Dog Name Tags ID: The Most Popular Dog Names Revealed To Put On A Collar

You know how they say that pets look like their owners?  Well many people seem to name their pets after real people.  Let’s have a look at the most popular which find their way onto those dog name tags.

Max was the top name according to, but Bella has climbed up and snatched that spot from poor old Max.

The Max I remember was the driver on Hart to Hart from the 70’s – it worries me that a number of readers won’t remember this fine program. Oh, and freeway was the dog, a lowchen. What about Bella? Well apart from a magazine in the UK, there is of course the Bella in Twilight.

Bailey is next up at 3. Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses fame was originally William Bruce Bailey according to wiki.answers.

Lucy, at number 4, is the name given to the skeleton of a 3.2 million year old humanoid, discovered in 1974 in north-Eastern Ethiopia. And ‘I Love Lucy’ was a sitcom from 1951 made by CBS. I didn’t watch it the first time round, but I have really enjoyed the reruns!

Molly is in at number 5. My Cocker Spaniel is called Polly, and we do know a Molly. Incidentally, whilst we are on the general subject, Polly sports a fetching stainless steel dog name tag, engraved with her name. Back to the subject: is Molly a name for your designer dog name tags? There don’t seem to be any particularly famous Mollys, but there was Moll Flanders written by Daniel Defoe in 1683. Who had a ‘life of continu’d variety for threescore years, besides her childhood, was twelve year a whore, five times a wife…once to her own brother…twelve year a thief.’ and a ‘Felon’. Sound like any dog you know?

Buddy. Number 6. Well had to be in there somewhere. Bud short for brother. Friend, or Pal. Most famous: Buddy Holly, the musician famous for such songs as Peggy Sue, and True Love ways. Original name was Charles Hardin Holley. Not surprised he changed his name. His playing style for guitar was hard and unique. He strummed in one direction: upwards!

Maggie is at 7. Rod Stewart sang about Maggie May at the end of the 80’s.

Daisy comes in at 8, and of course Daisy Daisy is a song. It is also the name of a cow, for obvious reasons. A daisy is called a ‘daisy’ because it is the days-eye, apparently. A Penguin Popular classic is Daisy Miller by Henry James. Given a 3 out of 5 by amazon reviewers in the UK 

9: Chloe. Generally a popular girls name, and an average film in 2009 directed by Atom Egoyan (I think Atom would make a good dog’s name!) There is also a fashion house at

And finally, at number 10…

Sophie. Sophie Ellis-Bextor many people my age knew before she even knew herself. In the days when having a baby out of wed-lock was really frowned on, children’s TV presenter Janet Ellis (formerly of Jigsaw – a rather unique kids puzzle tv slot – then by world renowned Blue Peter) was discovered to be in that very situation. She left under somewhat of a cloud. Then her daughter, once she had grown a bit, becomes one of the most haunting voices to ever grace our ears.

Unfortunately, none of these names are unique names. But you can still get some unique dog name tags…so if your mongrel looks common, he still feel that little bit special.

So there’s our top ten dogs names for the dog name tags.

1. Bella

2. Max

3. Bailey

4. Lucy

5. Molly

6. Buddy

7. Maggie

8. Daisy

9. Chloe

10. Sophie

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