Exotic Big Cats For Sale

Exotic Big Cats For Sale

Exotic Big Cat
Exotic Big Cat

Exotic Big Cats For Sale?!

Are you considering buying a cat? Not just any cat though, an Exotic Big Cat?? Wow, what for? You must own a zoo, or at least have some plan on how to house these beautiful creatures.

An exotic big cat is a responsibility that few people have the time and resources to care for. Even if you manage to adopt one, saving the upfront cost of purchase, you're going to need to provide adequate housing and time with the animal. This doesn't even include the feeding of such a cat.

There are many different kinds of exotic cats (sometimes called wild cats) and many different ways to care for such an animal. There are ways to adopt an exotic cat, and ways to find big cat for sale, but again, the actual care of the cat is going to be your main concern once you've got yourself one.

A full grown exotic cat is not always worth that much money because of a list of concerns that the new owner(you) may have regarding temperament. Try looking for a kitten, this will allow you to train the big kitty at a more manageable size and mindset.

You might want to check out http://www.servals.org, http://www.exoticcatz.com/adoption.html, and http://www.wildaboutcats.org/regs.htm to get familiar with what kind of regulations and concerns you'll have when searching for an exotic big cat for sale.

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Exotic Big Cats For Sale?? Would You Own One? 19 comments

cj 7 years ago

yes i would

josh 6 years ago


Matt 6 years ago


Joshua 6 years ago

How much?

John  6 years ago


Ashley 6 years ago

Big Cats DO NOT make good pets, and for the benefit of the cat no one should have one as a pet!

Sam 6 years ago

I want a bobcat

cleo 6 years ago


Toni 6 years ago

im not quite old enough.. but ill have one eventually.

suicide 6 years ago

I would so get one... they are awsome!!!

Jenessa 6 years ago

Yes I would. They may belong in the wild, but that's not always an option. I'd rather the animal be with me than poached.

Hans 6 years ago

I've done a lot of research since 5th grade about wildlife animals such as cats and wolves. Although some people say not to get them or they cant be trained. It is all about how the trainer trains the pet. Just like a dog if you are a weak trainer your dog wont listen and will run all over you. I am going to sometime get an exotic cat (cheetah) or a hybrid wolf mixed with husky.

Dr. B 6 years ago

People are kidding themselves if they believe that they can "train" out of a wild animal hundreds of thousands if not millions of years of instinct that has been passed down genetically from generation to generation. Big cats should be under the care of a licensed conservation program. There are few who know how to really work with the cats and who are qualified (they have had formal training), but when idiots with no experience think that it is better to have them in their home than in the wild or in a conservation program, they should really think again, or realize that they will probably get off cheap on their big cat's food bill at some point. These animals were built to run, hunt, they will kill their prey.

True Wolf hybrids end up having no place either at a zoo or in the wild or in the home. I have seen many, and the urge to wander, mark and defend their territory is innate. They are a handful and can cause unbelievably huge expenses. I have also seen an attack of a wolf hybrid first hand, not pretty.

So, all I can say is AMEN to this website. If you own your own personal zoo, have at it, otherwise, in fairness to the animals, leave them where they should be, with the pro's or in the wild, for their protection.

kelly l 5 years ago

its wrong in so many ways. its bad enough there are dogs and cats unwanted then people buy big cats then cant cope. if you really liked them then go to a reserve and watch them naturally

Kyd Nukenin 5 years ago

well after all those millions of years of tigers still having that predatory instict regular cats after 4,000 years of domestication still have a predatory instict and they make great pets, almost any animal can eventually be tammed even those of very low intelegence its just about the level of respect depending on the animal and it has to go both ways respect the beast and it shall respect you.

Victoria 4 years ago

yes do you have one and how much because i know an amzing guy that has been working with them for years (Tigers, lepords, lion, black panthers, and cougars) and all thoughs cats that he had died of old age or some kind sadly so that brings him down to one cougar and she is beautiful! she is amazing cause to this day she LOVES sucking your thumbs she is gentle she also likes to play patty cake.Any kind of cat will be perfect for him.

WHS hedgehog 4 years ago

I think you are doing a wonderful thing by only selling these animals to zoos because there's a good chance the zoo will then breed them and an even better chance their cubs will be released into the wild which boosts the population.

john 3 years ago

Captive release is rife with failure and a last resort only used to attempt to salvage an endangered species. The cats and wolf dogs born in captivity will live lives in captivity. Big cats can have true genuine love for their owners like their domestic counterparts. However they have powerful instincts. An instinct is an urge they feel compelled to carry out certain actions in response to certain stimuli. For example something accidental like stepping on a dogs tail or foot results in yep yep yep ! But a similar accidental step on a foot or tail of a big cat can earn the offender a sudden bite or limb destroying paw swipe. Big cats live long lives in captivity 20-30 years. A lot longer than most marriages. Their dietary req. are such that if you get the diet wrong they will be damaged or killed due to improper diet.You can't just bust open a bag of dog food. They need real meat fur bone and they eat a lot. De clawing a big cat will result in an animal with more aggression toward handlers due to chronic lifelong pain. Big cat sanctuaries are opposed to exotic ownership bc. when the honeymoon is over something real crappy happens to the animal. It's not about trying to tell you you can't have something you want.

sylina 2 years ago

do you have baby of the big cats

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