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I need to write a blog. I don't feel like doing it. I think I am going to let my 10 year old Granddaughter write for me today.  She knows more than me anyhow.  So just relax and enjoy her work. 


ME! The author Madison Hodge
ME! The author Madison Hodge

My Dogs Spuds and Rowdy

Over the summer I got two new puppies. The oldest, Spuds, is a Boston Terrier mix. The youngest, Rowdy, is a chihuahua. I helped my grandma name them. Spuds got his name from being round like a potato. Rowdy got his name from running, nonstop, from one end of my house to the other. When I play with them I make them sit and wait for me to throw the toy. I try to teach them tricks but Rowdy is too hyper and goes of to play with my kitten, and Spuds has a very short attention span, so he won't listen. Sometimes Spuds does the trick and tilts his head to the side as if he were asking me if he was doing the right thing.
Sometimes I like to watch them chase my cats named Jack, Lucy, and Billy Bob. Then after a while the cats get mad and chase them and fight with them. Smoke, another of my cats, tries to eat Rowdy's dog food. That is very unusual! Usually it's the other way around where the dog tries to eat the cat's food. When Smoke goes near the bowl Rowdy barks at him. Spuds once chewed on the wall in his room down to the vinyl siding. Now because of this he sleeps outside. These are just some of the things that happen between Rowdy and Spuds.

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Thilina Heenatigala 7 years ago

this is nice... it made me smile...thanks for sharing this William.


Thilina Heenatigala.

Sri Lanka Astronomical Association

ralwus 7 years ago

Hi Madison, you told a funny tale of the little waggers. made me laugh. I have four pups, a parrot and two kitties. We have a lot of funny stories too. Nice hub darlin'. Now tell grandpa to quit being so lazy and do his own work.

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