Dog and Pet Boutiques: Pampering for Your Pet

If you are a woman and you love to get your hair and nails done at the local boutique, you may be happy to know that there are pet boutiques for dogs that will pamper your pooch as much as you are pampered at your boutique. Dog pet boutiques are getting more popular as this once service for the rich is becoming more affordable for those not as affluent and more and more families are taking their dogs in for a special treat. Your dog will pampered in a way that you will be envious of.

They not called dog groomers anymore but pet beauticians. This pet beauticians will not just give you dog a bath, Fido will be able to sit in a Jacuzzi or a hot tub as they are scrubbed from head to tail with scented oils and soaps. Your dog will be hand dried with nice towels, not those old ratty towels that you use at home. Some dog and pet boutiques even offer a blow drying and brushing as they are coming out of the hot tub. Special care to the eyes, nose, mouth, and other body openings will be ensured as the process takes place.

Some dog and pet boutiques offer therapeutic massage for your animal.  Skilled, professional masseuses will gently knead your dog’s muscles so that all the pain and soreness of a hard day at play will roll gently away. Your dog will enjoy soft music in a new age environment that you will wish you had four legs to enjoy. Some dog boutiques will offer hot stone treatments and about anything else that you will find in a human spa. Hot towel treatments will bring out the puppy in your dog and it will help with any inflammation or skin problems your dog might experience.

At the dog and pet boutique your dog can have a manicure that would make any Korean nail expert wince.  Your dog will have their nails carefully clipped in a way where the cuticles will not be cut and there will be no pain. The edges of the nails will be smoothed out with an electric dremel that will keep you and your furniture from being scratched and marked.  Some upper scale dog and pet boutiques will use nail polish to offer that high end look to their manicure. The whole process will be topped with your little dog receiving a bow and your big dog sporting a nice bandanna.

A unique service offered at a dog and pet boutique is anal gland cleansing. Dogs, especially little dogs, have anal glands get clogged with debris and fecal matter that causes them pain when they use the bathroom. It is a disgusting job and something that most dog parents do not want to experience. The dog boutique specialist will squeeze the debris from the anal gland and your pet will, after the experience, enjoy life a lot better. This procedure is usually done be a vet, but at a dog and pet boutique it will be a lot cheaper.

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