Diabetic Dog Foods -- What Are Prescription Dog Foods?

Know what are prescription dog foods

If your beloved dog has been diagnosed with diabetes. Your veterinarian will immediately begin to make some changes on the way you take care and feed your dog. The vet will be advising you to give your pet prescription dog foods. But what is exactly a prescription dog food? How is it different from any other commercial brand dog food? Is it different from a diabetic dog food?

These are probably some of the questions you will be asking yourself once faced with this situation. Let me help you out by answering some of these questions. By definition a prescription dog food refers to any food that is available only by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian that aids in the recovery from a disease or disorder or assists in delaying the progression of disease. In other words prescription dog foods are dog foods that can be bought only by order of a vet. Since your vet will know what best mix of nutrients will suit your diabetic dog.

Prescription dog foods are generally used to aid treatment of certain diseases in dogs like diabetes, liver dysfunction and kidney failure. Therefore diabetic dog foods is a type of prescription dog food. Commercial dog foods are the off the shelf brands of dog food. These are considered as normal dog food for non diabetic dogs. Do remember that a commercial dog food is not appropriate for diabetic dogs as well as prescription dog foods are not suitable for healthy normal dogs.

Diabetic dog foods are made for the special dietary needs of a diabetic dog. It was formulated based on scientific research to determine the best ratio of nutrients that your diabetic pet needs. This type of food is designed to maintain a healthy blood sugar level for your diabetic dog. Therefore it requires a prescription because of the different dietary needs of a healthy dog and a diabetic dog.

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