Dog Saves Dog On Highway

Hero Dog Of The Highway

In the latter part of 2008 just about every Television Station in the world covered the story 'Dog Saves Dog On Highway', 'Dog Risks Life To Save Injured Friend' and 'Dog Saves Another Dog On Freeway'. The video footage of this remarkable canine rescue captured the hearts of many and there were numerous offers to adopt the hero dog and the animal which was rescued.

The video footage was spliced together from that taken by security and traffic control cameras on the Costanera Norte Highway in Santiago, Chile. The original Spanish language commentary related to the problems of the numerous feral dogs and the risks which they caused to traffic. There was no mention of a hero dog or dog saving. The captured scene did however capture the publics attention.

The various English Language Western Television Stations all had their own interpretation on the scene. Some of the commentaries are quite flowery.

Dog Saves Dog

What Happened To The Dogs?

Nobody knows what happened to the dogs. It was some months after the the incident that the video appeared on English Language television and it was only then that questions were asked. People wanted to know more and people wanted to adopt. The Authorities in Santiago were unable to find either of the dogs or provide further details.

Examination of video footage, reading reports and listening to commentaries from several different television stations can lead to confusion. "One dog died". " Both Dogs Survived". "Both Dogs Are Expected To Make A Full Recovery". Such statements in spite of the fact that people, on the ground in Santiago were unable to locate either animal.

The dogs were feral, in spite of the fact that the 'hero dog' was wearing a collar. It is highly unlikely that the dog seen lying in the road survived. Going by the video it was hit more than once. Even if a feral dog was lucky enough to end up in an animal hospital it is likely that it would have been put to sleep. Apparently this animal was lifted from the road by its tail and put into a van. It was followed closely by the Hero Dog. It is any body's guess what happened next because nobody knows or nobody is saying. Perhaps the Hero lived another day.


Feral Dog

Photo by:
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The Video

It has been suggested that the video is a fake. Considering that the original Spanish Language story was relating to feral dogs on the Freeway then a compilation of clips showing different dogs at different venues would be quite acceptable. It is then highly possible that the dog or dogs seen being hit by traffic are different animals to those seen in the final part of the video...our hero and his companion. The footage when shown in the West was interpreted differently and with a new spiel.

It has been unkindly suggested that the two animals are tied together by a short rope and that is why the Hero Dog uncharacteristically is pulling its fallen companion with its legs rather than its teeth. I have seen no evidence of the rope but it does remain a possibility because there are some sick people out there. Others have surmised that the dog is taking the dead or injured animal as food. This too is a possibility, feral animals do utilise 'road kill' but this is unlikely.

Feral Dogs

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There is no doubt that animals, and dogs especially, show both devotion and loyalty to their companions whether they are humans or fellow canines. We will never know the true facts behind this very touching video. I would like to think that both animals did make it.


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Comments 17 comments

howtoguru profile image

howtoguru 6 years ago from Texas

I saw this story on my site, This hub made my day. What a great story!

H P Roychoudhury profile image

H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

Dog is a lower animal but it has also a heart.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

howtoguru - It is a lovely tail (tale). I do hope that there was a happy ending.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

H P Roychoudhury - Undoubtedly true. There are some dogs with very big hearts.

ZarkoZivkovic profile image

ZarkoZivkovic 6 years ago from Serbia

My father has been raising German Shepherds years before I was born, and I grew up with them. I'm 27 years old and there hasn't been a day in my life that I didn't have at least one dog in the house. In those 27 years I have seen my share of dog's loyalty and devotion, old German S saved my father's life twice, and one almost died trying to save my mother from drowning. Dogs once attached become a part of the family, that is how we treat our dogs and that is what we get in return, unfortunately not all people treat their dogs that way. As for dog to dog companionship, they are just like birds, one dog can die out of a broken heart and sorrow when something happens to another dog, so I like to believe that the story is true, what happened to them afterwords is something else.

Maybe you will find this video also interesting, it's about a dog saving a guy from a bull:

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

ZarkoZivkovic - We think alike. My German Shepherd saved me from a bull also (quite a coincidence). He saved me from a fire and killed another German Shepherd who attacked my former wife. I have the greatest respect for dogs. It is one of my few regrets in my itinerant life that I do not have a dog. Thanks for reading.

ZarkoZivkovic profile image

ZarkoZivkovic 6 years ago from Serbia

Couldn't pass a hub related to dogs, I love them, nothing more to say there :)

Always a pleasure Peter.

KFlippin profile image

KFlippin 6 years ago from Amazon

Interesting hub, I had no idea there was so much speculation about this story, it was very touching, and I don't doubt at all that a dog would stand with its friend or mate, try to help them as well. I've seen my own dogs show emotion and attachment I could never have imagined. Kind of sad this story that touched so many people is actually one of controversy! Who'd a thunk it......

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

KFlippin - Thanks for reading. The controversy really comes from speculation. The TV channels wanted a nice story and invented an outcome which no-one really knew.

Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

Pamela Kinnaird W 6 years ago from Maui and Arizona

Like ZarkoZivkovic above commented, I couldn't pass up a hub about dogs. I didn't see any of this on television because I don't watch tv unless it's on for a few minutes wherever I'm visiting. How sad that there are so many feral dogs out there hungry and thirsty every day.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

It is sad Pamela. As a traveler in foreign parts you have to close your eyes to some terrible sights...many are dog related. It can be a cruel world. Thanks for reading.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thankyou for your winderful hub and I think, especially dogs, are more and more ill treated and misused. The things the industry brings out, just to make money, for the poor dogs and cats is a crime.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

Hello, hello - Thank you. I have had dogs all my life until my traveling phase. I miss them and look for any opportunity to care for or walk them.

nettraveller profile image

nettraveller 6 years ago from USA

In many ways dogs are often more noble creatures than humans, especially when it comes to loyalty. One of the feral dogs in your photographs looked surprisingly well-fed, although it could be obese from poor-quality food, just like many humans get obese and diabetic from eating a diet too high in carbohydrates. Thank you for a memorable experience.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

nettraveller - Some feral dogs do very well for themselves. It is all in the pecking order. On the street where I live there are between 2 and 3 packs (numbers change due to unfortunate circumstances). Some animals may be loosely owned by someone who will feed them. Others are chased away and never get a look in. There was a time when a lady chef used to come along at 2 in the morning and distribute kitchen waste to all but I have not seen her in a year or more. It is a cruel world....sometimes.

Melissa A Smith profile image

Melissa A Smith 3 years ago from New York

This story is of particular interest to me because it is often used by animal rights activist-types to 'prove' that animals are just as 'morally sophisticated' as humans (even though this would be one incident out of billions of dogs). Looking at the video it does seem to be at least two different clips. There are so many misrepresented videos and photos claiming amazing things about animals being spread around Facebook. I've even seen a photo from a children's movie claiming to be depicting a dolphin rescuing a dog. It is underwhelming how many people actually believe it.

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 3 years ago from South East Asia Author

True enough Melissa. The camera does lie...regardless of the saying.

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