby is a diabetic and is Autoimmune disease is also acting up now. We have him on Prednisone, which spaces him out and Aziaprine, which is a Chemo pill. We've been having to force feed him baby food in the mornings just to get his diabetes injection done in the morning. He refuses to eat any dog food. I have been cooking for him for several years now. He is even more picky now and it's more important than ever that he eat. Any suggestions would be welcome

Waldo's Mom 7 years ago

To KK:

You don't say what type of dog Toby is, nor how much he weighs. I'm a nurse, and know a quite a bit about Prednisone, and have had my dogs treated with it in the past. If he is "spaced out", the dosage sounds like it's not correct. He should be reacting positively and feeling nearly euphoric, and definitely eating well. What is he on Aziaprine for? Anemia, colitis, Crohn's?

We have had a lot of luck with salmon and rice as a temporary diet when their appetite is gone. But I would be concerned about the prednisone, the side effects are toxic.

Ron 7 years ago

How about Eukanuba glucose control or high fiber foods such as Purina DCO? Any other useful links?



macheadle4 7 years ago

Our 11 year old Golden Retriever was just diagnosed with diabetes 3 days ago. I started her on Vetsulin 15 units twice a day..today was the second day of her shots. I've noticed her energy level has not increased at all. I thought something was wrong with her Christmas Day, but it wasn't apparent she was sick until 2 weeks later when I took her to the vet. During that time between Christmas and a few days ago, she was somewhat lethargic. I felt like after 2 days of shots, she should have more energy..hoping of course that the shots are somewhat regulating her blood sugar. Am I expecting too much too soon?

Ginny in Az 6 years ago



Cinthea 6 years ago

In response to the vet tech Maureen.

My cat is still diabetic and will always be diabetic. He is now regulated strictly by diet because I have stopped feeding him the dry food. When cats or dogs stop ingesting high carb food(which is basically sugar) and get nutrition through high protein(seeing that they're meat eaters), they will no longer require the insulin providing the carbs are low enough and there is no damage to the organs.The sickly weight loss associated with unregulated blood sugar stops and where they are getting proper nutrition through the high protein food their weight regulates itself. Long-term obeisity is one of the factors that contribute to diabetes, along with steroid shots like prednozone, and if they're fixed males are more pre-dispositioned to become diabetic. Their weight normalizes once they get off the dry food because a wet food high in protein (in the % part of the label) and low in carbs which is sugar(look for in the ingredients section of the label),they eat less and get more nutrition and don't get all the sugar. If a human is overweight due to eating habits, high carbs like bread or pasta are best left to athletes that will burn it off in their next sport event, not a secretary who sits all day and doesn't need the extra energy. Same with dogs and cats. They aren't built to withstand the high carb, low protein, high fiber diets most pet food companies formulate for them. They are both meat-eaters. Also their digestive tracts have not gotten any longer since the days before they sat by humans's side so they don't require all the high fiber(more carbs and fillers) ingredients to run the food through the digestive system. The ideal diet for cats and dogs is high in protein, low in carbs, low in fiber. Most diets geared to diabetic animals are high in fiber, low in protein and at least 38% carbs. And THAT'S from the vet's shelf. Diabetes is a man-made disease in cats and dogs created by the ingredients manufacturers put in food to make a little go farther($) and for convenience to the owners. So well meaning pet owners buy it. When the glucose levels in the blood come down to normal due to low carb high protein consumption, insulin will NOT be needed as long as there's no damage to the pancreas, liver, kidneys or brain functions that affect these organs.Anyone can contact me at cintheasaulnier@hotmail.com if you want help with your cat or dog. Thrilled to help another pet owner. Vets make A LOT of money off of frightened pet owners with diabetes and the animal still feels like crap though they're supposedely regulated on insulin.Or the owner panicks and puts the animal down. Vets shoot blind 2x per day. Diabetics don't respond well to that no matter cat, dog or human.It can be controlled by diet alone. I know. I've done it.

cinthea 6 years ago


If you decide to switch your dog to a low carb high protein diet you need a glucometer to test at home and you need to STOP the insulin BEFORE you switch the diet or you will overdose with insulin since the dog will no longer be ingesting the carbs the insulin dosage was originally set for by the vet!

