Dogs Stolen From Beaufort, N.C. Need Medication

Three Stolen Dogs-$2000 REWARD

Help FInd Bellatrix, Dumbledore and Poseidon

Good morning readers. I'd like for everyone to take a look at these 3 dogs. They were stolen on August 29 from east of Beaufort, NC. One is on daily medication that is needed for a thyroid condition and they are all overdue for their monthly heartworm medication.

Their owner, Tere Barrett, believes the dog thieves may have taken them out of the area.

Let's get this story spread around the country and find Tere's babies.

I'm including the original story found on Facebook along with contact info. If anyone knows where these dogs are, please contact local police and get in touch with Tere.

"My dogs were taken on August 29, from east of Beaufort, NC. I have searched, posted, enlisted all utility and delivery personnel, and utilized all internet and media available. I believe, as do Animal Control and the Sheriff's Dept, that someone has taken my pups out of our area (Carteret County). These are my beloved friends, and I am heartbroken. If any of the three pups turn up in any establishment, I am asking that law enforcement be apprised, and that I be called. I am writing you in the hopes that you can send this to all of your contacts, and to keep the photos very handy. Please help me if you can. I am attaching photos of my babies. Additionally, I will describe them below. Thank you. Tere Barrett, 252 725-1685, .

Dumbledore - Male, fawn and white boxer mix, 10 years old, neutered, scar on left shoulder and inner thigh from recent surgeries, arthritis in left back ankle causing a limp. Dumble needs twice daily thyroid medicine, and is overdue for heartworm medication. Approx 75 lbs.

Poseidon - Male, orange and brown brindle boxer mix, 10 years old, neutered, has von Wildebrand's disease. Also overdue for heartworm medicine, approx 65 lbs.

Bellatrix - Female, blue and grey merle cattle dog mix. She appears catahoula. She is 3 years old, and is spayed. Also overdue for heartworm med's. Approximately 40 lbs.

Please see photos, and be on the lookout.

These dogs mean the world to me."

Tere Barrett

I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any help

Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa Black-Taylor is a regular contributor to

Update at this link. PLEASE READ!

Bellatrix, Dumbledore and Poseidon


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Michelle 6 years ago

I shared on my FB page...How horrible...I so hope they come home, with several member of my own family having four legs, I am sure the owners are torn over this. I pray they make it home for ya!

Laura Wade 6 years ago

I am just saddened for this family. To loose a pet is hard enough to loose three and know it was at someone else's hand just terrifying

Solange Scherer 6 years ago

This is so sad ! i shared too on FB .Hope they will find them !

Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

I also shared on FB. I hope the doge are returned. Will you let us know

harriet 6 years ago

i will share on facebook and keep my prayers going that you will find them

why 6 years ago

really you need to post that they need medication what a bad owner you are get a life

ROFL 6 years ago

people that pray to their imaginary friend how sad, since there is no god if so prove it.

HAHA 6 years ago

If they really meant "the world" to you why did you carelessly let someone steal them?

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

To HAHA. Just remember-Karma's a bitch.

profile image

HealthMarktGuide 6 years ago

Why people take pleasure in hurting people, when they are grieving is beyond me. Immature and self-centered. I will share this page as I have relatives in NC area.

Good Luck finding your pets, I know they become part of your family.

sp california 6 years ago

I sure hope you find your pets. I am dumbstruck as to why people would be so unkind. They must be very unhappy to have this trait, poor people, I hope they do not have pets. Talk about bad pet owners. Good wishes in find in finding your family.

hospitalera profile image

hospitalera 6 years ago

Sharing this page on FB, but I also think that the writer of this hub should edit some of the hurtful / offensive comments out. Please keep us updated if the dogs are found or not, SY

profile image

bjphill 6 years ago

To HAHA and why: Blame the victim? REALLY? Just because something bad happens to someone doesn't mean they are careless. If the owner had any idea that this was going to happen, she would have done everything in her power to stop it. Now that it did happen, she is doing more than most people would do to try to get them back. That is very admirable.

To ROFL: God is not imaginary. You ask for proof of God? Look around you. The great diversity of life is proof enough. I plan on publishing a hub in a few days about the existance of God. I have already published one short hub on the subject, but the next one will be much more detailed and include more examples of the evidence of God's existance. Please feel free to check it out.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

If Tere asks me to remove any of the comments I will. The main reason I leave them in is I believe it's important for people to see there are uncaring, unfeeling morons out there who would do this to someones pets and don't ever think someone isn't too mean to steal a family pet. I'm in touch daily with Tere by email but so far nothing new to report. I don't know Tere and saw the story on Facebook and wanted to help in any way I could.

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

I am sorry to hear about this and I hope that these beautiful pets are found. I would be heartbroken if my pets were taken. I will help to spread the word about this!!!

Best of Luck to you Elisa

Perhaps a classified ad in your city will be enough to find them.

Gary Childress  6 years ago

My friend I know how I would feel if it where mine. I share your grief from Maryland I also have you posted on Face Book. God Bless,

roxanne 6 years ago

my dog says he loves me but then he dont act like he loves,me

thayak profile image

thayak 6 years ago from San Jose, CA

Good luck finding your dogs!

Anax 6 years ago

I hope they will come back soon. I will pray to god.

Whenever they reach back, please let us know.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

I'll let everyone know of any new news

Jill 6 years ago

Haha...Oh how I'd love to meet you. I am dumbfounded how you could say such a thing to this poor woman. Go slither back in the hole you came out of.

