Different Types of Pet Pythons

Different Types of Pet Pythons

Today, around 25 species of python are known to man. Pythons belong to the family of Boidae which is a sub group of the super family Booidea. Points which are common among pythons are that all of them are constrictors and lay eggs. None of them are venomous. Python is one of the more docile type of snakes. The ball python is small enough to be kept as a pet. Whereas, the reticulated python is larger than the anaconda and can exceed 30 feet in length! It’s quite obvious that such a large python can never be kept as a pet.

Ball Python

Ball Pythons and Burmese Pythons

The Ball Python has dark brown or black botches, a small head, and they rarely exceed a length of 5 feet. They are native to western Africa and feed on rodents. Overall, they are one of the best bets for a first-time snake owner.

Burmese Pythons are light brown with large dark brown blotches and a heavy body; they often exceed 15 feet as adults. Although these pythons come from Burma, they are often found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Their dietary habits consist of eating small rodents during early stages of their lives, large rats a year later and finally chickens or rabbits. Although these snakes are gentle, their size makes them quite troublesome as pets.

Many states also have restrictions on theese snakes and require registration and mirco chipping.

Carpet Pythons

Coastal Carpet Pythons have a pattern of dark and light brown separated by black, and are about 7-10 feet in length. They are capable of climbing trees so they need a tall terrarium. The good thing about this kind of snake is that it is not very aggressive.

Next we have the Jungle Carpet Python, which has yellow tanned botches on a black base with a pure white underside. They can reach 5-7 feet in length. Unlike the Green Tree Python, they prefer killed prey; they eat mice when young and adult rats when grown. The drawback is that they require a great deal of care and regular handling to be tamed.

Green Tree Python

Green Tree and Reticulate Pythons

The Green Tree Python is actually born yellow and turns green as it gets older; but they can sometimes be blue or yellow as well. They grow up to around 6 feet in length. They enjoy spending time on trees and feasting on rodents, but they prefer to kill their prey themselves. Although these snakes are rather attractive, they can become very aggressive.

Last we have the Reticulated Python, which can grow up to 35 feet in length and is brown with tan and black marks. As mentioned before, they are usually not meant to be kept as pets. They generally live in forests near water bodies. Like the Burmese Pythons, they thrive on rodents when they're young, eat large rats when older and finally settle with chickens or rabbits. Even if you think you'd be able to live with a snake of this huge size, there is another reason why the Reticulated Python would make a terrible pet, especilly for a beginner. Reticulated Pythons are so aggressive that they can only be tamed by professionals! They are also illegal in many places.

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