Do's and Dont's when a snake bites

Snake is fear for peoples from ancient times. Its the most feared animal at all. It have been observed that snake bite doesn't kill most of the peoples but the fear kills them. This hub is for the awareness of peoples who fear the snakes.

I have written a hub on Indian Snakes. If you want more information on snake venom find it here.

The quarter of total no of snake species are poisonous. So most of the time if snake bites a person the fear does all the damage. Because we cant know weather the snake is poisonous or not without proper examination. Following are the DO's and DONT's if any snake bites anyone.

DO's when snake bites anyone.

  • Treat all possible snake bites the same way. Nobody can be sure for the snake is poisonous or not until examination by an expert.
  • Keep the person calm, assure him/her that bites can be effectively treated in an emergency room and can be cures whole. Poison spreads faster if the heart beats faster.
  • Don'T let the person move at all.
  • Keep the affected area below heart level to reduce the flow of venom towards other body.
  • Wrap a bandage firmly around the place where the snake bite is. The bandage should not be so tight that the blood supply is cut off.
  • Do not wash the bite area. because if some venom is there it can help in choosing anti venom treatment.
  • If possible,Monitor the person's important signs * temperature, pulse, rate of breathing, and blood pressure . If there are signs of shock, lay the person flat, raise the feet about a foot, and cover the person with a blanket.
  • Get medical help right away. Don'T waste time in searching the snake unless the medical help is available to bitten person.

DONT's when a snake bites anyone.

  • Do not wait to see if the bite causes any problems, treat it straight away.
  • Do not cut, wash or suck the bite.Its not a movie off course.
  • Do not allow victim of bite to get over exited.
  • Do not apply cold compresses or ice to a snake bite.
  • Do not give anything by mouth to the victim.
  • Do not follow any local medicine.

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aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

Please share your thoughts

anup 7 years ago

beautiful hub

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

Thanks anup. Don't forget about the DO's and DONT's.

Trisha's Artworks profile image

Trisha's Artworks 7 years ago

wow!!!nice hub......looking forward to seeing some more.,.keep it up

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

Thnaks Trisha. I will try my best to write something useful like this.

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

Thnaks Badco.

apeksha profile image

apeksha 7 years ago from India.

Oh! good information...

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York

I HATE SNAKES! But...I love your hub. Useful info, nice pics. :)

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

Thanks Apeksha and Janet21. Snakes are lovely ones and they are as calm as any other animal if you don't hurt them.

chiraaag 7 years ago

i don't know if its good ,but it helped me complete a little of my holiday homework.

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

lol chiraaag

Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

I live in rattlesnake country. I hope I don't have to use your advice, now at least I know what to do! Thanks.

aniketgore profile image

aniketgore 7 years ago from India Author

i also wish thet you wont need my advice

rishabh gupta 7 years ago

ur do's and don'ts are really fantastic

rindkaro profile image

rindkaro 7 years ago from Sweet Sindh


Rami 7 years ago

Hi, there are also some people who think that smoking &

Alcohol can help the bitten person. It's not true, & also

do not try to burn the bitten position. The most efficient

act will be as Mr.Aniketgor mentioned is to keep the person calm & remove jewelry (necklace ,bracelet ; armlet , watch,

ring etc..) from the person's hand .

Aina 7 years ago

thanks pal!

I got exactly what i was lukin for!!

profile image

NNathanielStock 7 years ago from peoria,il

Great hub, people have a miss understanding about snakes they are an animal and have to be respected as they are.

khanjii lover09 profile image

khanjii lover09 7 years ago from Boston, Mass

great HUb!!

billips profile image

billips 7 years ago from Central Texas

I really enjoyed your article and especially the great pictures - good information to have - Ive always loved snakes - they are so beautiful and they can move so gracefully and incredibly rapidly - B.

dapinder singh sohal 7 years ago

gr8 information

navneet 7 years ago

here information is absouleutly correct

Avani 7 years ago

hi ankit, liked your hub...i think snakes are most misunderstood creatures. people like you are doing great job by creating awareness. i love these innocent creatures..hissss

mahesh rathod 6 years ago

hahaha helloooooo



shreya 6 years ago

good great!!!! wont 4get

Prem Gupta 6 years ago

Snakes r really useful to us in many ways to kill them to kill us oursevels as they kill large numbers of rats and save our precious grain.They help us to fight against certain deisese

manohar 6 years ago

The topic of snake bite may pl. submitted

Manoj Gabriel 6 years ago

I love Black mambas and king cobra. Snakes should be loved, not to be hated. One day i too will become like Jewff Crowin

Rohitash 6 years ago

gud work.keep it up

deepak sharma 6 years ago

good information !!! thanks for it !!! i love snakes and i would like to do some thing for them .

aish 6 years ago

I really fear snakes.. but only d big ones.... Evn if i dn't hv any experience.. But i luv d hub site.. it has helped me a lot many times... luv it.. keeo it up...

anjani  6 years ago

thanks it was very helpful in my project

poonam 5 years ago

I have learnt sumthng after reading ur article........