Tere, we are all praying for you and your beautiful dogs to come back to you. We are all heartbroken.

Karen 6 years ago

My heart goes out to you. I live in Virginia and will watch my area. Go to your local news station and ask if they will give you time on the evening news. Get as much exposure as you can.

NJKatwoman 6 years ago

I also shared this on my FB page, yesterday, today, and I will again tomorrow and the day after that! This is one comment that I received from a FB friend, her name is Barb L. Dute...perhaps it may help:

"Barb L Dute dang, seems like Beaufort had a lot of dognappers, when I lived in that area ,too.... wondering if it isn't the County Dog Catcher, he tried to take my 4 week old pup, off my front porch, when I lived in Newport...PLZ make sure that your friend gets my message ,Christy !!

I am praying for you, and for a happy outcome to this terrible tragedy! I can only imagine the grief you must be experiencing, and nothing would make me happier than to learn that you get your beloved pets back! Please keep us updated, and please check out that County Dog Catcher, and your local ASPCA or wherever that creep takes the animals!

NJKatwoman 6 years ago

Also, I just received this from Barb L Dute who lived in that same County in North Carolina:

"Barb L Dute commented on your link.

Barb wrote:

"Actually, Christy, the County Dog Catcher is under the rule of the Sheriffs Dept.,( 1996) & according to him...he could do whatever the hell he wanted to do ! I hope he no longer holds that position !!"

Please ask Tere to check that out!

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

NJKatwoman I pasted your message and sent it to Tere. Thank you.

NJKatwoman 6 years ago

@Elisa Taylor, I am receiving comments from my FB friends, so many of them are animals lovers, too. This tidbit of info came from FB's Sharon Hensen, I have copied and pasted what she said to me....the prospect of their becoming "fighting dogs" is a frightening one...But every possible bit of information needs to be explored, and as quickly as possible! She has a good point about putting up posters, and alerting the children in the area.

"Sharon Hensen NC is huge territory for dog fighters.. they DO steal pets to train their dogs... kids are the best source for information regarding lost or stolen pets.. offer a reward and post it in the schools.. kids go everywhere"

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

I'm forwarding these suggests straight to Tere

taty96 profile image

taty96 6 years ago from Ecuador

Please help find these pets. I live overseas, but I´ll tweet about them

John 6 years ago

How heart breaking to steal someones pet.I lost my little

dog also.She was stolden but I got her back with help from good people.Hope you have the same luck I did.

God Bless you.

Brenda Hixenbaugh 6 years ago

May God watch over and protect these babies from harm and help them to get home safe and sound. My prayers are with you.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

$2000 reward just posted. No questions asked.

Ankita 6 years ago

i am new here so pls add me as friend u can also add me as friend at my id there is

Adriana 6 years ago

I'm sharing this. Truly hope that you get them all back. Who would do something like this? Unbelievable how many monsters live among us:( Be strong and don't lose hope. Hugs from London

Scrapz 6 years ago

Sharing as well on FB. pretty low stealing somebodys pet. sad to think you cant even leave your dog in the backyard w/o some retard snatching it away.

Crystal V. 6 years ago


AnneMarie 6 years ago

I am really sorry and sad to read this article. I cannot imagine how heartbroken the owner must be- my kitty is called dumble too and i would be in bits should anything happen him.Hoping they are safely returned, You are in my thoughts and prayers, annemarie, Ireland.

PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

Oh, just looking at the dogs already make my heart sick. Those dog thieves are heartless people.

taty96 profile image

taty96 6 years ago from Ecuador

I´m tweeting about these pets every single day. PLEASE HELP FIND THEM! I live overseas, so I can´t do much more.

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

Christine Hall 6 years ago

Oh how sad.I certainly hope you find your beloved family soon.Good luck.

MARIA KAUFFMAN 6 years ago

Tere - since all 3 are "large breeds", I would think a van was used to steal them, leave no one unturned, a ex boyfriend/girlfriend ? mad worker from work ? No one is gonna say "yeah i took your dogs", because of the size of the dogs the person had to move fast to grab all 3. makes me think they knew the person. Just my 2 cents, best of luck & sharing on facebook. also if they are being used as bait dogs, you might wanna drop the word around a few crackheads to get the word to the dealers who are hard up for cash & would rather the $$ instead of an 'old sick dog". (thats how they would see them)

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

Thanks Maria. I sent this to Tere. That's why I always push the money end. Unfortunately, money talks!

jone gagnon 6 years ago

this truly breaks my can people do this!!!i will share & wish you the best outcome

Peggy the tx catlady 6 years ago

# gorgeous dogs! I pray too they will be found and come home safely! I truly hate people that leave such cruel remarks! But there a re a lot of good, animal loving people out there. God bless you Tere -

YES there is a God ROFL. You need to go back to H... where you came from!! And HAHA, shame on you, I also believe in Karma- it will come back and bite your a..

Elisa Taylor profile image

Elisa Taylor 6 years ago Author

Unless they're really bad I let them thru. Then the other hubbers can beat up on them. Some good ideas come out of this and I pass them on to Tere. There's only been 1 comment I axed. I believe in the right to free speech if at all possible.

Lost and Found Dogs of Wilson 5 years ago

I left you some comments on your FB page. We will be praying for the return of your dogs.

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