Exotic Cat Breeds

What Are Exotic Cat Breeds?

There are actually two kinds of definitions when you refer to exotic cat breeds. The first would lead you to several breeds of cats which are mostly hybrid cat breeds produced from wildcats. The other definition of exotic cat breeds will also point to a certain breed of cat that is a cross between the Persian cat and the American shorthair. They have the physical attributes of Persian cats but lack the long hair that Persians are known for.

Exotic Cat Breeds

Exotic Cat Breeds
Exotic Cat Breeds

Shorthaired Persians

The exotic cat breeds that depict shorthaired Persians were produced in the sixties. They do not have the Persians long hair but they also do not have the flat hair of most shorthaired cats. Their hair is mostly a dense, fluffy coat of erect hair that is somewhat longer than most other shorthaired breeds. This exotic cat breed has a very broad and massive skull that is proportionate to its body.

The temperament of exotic cat breeds is very sweet and calm. They are more lively then Persians and very rarely make much noise unless aggravated. They are very loyal to their masters and exhibit excellent companion cat characteristics. They can maintain their fur well on their own but might need regular brushing.

Hybrid Cats

Hybrid cat breeds or exotic cat breeds are those breeds that have been crossed with wildcats. Some of these exotic cat breeds are fairly new while others are among the most ancient. The Bengal cat is one of the few exotic cat breeds in the world that is recognized by The International Cat Association. It is a combination of the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cat. Another cat that has wildcat in its genes is the Safari cat that is a cross between a domestic cat and the Geoffroys cat. The breed was initially started in the seventies but restrictions made it extinct. It was recently revived and has received much acclaim.

The Savannah is another of the exotic cat breeds. It is a cross between the African Serval and domestic cat. These are among the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. The breed also comes in several generations and sizes and personalities vary in each generation.

The Habari is a more recent addition to exotic cat breeds. The breed is unique in the sense that it was developed as a pet and they are a combination of wildcats' genes and other hybrids. Egyptian Maus are among the oldest domestic cats in the world and they are classified as an exotic cat breed because they have characteristics that place them as wildcats.

These breeds of cats are all very beautiful and many people get them for their beauty and the uniqueness. The fact that most of the breeds featured here are from wildcats also help to make the cats sought after for those who wish to have a wildcat presence in the home.

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