ALSO. Linda F, please contact me. Since you already have a glucometer to test with at home I have some info I know will help you.


jen 6 years ago

I have a 9 yr old dog that is diabetic. I found this site and saw the chicken and rice posting. So i thought why not give it a shot. Well it worked!! Her blood sugar has been lower. I told the vet what i i'm feeding her and he said it is a well balanced diet. High protein low carb diet. So i have now found a diet for her that is making her sugar come down. I just wanted to say that this site was a big help and if your dog is diabetic change their diet to the chicken it works!!

denny813 6 years ago

I have a 11 year old mini schnauzer. He's been a diabetic for 3 years and relatively under good control. However, he has now been diagnosed with liver disease He cannot have aliver biopsy because of his other underlined medical conditions. He does well on the Hills W/D. His symptoms for liver disease is terrible. He has seizures and a tremendous amount of weight loss. I am going to introduce cottage cheese and maybe boiled ground turkey with brown rice.

lkdurand 6 years ago

i hope my dogs diet i made up hamb. rice peas carrots and hes fine i just wonder how much each meal he should get he is 13 and 10lb. yorkie 1 lb. hamb 1cup rice 12 cup peas and 3 cqarrots eats all week on this

lnovak 6 years ago

Our 7 yr. old Lasoapso was diagnosed two weeks ago. My problem is the shot. She ducks and yips sometimes before I stick her. I feel terrible doing it. I try to feed her and then pull up the skin in a tent on her shoulder/spine area like they showed me. The vet just told me to try another place or have my husband hold her. Any ideas?

casey 6 years ago

Shots: Vet have counters for dogs so I use my short counter or use some form of a counter. When I put my 13 and half year old pet on my counter, she knows what's about to happen. One thing I do is say, "dont move" to my pet, like a command. Sometimes it takes her a few seconds to be still, but she does. Of course I notice when she screams, it's time to find another spot in the back of her neck. Afterwards, I put her down after given her shot and pills, she sits and waits for her treat. Looks forward to that, once I give it to her, she takes off running to another room. Disinfect counter after each use. Counters help keep small dogs from laying over or making alot of movement.

She takes Vitamins as well:

Vitamin E for her eyes

Selenium to help with her diabetese and it's poten with V-E

Vitamin D for fight against Cancer

Cushing Pills to offset and helps stablizes her glucose with her insulin shots. She was diagnois with cushing disease

She is one happy energictic 13 and half year old dashund. She has been diabetic since feb. 2009.

gammiet profile image

gammiet 6 years ago from Cali

Hi all! My name is Terri. We have an Australian Shepherd that was diagnosed over a year ago with diabetes. We are still looking for a food he will eat that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or require a prescription. He has been eating IAM's all natural and he seems to like it and has not changed his health! Only problem is that it is not easy to find! I also wanted to pass on this helpful information... If you are using Novolin, Walmart has insulin you can buy over the counter and it only cost's $24 as apposed to $50 or so. It is called ReliOn. I know this helps on the cost of loving a diabetic dog! Also, this is a great video for all of us dog lovers. Enjoy... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17edn_RZoY

Gook luck to you all and to your angels covered in fur!!

Lnovak 6 years ago

Thanks for the help on giving shots. Today I made my husband hold her. He hates having to be a part of hurting her, men. Is the Iman's all natural OK for the diabetic dog? I would sure like to find something that is less costly then the can prescription food we are giving her now.

Deb 6 years ago

I have a 7 year old lab just found out he has diabetes anything I give him he won't eat I tried chicken and rice different dog food he just won't eat i have to syringe feed him any other ideas

Nicola 6 years ago

My Pomeranian is diabetic and our vet recommended chappie coz it's low fat, his glucose levels are stable and he is just his normal self,

deb, our dog went off his food to when his levels were stableising don't worry just focus on getting his insulin levels right and his appetite will come back x

Nancy 6 years ago

We have an almost 5 year old Chesapeake Retriever who started on insulin shots twice daily just two weeks ago. The thing that keeps bothering us is that eight weeks ago she was put on preidisone for ten days for breaking out on her belly. It was monitored very carefully and the dosage was lowered as prescribed so that she went off it gradually. I was told that she would have increased thirst. She DID...and even when the medicine was completed her thirst and hunger continued as well as multiple times of urination. Over a month's time, her thirst continued and it became apparent that she was losing weight and seemed more tired. This is when we went to the vet for testing. A simple test on her urine showed that she was diabetic. Stayed in the hospital 3 days to regulate. So..my/our question is...did the preidisone CAUSE diabetes or bring it to the surface so we became aware of it faster?? This is really bothering us and would so appreciate a reply. Thank you...

pippap profile image

pippap 6 years ago from Surrey, BC

Thanks so much for this incredible hub. My pomeranian, Hayley, has just become diabetic; and, I was terrified that I was going to lose her. Reading about all the things I can do to make her life long, healthy, and full of energy has taken a burden from my heart. Bless you.

doug mac 6 years ago

our aussie 3 weeks into diabetes.as of today sugar at the vet's was 286, so we are still regulating her insulin. she is finnally eating hill's wd. what we do is chop it up and sprinkle a little parm cheese on it,cook in micro for three to four minutes and cool.thats breakfast. her second meal is homecooked ground turkey, chicken, or beef with brown rice and barley and a boiled egg. she is always hungry. vet advised to increase homemade as people usually under feed.recommended 1 1/2 c meat, same rice with the egg.life used to be so simple. just side info she was hospitalized for 3 days total cost 3500.00 good luck to all.

