Dog Training Devices Makes Dog Training Easier

Fitting The Right Device For Your Dog

Dog training devices are a great resource in developing a training program for your puppy or dog. There are many different types of aids that will allow you to train your dog in a plethora of behaviors. You may want to just house train your dog or you may just want a simple behavior like being leashed trained as your goal. The dog training device that you choose needs to fit with not only the type of behavior you are trying to change, but with your dogs size, temperament, and your personal belief in dog training techniques.

Choker Chains

A proven dog training device is the choker chain. This is a chain that fits around the dog's neck and when pulled by the owner will tighten until the dog is choked. This is okay for big dogs that have the muscle mass to withstand the pull but you would have to have some restraint when you a choker chain on a smaller breed. The danger is not that you would pull that hard to choke your dog, but the dog might pull against the leash so hard it will cut off their air or injure them in some other fashion.

Shock Collars

A shock collar is a dog training device that takes a little getting used to, both for you and your dog. When you want your dog to stop a bad behavior like excessive barking or running after cars you remotely shock your dog with electrodes contained within the collar while the dog is demonstrating the behavior. The dog will soon associate the shock of the collar with the behavior they are doing and eventually will not do it again. A word of warning, if you are an animal advocate you might want to do some research on how the shock feels before you administer it to the animal.

Hidden Fence

A hidden fence is a good way to teach your dog the boundaries of your wire. A hidden fence is a wire that is buried under the ground in the boundaries of the yard. Your dog will have a collar that will emit a shock if it steps over the boundaries. Even running breeds like Jack Russells can be kept in your yard without a fence or barrier. The hidden fences are a great way to keep your dog in, but it will not stop another dog from coming in your yard and attacking your dog.

Hit Board

A touch it or hit board is a great dog training device for dogs who are being trained to do search and rescue or drug work. The devices give out a sound every time the dog touches the pad with their foot or nose. A treat will be given each time the dog touches the pad and soon he will learn the behavior that you wish them to learn. The dog will be able to point to the bag with the drugs or the person buried beneath the rubble from an earthquake. The handler will have a pre-arranged reward for the dog and the mission will be successful.

Electric Dog Collar

Training a dog can be difficult. Some dogs will not catch on to what is taught to them no matter how hard you try. They will be distracted, want to play to much, or just has an inability to learn through traditional methods. An electric dog collar might be the tool to t each your pup the proper behavior that you desire. This is not a gadget to help teach your dog treats, but to teach your dog life and sometimes life saving lessons. Considered cruel by some, this tool may be your last hope of teaching your dog how to stay in the yard or not to chase cars.

Controlling Barking

The electric dog collar can be used to help control barking. Some dogs will bark until they are not only an annoyance for you, but they become an annoyance for the whole neighborhood. The electric dog collar can be set to deliver an electric shock through electrodes place on the collar itself to the dog’s throat. Every time the dog barks a small electric current will be applied to the dog. This small charge will cause enough discomfort that the dog will eventually figure out that the bark causes the shock. It is a simple conditioned response that modifies the behavior.

Use Collars With Caution

If you have a remote controlled electric dog collar you could teach your dog some serious life lessons that could save the dogs life. If your dog has a habit of chasing cars or running out of the yard, it only takes a couple of training sessions for these deadly habits to be over with. Stand where you can see your dog in the yard and when he or she exhibits the behavior that you want addressed push the remote. The dog should be able to associate the behavior and the shock after a few trials.

You must make sure the shock is appropriate for the dog’s size and build. You would not want to give the same shock to a German Sheppard as you would a Poodle. Ask your veterinarian what the appropriate charge should be and how long you should hold down the shock button before there is a chance that you might do harm to the animal. A prolonged shock could over emphasize the training and the dog might not know what behavior they are exhibiting and why they are being shocked by their electric dog collar.


If you are using an invisible fence with your shock collar you really need to make sure that the shock is for a short interval. In the early days of the technology, the shock would be continuous until the animal came back into the parameters of the fence. An incident where the electricity went off was once recorded and a dog with a shock collar left the area. When the electricity came back on, the dog was shocked to death by the collar because it did not have a shut off outside the fenced enclosure.

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Shock collars for dogs 5 years ago

Thanks for the great info and tips. Isn't it nice to know there are so many options out there for training our furry friends!! thanks for the suggestions and good information!!

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