Thanx alotttt.

Binny Rehsi 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the vital info Aniket. I'm more concerned about the snake that we might find in a residential area. Sometimes it is in open, can't b confined in a room, so as to call someone and wait for them to arrive. In such a case, for their own safety, people just kill it, it might be just a non-poisonous, harmless creature. I'd be glad if you could please help out by telling what should be done in such a case. I've more to ask about snakes, do you mind e-mailing me at as just bumped into this website, might never even visit it again. Thanks again ..

rupal 5 years ago

useful information given here...

poojarani 5 years ago

thnks 4 helping e coplete ma holiday homework!

Naureen khan 5 years ago

Its really very useful n we all should have to know about it.

A.AJITH 5 years ago

I Like Snakes

vandana grover 5 years ago

they really make one afraid like me............

saurabh 5 years ago

thank u very much!!! helped me a lot in my handbook for first aid!!!

harsh 5 years ago


nice hub

pranshul 5 years ago

yo thanxx man

rohit g 5 years ago

Thanks because of you and your blog i am safe my roommates did the same way you told and i am safe after an Indian Krait bite. thanks a lotttt

some guy in the philippines 5 years ago

hi i have just been bitten by a paradise tree snake just a scratch no symptoms yet, to lazy to go to a doctor what can i do? (not kidding)

some guy in the philippines 5 years ago

put hydrogen peroxide and going to bed, not that invested anymore

Tine Denmark!! 5 years ago

Wonderful page - thank you!

Im going back to India after 2 years and Im terrified be snakes ... I wasn't back then, but now - uhh!

So it is nice to have a your good information of do's and dont's

ashish kumar 5 years ago

be carefull

mayank rungta 5 years ago

its a wonderful article....detz wht i needed!!!..helped me a lot in ma project

Sujeet Karn, Nepal 5 years ago

Visited this site due to eagerness of my son. There were many important informations unknown to me. Your do's and don'ts is great. Thanks again.

snehal deshmukh 5 years ago

nice information given .....

but i m very much afrid of snakes...

Jitendra Zala. 5 years ago

werry important information.

Srini 5 years ago

Mate awesome information.. I really Love snakes.. and your hub gave useful and unknown information.. Hands off for your hard and sinceare work towards creation of awareness in people about Snakes..

You Rock Man !!!!!!

Sweety .M. Sam 5 years ago

I love snakes.. they are my favorite.

What to say there are no words...yaar..

and thanks for your help because you are really protecting the snakes.Thanks a lot....:)

sniper- viper 5 years ago

cool site normal i would say if your bid in the hand cut it off don't wait for help just out with the hatchet amputate if later found out to be non venomus don't worry prostetiks exist

krish raut 4 years ago

thanks, really it's very well known 4 us

Ricky 4 years ago


umaprasad 4 years ago

it's very important information for treatment of snake bite........

ram 4 years ago

EXCELLET!a great hub.

Sriram Krishna Middey 4 years ago

Thanks hub shshshshshsshsh,,,,,,,,,,

Ritesh 4 years ago

You have gud suggestions provided to we are thankful to u.

Harjot singh 4 years ago

I love snakes but also afraid of snakes

Sugumar Palanivel 4 years ago

Thanks for your information. Especially that Do's & Don't will definitely save the life of snake bittened person.I will try to pass this to my friends & neighbours.

Didge profile image

Didge 4 years ago from Southern England

amazing! So creative :)

vikas gupta 4 years ago

its too good for the peoples.....

naveen naik 4 years ago

yah its very useful information .but i want how snake venom shows its action on human

mubashera 4 years ago

am really scared of snakes!!!

but i just like ur hub:)

tharunreddy 3 years ago

it help me in my test

shweta maurya 3 years ago

I really like snakes .

I liked ur do's and don'T .

Sid Biebs 3 years ago

It helped me sooo much in my project..thankyou :'D

evelyn 3 years ago

plz,improve ur d wy thnx,it helpd a bit..!!

bonti 3 years ago

Holy snakes......................protect them,they protected us amidst the seawaves!

praneetha 2 years ago

so stupid

hfj 2 years ago

it helps me a lot

princi joe 2 years ago

thanks for ur hub.keep it up

bunnykitty 2 years ago

thanks....this helped me do my homework.....and I had got 20 marks......very very important...☆

goutham goyal 24 months ago

Thanks ........ It helped me in doing my Project

muqim 23 months ago

perfect !!

& useful !!!

Siri 10 days ago

Nice points it helped me in my project i think how to prevent from snakes points should be added. Better can do

amulu 5 hours ago

nice points it is help in project thank u

amulu 5 hours ago

i like snakes

i like this points this are use for my c.w,h.m etc

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