Jamie 6 years ago

My Bassett is 8 yrs old and became diabetic in May of 2009. Winthin the first year he had cateracts and had it removed and has full vision again. (GREAT vet hospital that has doctors that specialize in ALL major fields: VCA Aurora Hospital, Aurora Illinois) The problem is he is very much under weight! Pre diabetic weight: 68 pounds. Less then one year later POST diabetic weight: 41 pounds. My dog looks horrible and malnurished! I POOR over the internet looking for the right food and better ways to help him! Currently I cook him homemade food: Boiled chicken, steamed brocoli and steamed carrots with Hill's WD dry food which he has been on for about 4 months. SO much conflicting info on what to feed and NOT to feed. Carrots are good...NO carrots are bad. Avaccado is GREAT...DONT feed your dog Avaccado! SO how do I help my dog gain some healthy weight? he has NO energy and is so skinny, its looks like I abuse him and dont feed him!

mislu 6 years ago

For about one month my minature poodle had been drinking and urinating excessively. I measured her water intake and it was about 1 quart daily. She had no other symptoms. I took her to my veterinarian and lab work was done and her blood sugar was to high it would not register. Another test was done with the same result. I could not afford to treat her. She was placed on R/D canned food. Within two days she had stopped the excessive drinking and urinating.

When I spoke with my veterinarian, he said she also had a urinary tract infection and gave her amoxicillin. She has been doing well. Is there any treatment, such as dog food or diet she could be on. She was previously fed Iams Dry Food for weight control. She is 7 1/2 years old.

Arlene 6 years ago

Our 13 yr old beagle was diagnosed with diabetes last month. We're still trying to get him regulated. I'm looking for snacks to feed him during the day that will not interfere with his blood sugar, as he seems hungrier. He's not one for carrots or veggies. Any recipes or tips would be appreciated. He has started to flinch with his shots. Here's a tip. My 10 yr. old grandson has diabetes and uses a cylinder (that holds the filled syringe.) It is called INJECT EASE. I just ordered one from Quick Medical.com You just load it, hold it to the skin, press a button and it's done. Our vet thinks it's fantastic. Thanks for a valuable site and great information.

LoveMyPups 6 years ago

Yes I stopped giving the girls carrots after my border collie was diagnois as being diabetic.. Her new favourite treats are dehydrated chicken, Green beans and still loving the asparagus.. And I keep her on Purina DCO. We are approaching our 2 yr mark of being diabetic. She has maintained her 100. And done well the two years. Two Uti's which isn't bad for a diabetic dog. THOUGH

about 6mths ago she developed Bell's Palsy. She lost the ability to blink her pretty eyes. Her facial movements were somewhat paralyzed. And off balance. When she would drink her water it would overflow onto the little doxie. She was treated with zenquin and it cleared up. Of course I massaged her head constantly to stimulate the nerves. She completely recovered..

Though currently she is going through it again it is not as bad as the first time.. She did lose some muscle in her little head and it has soften. It is usually treated with steroids and being diabetic not recommended by her vet.

Happiness Is a warm Puppy

Amy 6 years ago

My 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was diagnosed with diabetes 6 months ago. At first he fought terribly when I tried to give him the shot so I would bring him to the vet after he ate breakfast so someone could hold him. Then they changed his insulin to 2x a day and I knew I had to learn to do it myself. After seeing an episode of the Dog Whisperer where a lot of loving and massage was given to a dog before medication, I decided to give it a try. I bring Charlie to the bed give him lots of kisses and massage. At first I reached around him so I could hold him in place and make the tent with one arm and then give hime the shot with the other. Then I follow with a dehydrated chicken treat. He soon relaxed and stopped fighting me, and now it is a special loving time for both of us.

lnovak 6 years ago

I took Casey's advice and tried putting my dog on the counter to give her shots. I first put pieces of American Cheese (1/2 slice) on the counter. While she is eating I give it to her. She takes it without all the crying and ducking. We are now on our 3rd week of doing with way so I think we have finally found the method.

