Don't Put These Foods On Your Cat's Menu

I recently wrote the article "Don't Put These Foods on Your Dog's Menu."Then someone commented that I should write an article about foods cats shouldn't eat. So here is the article as requested "Don't Put Foods on Your Cat's Menu." Hopefully, no one will request an article for parrots, gold fish, or gerbils. However, if they do request one, I will have to acquiesce.

Just because you can eat it and it poses no harm to you does not mean that your pets can eat it. You cannot feed some foods to you cat that you eat yourself. You cannot feed some foods to your cat that you feed to your dog. Humans, dogs and cats all have different metabolism.

While this list does not include every food that should not be on your cat's menu, here are some that you should think twice about before putting on your cat's menu.

If you can feed it to your baby, wouldn't you think you could feed it to your cats? No so! Baby food contains onion powder, which can be toxic to cats if fed to your cat over an extended period of time. Feeding your cat baby food in large amounts over an extended period of time can also result in nutritional deficiencies.

Just as you wouldn't put these on your dog's menu, do not put them on your cat's menu for the same reasons. They contain theobromine, a methylxanthine derivative, that could cause a cat to urinate more frequently than usual, vomit, have diarrhea and seizures. Refrain from giving your cat caffeine in any form. No alcoholic beverage including beer, liquor, wine, and foods containing alcohol should be given to your cat.

If you have a cat and a dog, be careful not to mix up their foods. If you accidentally make the mistake once, there is nothing to worry about, but if this continues, it will cause diseases affecting your cat's heart.


While you are putting your groceries away when you first get home from the grocery store and your cat is meowing for something to eat, you might be tempted to take a grape and give it to your cat to keep him quiet until you have time to feed him properly. Think twice about this because there are toxins in these fruits that could cause your cat to vomit, have diarrhea and they could affect the cat's heart and nervous system.

An unknown toxic is in macadamia nuts and butter that may cause harm and even death to your cat.

MILK AND OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS This may be hard to understand, but too much milk and dairy products could cause an adult dog and cat to have diarrhea.

These two things contain sulfoxides and disulfides which can damage red blood cells Onion and garlic should not be feed to either your cat or dog. However, cats are more susceptible than dogs.

SALT If eaten in large quantities, salt can cause an imbalance in your dog or cat.

SUGARY FOODS Like with humans and dogs, too much sweet can cause your cat to be obese, cause dental problems and diabetes.

Dough with yeast in it can expand in your cat's abdomen and produce gas in the digestive system. This is dangerous because it could cause rupture of the stomach and/or intestines.

Just as you would keep your medicine away from your children, also keep your medicine about from your pets. Your vitamin supplement could cause much damage to your pet's digestive system and be toxic to the liver and kidneys.

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ashleybegin profile image

ashleybegin 6 years ago from Norfolk, VA

Nice Hub. Thanks for the list. I will make sure my cat stays away from these foods.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 6 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

ashleybegin: Thanks for reading. Take care of your cat. Make sure you keep him away from those forbidden foods.

profile image

BunuBobu 6 years ago

Great article. We actually made it a rule to feed out kittens only kitten food. I would rather not feed them anything else because so many substances can harm these precious creatures.

Betty Johansen profile image

Betty Johansen 6 years ago

Growing up, we routinely fed table scraps to the cats and dogs. It didn't seem to hurt them and there was no extra money for dog food and cat food. But now we know better. Thanks for doing the research to keep us informed.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 6 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

BunuBobu and Betty: Thank you for reading and responding.

AnnieThePetNanny profile image

AnnieThePetNanny 6 years ago from Trumbull, CT.

Love your article. There is one thing I do know that is good for your dog or cat to eat when having the runs, and that is Bland Rice and Chicken for 7-10 days. Or until the runs have stopped. Other than that...on the money with a good portion of the foods. :)

I have worked for several vet's and one suggestion I do have, is that it's ok to give your Dog a little bit of garlic. It does have some properties that does help there body out with certain things. I make home made dog and cat treats and my guys go nuts for the Garlic ones. Hope to see more posts. I really enjoyed this one.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 6 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

AnnieThePetNanny, I can tell you know a lot about pets. Thanks for your suggestions in your comment.

AnnieThePetNanny profile image

AnnieThePetNanny 6 years ago from Trumbull, CT.

Thank you. I appreciate the work you are trying to do through your hub. I myself am trying to do that as well. Especially trying to get my business going. Please don't lose track of what you are doing, because more and more people are looking for people like us to ensure the safety and health of there companions.

revmjm profile image

revmjm 6 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

AnnieThePetNanny, thanks for your words of encouragement.

M Zvyagintsev profile image

M Zvyagintsev 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

Love the sense of humour Revmjm :) Your first lines had me laughing and reading to the end.

Glad I did.


revmjm profile image

revmjm 6 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Max, thanks for reading and responding.

sara856 profile image

sara856 5 years ago

Thank you for this article. I don't usually feed my cat anything but her cat food because I worry about her health, but I will occasionally let her lick the tuna can or the plate I had hot dogs or bacon on. Do you know if that is ok? Also, is milk ALWAYS a no no or is it ok if its just occasionally? I put down a glass of milk once and my cat jumped up and had her face in it when I wasn't looking. I called my dad, who has had cats for a long time, and he said it was ok. I was wondering if I could occasionally give her milk (like once a month or so) because she seemed to enjoy it so much. Or is it so bad that even that much is a no no? Thanks a lot. I love my cat and I want her to live to a ripe old age. Really useful article!

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

sara856, your dad was right. Giving your cat milk occasionally won't hurt. It is over a long period of time that it might become dangerous. I think that is the "Purr-fect" solution.

Ms. Unique 55 profile image

Ms. Unique 55 5 years ago from Edmond OK

Hi. This article is very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed in having three cats myself. I hope we can cat together sometime.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Informative write ups on food not included on cats menu

K Kiss profile image

K Kiss 5 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

thank you...i really didn't know...

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

K Kiss, I am glad you learned from this article about what not to put on your cat's menu. I also wrote an article about what's not to put on your dog's menu.

Ms. Unique 55 profile image

Ms. Unique 55 5 years ago from Edmond OK

Thank You for reminding me about what not to feed my dog, and cats. It's been awhile since I thought about it, but your right.

Ms. Unique 55

revmjm profile image

revmjm 5 years ago from Richmond, VA Author

Ms. Unique 55, I am glad the article reminded you of what not to feed your dog and cat.

Thanks for reading and responding.

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