Differentiating Male and Female Hedgehogs

How do you know if your Hedgehog is Male or Female?

When picking your first hedgehog, you must first distinguish if it's a male or a female.

A male hedgehog cannot be together on the same cage with another male or else they would fight and risk injury in either one of them.

A female hedgehog can be put together with other females and can even get along well. (Although still need supervision, since hedgehogs usually likes to be alone).

To determine the sex of your hedgie. What you should do is:

Step 1: Turn them upside down by holding their back and front securely so they do not move and you also do not get poked by their quills.

Step 2: Quickly sneak a peak underneath their belly where the sex organ is. A male's sex organ is located 2/3 down their tummy to the anus that looks like a belly button. A female's sex organ is located right next to the anus.

**Check the photos I've uploaded**

All photos are copyrighted. Please do not distribute without my permission. Thanks.

MALE Hedgehog

FEMALE Hedgehog

Hope this has helped some people learn what sex their hedgies are. :) I was once lost when I first gotten my hedgie. I thought SHE was a HE. :P and then SURPRISE!!!

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lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

I know I'd be confused as you were, since in the photos, the females organs look very male!

Thanks for the hedgehog education!

Brenda 6 years ago

Oh finally! mine is a girl and I named her Ramon!!!!

Brenda 6 years ago

Well I have to change her name, hahaha, thank you very much

bunnykinz profile image

bunnykinz 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author

@Brenda: hehehe.. well she could be RAMONA instead. :)

anna 5 years ago

hi. i have both males and females. my tabi (the male one) sometimes have this weird looking organ coming out of the anus. when i wake him up, the weird looking organ goes back inside the belly. it freaks me out! but 'that weird looking organ' comes out from the sex organ part (like you mention). so is that normal?

bunnykinz profile image

bunnykinz 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author

Hello Anna,

Sorry I didn't even know you made a comment here. Are you sure its the anus area? It could be the actual genital, if it is it could be that he's in heat! :)

Natalie 2 years ago

I have my male and female pigmys living together... is that ok? also... I have noticed my male is very lazy and prevers to sleep... is he ok? I only had them for a week. they seem very happy together?

bunnykinz profile image

bunnykinz 2 years ago from Toronto, Ontario Author


You need to separate them asap unless your planning to breed them. Females can get pregnant as soon as they are 5 weeks old if they are together with a male.

If the area where you put your hogs in is cold, then yes.. they will keep sleeping and hibernate and might past away easily. Make sure temp is 24C and above.

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