bettyboot 6 years ago

Since I change my dogs insulin from the one i get from the vet

to the human insulin his level is more under control.There was a recall on vetsulin so i stop buying it a little to late my dog is blind and loss his hearing. SO PLEASE BE AWARE

doug mac 6 years ago

almost three mos. in for lily's diabetes. we are up to 15 units 2/day and sugar finnally dropped. today 100, so we back off to 14.5.food is no problem now wd with parm cooked 3.5 mins. home cooked second meal . meat,brown rice, boiled egg, green beans or broccoli, and low fat cottage cheese. takes shot like a trooper. always at the shoulder, either side. never a flinch. good luck to all, hope some of this might help.

hiluc22 6 years ago

The nine year old family lab (Snickers) wasn't himself and had all the diabetic symptoms lethargy, excessive urination, not eating. Vet visit confirmed diabetes two weeks ago. He was placed on purina dco and seemed a little put off Initially but dad has added some rice and chicKen to the mix and water (recommended on dco bag) and is a good mix. His meals and injections are documented and currently using the ketodi stix to monitor as glycose and ketones. eventually may get glucose monitor however he's due for a blood test by the vet after his first two weeks on insulin. In about a little over a week after the insulin, a real difference was noticed in our family member - playing, alert and of course the ever loving tail wag. We make home made treats using eggs, meat babyfood and whole wheat or buckwheat flour. These are monitored closely and the treats at the gas station and bank are a thing of the past but he looks and acts so much better. Dad has become a pro at taking care of Snick, keeping him on track and giving the shots and documenting his daily eats, shots and readings. I think both Snick and Dad are learning as they go and have become quite a team.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 6 years ago Author

Way to go hiluc22!

Hiluc22 6 years ago

Snickers is doing great - animal medicine has come a long way (although snick is on human insulin) anyway one can handle this as it's scary and a little overwhelming at first but sites like this can educate and calm nerves.

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 6 years ago from Canada's 'California'

Great article! I hope you don't mind, but I have posted a link to your hub on my blog Dog Tails on blogspot.com - it was too good not to share! Thanks so much for this posting :D

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 6 years ago Author

Share away Enelle! Glad you find this helpful!

For the love of my Cookie 6 years ago

I read somewhere on this page that someone feeds their diabetic dog vanilla wafers. Are there any comments on this? I just found about 3 weeks ago that my 8 year old Siberian Husky, Cookie, has diabetes. I would love to be able to feed her a vanilla wafer after her insulin shot, as she acts like such a baby about it. I have been giving her the insulin shots twice daily for 2.5 days now and we still haven't found the trick to making the shot a positive or at least a neutral thing. She now knows it's coming after she eats and yesterday she started to whine when I made "the tent". I hadn't even stuck the needle in!!! And yes I am sure that I'm not squeezing too hard, and while I'm still getting used to giving her the shots, for the most part she does not cry once the needle is in. I'm taking her to a holistic clinic and they have told me that all dry food has carbs and is therefore not good for Cookie. Right now my focus is on trying to regulate her blood sugar levels and help her gain some weight back. She went from 95 lbs to 60 lbs! Thank you all for your encouraging words as you all know it is overwhelming when you first get the news.

doug mac 6 years ago

hey cookie, patience is the word. three monthes to get lily's sugar regulated. food well another story as i've said hill's wd and home cooked for lil.. it was stressed to us not to under feed. make sure your dog is getting the correct amount.treats? lily gets 1/3 large milk bone a day no more than that. shot? shoulder either side with massage after. she never seems to mind it.

ANNE OCONNELL 6 years ago


Jen 6 years ago

Is browning ground chicken ok for my diabetic dog??? I'm giving her browned ground chicken and brown rice??

Jen 6 years ago

Anne sometimes that will happen. I usually go slowly so that way if it starts to come back out i can stop and try again. It will happen trust me i just did it the other day.

MicheleLovesHalo profile image

MicheleLovesHalo 6 years ago

My Shih Tzu/Cairn Terrier dog, Halo, was diagnosed with Diabetes in January 2008 with her prior owner. She was 20+ lbs when I adopted her to save her from being euthanized. She's on 1/3 cup of SD w/d dry w/ a little water, a Tbsp of holistic/organic wet food (she likes venison or chicken), 1/8 cup of cutup veggies (zucchini, green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, asparagus), and a chewable multi-vitamin crumbled in once daily. She ways a healthy 15 lbs now and I was able to successfully lower her insulin from 10 units twice daily to 4 units twice daily. She is doing fantastic! Alot of arguments have been made regarding fruits & veggies; that the sugars in them make them an UNsuitable snack for diabetic dogs. However, the sugars in these foods are naturally occurring & do not pose a significant threat. You need worry about processed sugar, like the ordinary breakfast table kind, found in most cereals and processed foods. I only feed the HIGHEST quality, human-grade, organic and holistic canned foods and avoid any "meal" (chicken-meal, pork-meal, etc...) and corn. Also, I rotate the canned foods I feed with canned baby food (also, Earth's Best organic) in foods I know Halo loves.

