Do You Have Too Many Roosters?

If you have chickens, you may also have roosters if you're planning on hatching eggs. But if you have too many roosters you could wind up with a big problem. But how can you tell if you have too many roosters?


Roosters don't always fight with one another, but they may, especially to put a pecking order in place. Too many roosters could cause too many fighting to be at the top. If you're noticing a lot of aggression between your roosters, it may be time to separate your birds. Luckily this isn't a common scenario, and most roosters can live in peace with each other.

Feather loss...

Another big indicator you have too many roosters can be found on your hens. During mating season your roosters will be trying to mate with as many hens as possible. Typically, if you have 20 hens and only one or two roosters, you won't have as many issues. But if you have 20 hens and four or five roosters, you will. Each rooster is going to try and mate with each hen, so now each hen is going to have not just one rooster on her back but five!

A good rule of thumb is 12 hens = 1 rooster.

So what do you do?

Well, the first thing is to have a separate pen available for your roosters, and remove the extra roosters. To gather your roosters you can use a catch stick (a pole designed to hook your bird), or you can grab them by their legs. Be careful to not hurt your bird in the process (or yourself).

After you've gathered your extra roosters, place them into their separate pen, and be sure there's plenty of fresh food, water, and shelter.

Once mating season is over you'll be able to return your roosters.

Always be careful and use gloves, if needed.

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