Dog Pet Allergies: It Is Up to You to Get Them Help

If you have ever had a skin rash or an allergy you know how uncomfortable you can feel.  You do have the opportunity to talk to a doctor about your ailment and drive to the pharmacy and pick up medications and administer the medications to yourself.  Your dog can have dog skin allergies and it will not be able to you or the doctor that it is suffering from itchy skin or has a rash. The only way you know that your pet is suffering is when you see it scratching or chewing at the affected area.


Dog skin allergies are hard to detect because if you have noticed most dogs chew on themselves and scratch themselves all the time. If you have an outside dog it is especially hard to observe this behavior because you have less visible time with the animal.  If you notice your dog chewing and scratching more often or see irritated skin or loss of hair, your dog might have a skin allergy. You might think that the condition is caused by ticks or fleas, but if there are no bugs present set an appointment with a vet. If not treated your pet could lose all their hair and live a miserable existence.


Dog skin allergies can be caused by several things.  Dogs can have food allergies just like humans and if they eat table scraps they are more susceptible to things that they may have allergies to. A change of dog food may trigger an allergy. If you think this is the case look at the ingredients of your old dog food and then look at the ingredients of the new one. If there is a difference between new and old, let your vet know and schedule and appointment.  The vet can administer a skin scratch test to determine if the food change is the culprit.


There are other reasons the dogs can have skin allergies. If you give a dog a bath make sure you use a pet shampoo. Pet skin ph is different than human ph.  If you use a shampoo with a ph that is too high or too low, than their will be a skin reaction that will be similar to or actually is a dog skin allergy. Some people use Dawn dish washing soap to get rid of fleas. This is a big no, no.  The detergent will irritate the skin in such a way that hair can fall out and your dog will scratch until they bleed, especially if they have sensitive skin.


If you think your dog has skin allergies contact your vet immediately. Do not try to treat the allergy yourself. This will only cause prolonged suffering for your animal and more irritation to the skin. If you have a little dog, put them in a sweater or dog clothes to keep them from scratching the affected area until you get them to a vet. A bigger dog may need a bandage or an adult sized t-shirt to cover the affected area. Your vet is your best recourse and to not heed this advice means suffering for your dog.


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