kim 6 years ago

my dog was just diagnosed with diabetes last week and we were told to only feed him W/D food. he barely eats that and i asked about giving him a little boiled chicken to put in food. (he said he would rather me not till we get him regulated. any ideas?

doug mac 6 years ago

sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese on the w/d ask about adding a boiled egg. other wise he'll eventually get hungrey enough he'll eat. you also may want to try microwaving w/ the cheese and cool. helped us. wait it out,patience. good luck, i know it's nerve racking!

urbanpetca profile image

urbanpetca 6 years ago from Canada

WOW! Diabetes exists in dogs? I'm sorry to sound like such a slow person, but I for SURE didn't know... Surprising!

ariach 6 years ago

Have you heard about NUTRISCA? It is a new grain-free, potato and tapioca-free dry dog food from DOGSWELL that is certified low-glycemic and diabetic friendly by the Glycemic Research Institute. It is brand new, and should be available to the public by the end of September!

infosponge 6 years ago

I took a dog from my friend who could not care for her anymore and found out she was diabetic. I had a horrible time getting her insulin regulated and found that it all boiled down to what I was feeding her. I discovered a real good diet that is not too expensive and really easy to make. The blood sugar levels are finally on track and she is healthy and happy. It is from a web site called Dr. Harvey's. These are vets who have developed their own nutritional foods. The one I am using is called "Veg to bowl". It is dehydrated vegetables that you add water and a small amt of oil to and then add your own meat (I get boneless chicken breasts when they are on sale and freeze them, then cook up a few at a time for the week). Once you get yourself on a routine it is easy and quick to make. I have to cook for the rest of the house anyway so it is really no big deal. The web site it http://www.drharveys.com if you want to check it out.

For treats I give her raw string beans which both she and my other dog love. They are crunchy and inexpensive. Good luck to all. I know how hard it is to get the blood sugar regulated. It does help to break up the meals to 2 a day or even 3 if you are around during the day to give it. I feed at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. with insulin after each meal.

LNovak 6 years ago

The best advice I got was to place my dog on the counter/table (sanitize afterward) and place pieces of cheese on the counter. My dog no longer cries or ducks when I try to give them to her.

doug mac 6 years ago

lost our lily this morning. tough week wrought with setbacks for her. you guys keep up the good fight against this inciped disease, good luck to all

nikole 6 years ago

royal canin diabetic is a great dog food for diabetics. If it is a little dog you may have to crunch up the nuggets, they are a little big. My dog is a maltese and diabetic he loves it!

Paula K 6 years ago

I have gone through hell and back with my Toby (mini-schnauzer, age 13) since he was diagnosed two years ago with diabetes. We have tried several commercial foods for diabetic dogs, and I've watched him slowly deteriorate into a weak, unhealthy dog who vomited bile regularly and was very uninterested in his food most of the time. We'd continually changed foods, and he'd be okay for a little while... but then the wretching and the vomiting would start, and inevitably, he'd rather starve than eat that particular food.

About three weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about putting him down because he refused to eat for about two days... even people food. While he was in the Vet and on constant monitoring with IVs, insulin and anti-nausea meds, I found this site. Thanks to all of you for your help! I switched to the homemade recipe suggested in these comments with brown rice, chicken and chopped up veggies...(sometimes green beans, sometime asparagus, sometimes pumpkin, etc). The results have been UNBELIEVABLE! I now see how that commercial food is complete CRAP and was literally killing him slowly. After three weeks, (and two excellent curve tests to be sure we had the right insulin for the new diet), Toby is back to being a lively, playful little guy. It's like he's 7 all over again! While he's still blind from the cataracts, it seems like he can even see better. My husband theorizes that because he feels SOOOOO much better, the rest of his senses are probably heightened as well. (Just like when we don't function so well with a headache and nausea, they can't either). I encourage everyone to try this diet at home and get your dogs off of that crap food if you're having ANY troubles. It's easier than you might think. I cook up a couple of organic chicken breasts over the weekend and refrigerate them for the week. There's also organic chunk chicken in a can available at grocery stores for when you're short on time. You can also find organic brown rice that can be microwaved in three minutes (Trader Joe's, Costco and some super markets that have good organic foods sections.) And the veggies are best raw, so you just dice them up and go. I usually microwave the mash for about 30 seconds just to take the chill out of the chicken and the veggies. I'm telling you...once you see how well your dog does on this diet, you won't mind the extra effort!

