Dog Name Tags Protect Your Pet and Give Them Some Personality

Dog name tags are a great way for you to personalize your pet and at the same time give pertinent information to the finders of your dog if they are lost or stolen. The tags come in many shapes and sizes and some have pictures or quotes that fit the personality of both the dog and the owner.  Dog name tags are cheap but their value in pet identification is priceless. Only costing a few dollars, you can insure your pet’s safety and your peace of mind when it comes to your dog.

Dog name tags can come in many sizes.  For the big dog the tags can be big enough to be seen by the average person and can really display the personality of your pet.  Some people match the tags to not only their pet’s personality but the persona that person wishes to impose on the dog.  The shape and color of the name tag dictates how you want your dog to be perceived by your family, your friend, or whoever has contact with the animal. For example, the rambunctious nature of a Jack Russell can be portrayed with a dog name tag that is in the shape of a bone and has a picture of the Tasmanian devil on it.

You can buy dog name tags at most physical and online pet supply stores.  There are even vending machines in large pet stores that allow you to input what you want on the tag and allow you to select the size, shape, and color.  After the selection you put a dollar in the machine and the machine makes it for you while you watch.  The amazing thing about the machine is that the dog name tags are of the same or better quality than most you can buy off the shelves.

You can also order dog name tags online.  Most web sites will have complete assortment to choose from. You can personalize the name tag with different fonts to give your dog that sophisticated look.  The owner may even choose a dog tag with a specific color that matches the dogs coat or even contrasts the coat so that it will stand out.  The sites also offer shapes such as dog bones, bells, cats, or birds.  The shape also helps dictate the personality that the owner wants to portray.  Make sure that the shape does not have sharp corners or the tag is big enough where the dog can get it in their mouth.

There are also dog name tag kits in which you can order to make your own personalized dog tag.  You can cut out any shape you want, but make sure the edges are rounded so that your dog cannot cut themselves on them.  You can choose the color and the style you want the tag to have from an array of materials. You will receive colored plastic sheets, metal rings to attach to the collar, and a stylus to imprint your dog’s name or something that reflects the dogs pes


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