Duck Eggs Offer A Viable Option when compared to Chicken Eggs

Pekin Ducks Just Chilling


Duck eggs have gained in popularity as an option to chicken eggs. There are some noticeable differences including the sizes of the eggs. Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and also have a thicker shell. This may give duck eggs a longer shelf life when kept in your refrigerator but eating them fresh is always the best option. This thicker and harder shell is also harder to crack and you may take some time getting use to the difference if you are not familiar with duck eggs. The yolks are larger in duck eggs compared to chicken eggs of similar size and this is great if you love the flavor of the yolks.

Besides the higher total yolk content of duck eggs, they are also preferred by many for their flavor when compared to chicken eggs. This has added to their growing popularity. The only way to know which one tastes better to you is to try one for yourself. They may be used in the same recipes as chicken eggs but you may find that you need less of them to make a large omelet. They are slightly harder to whip as they contain less moisture than chicken eggs.

They may be used for all for your baking needs as well. With less water content, duck eggs will need to be cooked for less time and they may become rubbery if overcooked. They also have a slightly higher fat content which some cooks claims makes their baked goods rise higher. There are many recipes that call for duck eggs and they are popular in Chinese cuisine. The Internet is a great source for researching recipes that call for duck eggs and find conversion rates for traditional recipes that you may want to try them with. You may find that duck eggs become the favorite choice for you and your family.

There are some nutritional differences between the two with the only true negative for the duck eggs being a higher cholesterol level. They are very similar in most aspects although they do have slightly higher saturated fat content. Duck eggs have about 50% higher monounsaturated fat than a chicken egg as well and this added fat leads to the elevated levels of cholesterol. For those who have a history of heart disease or may be susceptible to it in the future, duck eggs may not be the best choice but for anyone with a healthy heart and circulatory system they are a great option.

There is really no way to tell if duck eggs are right for you or your family without first trying them. They do have a slightly richer taste and texture that many prefer over that of chicken eggs. You may not want to switch back to chicken eggs after you try them and your family may request them as well. Salted duck eggs are a popular Chinese snack that has gained popularity. There are many others that show of the excellent flavor of these eggs and you may want to experiment until you find your favorite.

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