And I'll tell you this right now...my Vet fought me on this repeatedly. "Stick with the commercial foods, he'll be better off." When he saw how Toby had rebounded, he was so proud of himself for nursing him back to health during that two-day visit. When I told him that I got Toby off of the commercial foods on my own, he was stunned. Now he's all of a sudden enthusiastic about helping me with this process. So I think he's seeing the light as well.

Here's a tip that I didn't see mentioned on this site that my vet helped me with...the homemade diet might leave them deficient in SOME vitamins. So to help with that, my vet found and all natural vitamin supplement in powder form from Standard Process. It's great. It's made from natural ingredients and herbs. I just sprinkle it on top of his food and he gobbles it up. It's like seasoning to him. My vet has also ordered a powdered glucosamine/chondroitin supplement from Standard Process as well. None of their products have added sugars so they're great for diabetic dogs.

Many thanks to you all for your comments on this site. I feel like I have Toby back, almost better than ever, for a little while longer. I couldn't have done it without you all.

Daphne 6 years ago

How do you go on vacation when you cannot take your diabetic dog with you? I usually leave my dogs at a boarding facility but now that one has diabetes I don't know what to do.

Thanks for any suggestions.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 6 years ago Author

Paula K--That is AWESOME. And about the vitamins, I get a little leery about talking about them because at the same time you can create an imbalance too. I think you are on the absolute right track in getting the vet on board and getting his advice on an appropriate vitamin supplement.

Daphne--I get help from my mother-in-law, but she loves our dog and I give her all the food already prepped and ready to microwave. Is there someone in your life who loves dogs enough to provide a little extra care and maybe you do some favor in return?

Paula Kramer 6 years ago

Daphne - I also encountered the same problem. However, while most boarding facilities and doggy day camps won't take them because they don't have someone certified to do the shots, a majority of vets will...(those that have boarding facilities). I just prep the food for them ahead of time and store it in food saver bags. Our Vet only charges us $4 a day above the normal boarding fee to handle his shots. But I'm also like FitnessDog...we're blessed to have many around us who will help with his care, and love spending time with him. Good luck!

Jo-Ann 6 years ago


The kennel I use here in Oregon offers insulin shots at any extra $6/day (for two shots). I was shocked to learn that. A lot of dogs appear to have diabetes these days.

Good luck.

Jo-Ann Moss 6 years ago

P.S. My dog was diagnosed a week ago. He's a senior dog who's terrified of vets. We have decided on quality over quantity and have switched from what was supposedly a high-quality dog food to a "South Beach Diet" consisting of low-fat protein and veggies. I don't have high hopes for a recovery as his numbers are really bad, but I do know that in one week his spirits have picked up enormously due to the change in diet. Chicken, an egg every now and then, low-fat string cheese every now and then, string beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, radishes -- he loves anything crunchy. I checked the ingredients of commercial diabetic dog food and there's too much corn in what I saw. My first American Eskimo threw up every day before I realized she was allergic to corn. Why would dog food manufacturers include this ingredient? Whatever. I guess a lot of dogs do fine with it. Anyway, I appreciate what everyone has written over here and have learned a lot. Thank you all.

Catrine 6 years ago

My dog, Melody, is a bichon, was just diagnosed with Diabetis. Her blood sugar was 580. I was using a dog food called Beneful, and realized this is not the best choice. I just switched to Blue Buffalo. Does anyone know much about this brand. I am mixing it with half boiled chicken, brown rice and vegetables. I just started it this week and am hoping her level comes down by the next Vet appt. Thank-you

Daphne 6 years ago

Catrine, how is your dog doing? My Bichon/Poodle has diabetes. She is on insulin (4 units) twice a day. The vet is still trying to get her sugar under control.

I feed my dog "Halo" dry dog food. It's called Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken. It is really difficult with my dog as she is really picky.

I am really unsure about feeding a diabetic dog rice. Have you spoken to the vet about that?

Glen Charles 5 years ago

As for the type of food, I'm amazed at the very conflicting information I've been reading. (My 12 1/2 YO Lab, Ursa, was recently diagnosed.) She's lost 30# and needs to gain weight. She's also hungry all the time. I need suggestions as to what I might try feeding her btw regular meals. This may also help me to stabilize her BG level; it's all over the place even when fed the same food with the same BG level B4 eating.

