Essential Honey Bee Supplies that you will need to raise Honey Bee's

Honey Bee Supplies
Honey Bee Supplies

What will I need to raise Honey Bee’s?

Regardless of whether you want to start beekeeping as a hobby or as a business, there are some essential bee supplies that you will need. These honey bee supplies, tools and equipment will make your ambition of rearing bees come true. Many of these supplies can be found at local beekeeping supply stores. There are also many online retailers who have specialized in providing these equipments.

1. A Beehive

Beehives are the best honey bee supplies for beekeeping. Though there are many variants, beehives basically come in two different types. These are:The frames typeThe top-bar hives
The frames type is the most commonly used beehive, especially by the commercial beekeepers. It is considered to be the best type of beehive that helps to achieve maximum honey production. The top-bar hives are favored by the proponents of natural beekeeping. The downside of using these hives is that bees produce more wax, and hence less honey.
Other beehive accessories that you may need to purchase include:A hive standAn entrance block to reduce the size of the hive entrance, prevent small animals from moving into the hiveInner covers for the hiveTelescopic coversFoundation for bees to start building the combs.
2. Protective clothing for the beekeeper

There is a special protective suit and accessories that you will need as a beekeeper. These essential clothing items are one of the most important honey bee supplies, which make it very easy to handle bees. They include:a protective suitlong sleeved glovesthe helmet with a head veilplastic boots
Wearing these clothing items whenever you are dealing with the bees makes the job a whole lot easier since they will protect you from the bee stings. You can buy the items individually or as a complete set. The protective suit is usually made from a light colored garment that repels the bees due to its smooth nonporous material and light color. When you are shopping for these honey bee supplies, do not buy the cheap ones since they may be less protective.

3. A Smoker

This is one of the most useful honey bee supplies that you will have to purchase. While working on your hives, you will need the smoker in order to keep the bees away. This equipment creates smoke, and blows it into the beehives. The smoke annoys the bees, which makes them to flee thus preventing an attack. This will allow you to work on the hives when harvesting the honey or any other time there is a need to do so.

4. Other essential honey bee supplies

Beyond the above mentioned basic honey bee supplies, there are some other tools that you will need as a beekeeper. These tools make the job easier and more efficient. One of them is the beekeeper's toolbox, which should have things like pruning shears, a spray bottle of sugar water, long butane lighter, hive staples, tack hammer, pruning shears, tin snips, nails (to repair frames), gray duct tape, needle-nose, sting ointment, knife, queen catcher, news paper and hive strap to secure a swarm hive.

Magnifying lens, frame pacers to separate the frames, stainless steel hooks to pull the frames out, a bee brush, a bee feeder and a log book to write down the details regarding each of the hives are some of the other useful tools that you will need. All these tools and equipment will help you in your quest to become a successful beekeeper. is a supplier of fertile chicken eggs, chicken egg incubators and honey bee supplies.

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