Everyday Dog Health Problems

I'm grumpy when I'm sick

Quick Guide To Dog Health Problems

Your canine pal relies on you to be his health care provider so doesn't it make sense to know at least the basics of how to treat him or her when they have a problem? Americans spend billions each year on veterinary care for their pets which is ok if you can afford it, but also unnecessary for some of the more common ailments. This quick guide will give you symptoms and home remedies where appropriate and hopefully save you a couple of bucks on veterinarian bills.

That said, you should remember that if you noticed a marked change in your dog's behavior like lethargy, aggressiveness, loss of appetite or an unwillingness to play or exercise, these could be signs of a serious underlying problem and a trip to the vet is probably warranted.

Dog Diarrhea and Vomiting

The reason we've lumped these two together is simply because often times the cause of the illness and the treatment is the same.

Fido is not known for his discretion when it comes to things he or she eats.  If it smells like something interesting and it doesn't hurt his mouth, then it's likely to be eaten be it old garbage, feces, weeds or just an interesting chew toy like a stick or the neighbor kid's baseball mitt.  For a dog, the world is just one giant smorgasbord full of wondrous possibilities.

Unfortunately for Fido, his digestive system is more picky about what it will process and if it doesn't like it, it will get rid of it by sending it back up the way it came in or rapidly getting rid of it through the other end.

Every dog is going to have bouts with vomiting and diarrhea and that's just a given.  You as the dog owner want to help your pal out but you also want to minimize the clean up process as well.  Here's a quick guide to the cure.

  1. Put the dog on a 24 hour fast.  Pick up his dog bowl but make sure he has access to plenty of fresh water.
  2. After 24 hours feed him some really bland food like boiled skinless chicken mixed with rice.  For diarrhea, throw in some fresh boiled veggies that are high in fiber like green beans or spinach.
  3. Mix a tablespoon of canned pumpkin into the food.  Make sure you use real pumpkin and not the processed sugar laden pie filling stuff.  Pumpkin actually works for both diarrhea and constipation.
  4. Dehydration is the biggest threat with both these conditions.  Add a little children's unflavored pedialyte to make sure Fido replenishes electrolytes.

If They Aren't Well After 4 Days

After four days of boiled rice your dog should be purged of whatever the offending substance was.  If your dog still suffers from diarrhea or vomiting then there may be something more serious at work.  Call your vet, explain the problem and what you have done so far and then if thevet suggests it, make an appointment.

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