Krystal 5 years ago

My dog was just diagnosed this week with diabetes. Her level was 565. Vet put her on Purina DCO once a day with an insulin shot once a day.

Annette 5 years ago

I have 2 bichons, one just diagnosed with diabetes and is on the w/d. The other has chronic GI problems and had been on i/d but likes the w/d better. We're still having difficulties with getting both to eat. Many vets have told us this breed is not like other breeds and cant have the same foods as most dogs and no human food for the one with GI problems. Can food is getting very expensive and would like to give them something more natural anyway. Any suggestions from Bichon owners?

1226790 5 years ago

well my dog has eaten a slice of aloe somehow but i dont know if its okay for dogs and my dog is only 4 months when

we adopted him he had lots of problems and the adoption center didn't take good care of him so will he be ok?

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 5 years ago Author

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) recommends against using aloe vera internally, but most vets agree it is safe to use on the skin and coat. Keep checking www.diabeticdogfoods.com for more information.

Stacey 5 years ago

The comments say that brown rice is ok, but to use sparingly. Can someone provide an example? Currently I am mixing 3 lbs of chicken with 3 cups brown rice and mixed veggies.

Aaron 5 years ago

Have a flatcoat retriever diagnosed several months ago and is receiving twice daily insulin. Vet initially recommended Hills W/D Diabetic food, but the #1 or #2 ingredient is corn. He was pooping 2-3 times a day, and wasn't putting any weight back on...it seemed to go straight through him. On the advice of a dog breeder, I put him on an all raw diet, which worked wonders and I won't be going back. Raw diet consists of raw ground turkey, eggs, alfalfa powder, Vitamin C, flax oil, brown rice, and pumpkin or sweet potato. Could also puree up carrots and broccoli, or other good veggies. He can process so much more of this food, and he poops much less and it's always solid. Natural is the way to go - dogs weren't meant to eat cooked meat.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 5 years ago Author

@Stacey..I don't know about sparingly. Looking at AAFCO recommendations, I would just make sure carbs are not more than 50% of the meal. And brown rice certainly is a good carb for diabetic.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 5 years ago Author

@Aaron...I am not really comfortable with a raw diet especially for diabetic dogs, but if something is working, I say, run with it.

Krystal 5 years ago

I currently have my dog on Purina DCO for diabetes, but want to switch her to EVO. Good or bad choice?

Jim 5 years ago

Our 12 year old Rat Terrier Widget was diagnosed with Diabetes 17 months ago. Originally she was prescribed the Hill's wd diabetes food which we also found to be too high in corn. We were told that the corn was high in fiber which helps dog's lose weight and that she did. She was also pooping 3 times a day or more and that's how she shed 3 lbs in just a few weeks. Once she was down to her optimum weight we switched her to a high protein low carb food made by Blue Buffalo. Our dog loved this food for a while but soon she wouldn't eat it so after trying several other foods we decided to make our own food and let me tell you that's the way to go. Since we started making our doggie stew our dog's blood sugars have leveled out and she is happier than ever. We started with chicken breasts cause it's easy. 5 lbs of boneless skinless breasts boiled, should make 3lbs of meat. One cup of brown rice and one cup of boiled potato and maybe some cut carrots. We add 2 ounces of this mix to 1 ounce of dry dog food (for the vitamins and to help stretch the homemade stuff) and we pour a little hot water over it for moisture and all our dogs love it. We feed this mixture twice a day. Don't be afraid to try the homemade food it's not as hard as it sounds and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING A FOOD SCALE cause your dog needs the exact same amount of food at every feeding.

Krystal 5 years ago

I used to feed my dog homemade dog food, but she gained so much weight. After being diagnosed with diabetes, the vet recommended Purina DCO. She went from 31 pounds and now is at 23 pounds, just from being on that food since February of 2011. Her blood sugars are doing better. I was thinking about switching to EVO and even tried the transition for about a week, but she started developing loose stools so I decided to put her back on Purina DCO for the more shaped stools. She is 11 years old so I am thinking the EVO was too rich for her system.

Raksha Dutt profile image

Raksha Dutt 5 years ago

We have been having canine members in our family for many years and we love them a lot. Although we have not yet had the experience of having a canine family-member get diabetes, I can understand how stressful it can be.


Connie 5 years ago

Our 7-yr-old toy poodle was diagnosed with diabetes 1 yr ago. Since then she has been on Purina DCO and 2 shots a day after meals. She is heavy and sleeps alot adn always hungry. I used to put itch spray on her for hot spots. It contained hydrocortisone and I have found out that can cause diabetes or give false gb. I am wondering if she is really diabetic. Thinking about taking her off insulin and feeding her all natural foods such as boiled turkey, veg in moderation, and brown rice. Anybody out there ever have this experience?

