Dog Training: Introducing Puppies to Kittens and Cats to Dogs

It is a misconception that dogs and cats do not get along. If you supervise the way your kitten or puppy the first time they encounter the other species, then you could have a pet that will be understanding of those animals that are different than them. If your dog or kitten grows older without the interaction, they will grow being wary of the other animal and will sometimes attack out of instinct or fear. Even good natured dogs like Labradors or Poodles will be shy or even anxious around a cat when first introduced as an adult. Here are some timps that will help you introduce your puppy or kitten to another that is not of their kind.

  1. an one dog in your household, introduce the new kitten alone with each one. Sometimes when a kitten is introduced to a group of dogs pack mentality takes over and they will naturally attack.

  2. Use only positive behavior techniques with your puppy or dog. Don't make it a punishment if their social skills, or lack of social skills, makes them a little rough with the kitten. When they nuzzle the kitten without aggression, give them a treat.

  3. If you are bringing a puppy into a house that already has an adult cat in it, you might want to move the litter box up to a higher place where the cat feels more comfortable and the puppy will not get into the box. Sometimes a room with a small cat door will suffice so that cat has complete privacy.

Socializing Cats and Dogs

Steps to Socialize

Start by bringing in the cat or kitten into your home in a wire cage so that your puppy can see the kitten but not be afraid or try to bite it. When you feel that your puppy is ready or your kitten is not afraid, let the kitten out slowly on its own accord. Make sure that the kitten has a place to run to if an escape is seemed necessasry if the kitten or puppy becomes distressed.
Make sure that when you set up the new home for the kitten that you put the liter trey in a place the kitten can get to it and the puppy can't. The puppy will find that the litter trey is a great place to wander or to find an unpleasant snack. Never, ever leave your puppy and kitten alone until you are sure they are comfortable with each other. A big breed dog can play to rough and may acidentially hurt the new kitten.

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jandee profile image

jandee 20 months ago from Liverpool.U.K

Lovely to see them socializing together and that will last a lifetime.

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