Tammy 5 years ago

I have a Rat Terrier and found out he was diabetic on Wednesday, he has two shots a day and is eating Science W/d, this morning(Saturday) his face started swelling, has anybody had this problem.

beulla1 5 years ago

My 12 year old Maltese x has been a diabetic for over 2years, she also has Cushings Disease. She would not eat the tin food the vets prescribed so I cook her food, a mixture of boiled chicken breasts, very lean mince, ground carrot, brown rice and eggs. She has maintained her weight but is on a high insulin dose due to her Cushing Disease working agains her diabetes. She has insulin injections every 12 hours, she has unfortunately gone blind, she still drinks a lot of water particularly a few hours before her insulin shot. She gets quite aggressive if come near her food bowls, and has bitten me several time. I'm pretty sure her blood sugar goes up frequently as she gets tired and thirsty. But her insulin levels at 14 units twice a day and I simply cannot imagine them going any higher for a 7 kilo dog. Her insulin dose has risen due to the issue with the Cushings Disease. Should her insulin dosage be increased further?

Christina 4 years ago

I have a wiener dog that has Diabetes. Gets two insulin shots a day. He gets 3 meals of prescription canned food, and he eats some prescription dry food periodically through the day. The vet says that will help his metabolism. I also had been giving my dogs carrots for treats, however I don't know if it was mentioned on here, but Carrots are full of sugar. So it's not a good idea to feed them in excess, especially to an animal that has diabetes. Mine still gets a carrot for a snack, mainly after meals. They also get green beans for treats and sometimes mixed in with the canned food. They enjoy it.

PatriciaHester 4 years ago

My baby girl (a 5 yr old lab) was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 wks ago. She is not taking insulin at this time as we are trying to control with diet after talking with our vet. I currently am feeding her with Hills w/d both canned and dry mixed with chicken or beef broth, rice (I have been using white rice but looks like I need to change to brown rice), and vegetables. She seems to be constantly hungry and eats twice a day with snacks (veggies or meat and sometimes about 1 1/2 c of the dry Hills w/d) inbetween meals. My mother was a diabetic and I have cooked the extras according to what I learned at that time. Abbey lost about 20# before being diagnosed and I haven't found a way to put it back on her. Any suggestions?

PatriciaHester 4 years ago

Does anyone know anything about Dia-lonX by Vet-iONX? It is supposed to help regulate blood sugar in diabetic dogs and help relieve other diabetic symptoms like thirst and frequent urination. It is NOT a substitute for insulin but a natural supplement that is added to meals.

FitnessDog profile image

FitnessDog 4 years ago Author

Patricia, it's been six weeks, I'd be a little concerned about not going with insulin. You dog is eating and not gaining weight and is hungry all the time. This are signs of a body that is not processing sugar properly. Personally, I think your diet is OK, I would go with the brown rice. If you can swing it, I would do less Hills and more actually high quality meat: eggs, chicken, beef, tuna--cooked--along with brown rice and veggies. It may not cost as much as Hills if you plan meals out, and is still less than insulin. I hope you can get her blood sugar under control.

You are right about DialonX being a supplement, not insulin. I know 3 people who have tried it but didn't see any difference. That's not a large sampling, just what I've heard. Anyone else?

Happy Spartan 3 years ago

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all of the information, and also posting all of the successes/struggles that you've had. My beagle just got diagnosed with diabetes this week after his second bout of pancreatitis last week. His blood sugar was 707 when initially tested last week. It was down to 550 with the diet change, antibiotics and electrolyte injections, but no change since then, so here we go... I am on my second day of giving him twice-a-day injections, and so far things are going well. The only thing I have trouble with is pulling the needle back before the actual injection (to confirm the needle is in). I know the needle is in, but never am sure how far back to pull to confirm. (Would be interested to know if you all do this step with such a small needle or if you pass this step once you are confident your needle is in.)

I'm looking forward to transitioning out of the prescription food (expensive!) and weening him onto the rice/chicken diet. I'm sure it will be much more healthy than the Beneful that he has been accustomed to (and maybe even more filling for him being that it will be 50% protein). If I put asparagus in the food too, do you think about a full stalk a day is too much?

I'm looking forward to seeing my dog not feeling so yucky immediately after he eats. The doc said that would take a week or two to get regulated. I'm hoping.

Lola 3 years ago

Maltese with diabetes. Changed to Blue Buffalo Wilderness brand and immediate improvements within 3 days.

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